Love Poems About Mole or Mole Love Poems
by Abder Derradji |
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I've seen my shadow in your eyes,
I've seen my double in you all,
I've seen it slow how it dies,
Rehearsing like an actor changing role [s],
Your bluebell shiny sight is attractive,
Your spring-like smile is a call,
Your flashy blink is very active,
When animating your beauty...mole,
Your brown hair is really matching,
Your baby face..Like a doll,
Your longer neck is also catching, 
With your crystal front and the poll.

by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: desire,


Dig the hole and like a mole

Can't see you now am blinded

Digging fast to forget our past

Will bury it beside me

Will keep it there 

With love and care 

Till needed it reminds me

I'll pour it out 

Until it sprouts

And plant the seedlings around me

Memories will come 

Forget the sum

I'll pay my dues directly

We meet each night 

I hold you tight

Till rooster crow and wake me

Never forget 

Our love was spent

Will plant you directly

by Kash Poet |
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Love Is

Love is your single glance that kept me stranded a whole afternoon as if never before any woman looked at me. Love is the mole at the nape of your back hiding under your hair from where my dreams start. Love is losing my sleep over how to tell you 'I love you' and then praying for a sleep full of your dreams. Love is remembering to forget all the return paths one by one that connect your heart to mine for an eternal stay there. *******************************

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, anger, anxiety, bullying, career, conflict, fire,

Bashful Warrior

Why afraid of war
When you have fearless gear  
Attacking like the brave
Sending lives to the grave

Brave warriors to the ants
Mimosa pudica to elephant
You are loving peace
While killing innocents

You want to win the battle
When you do the bombing
You don’t fight the mountain
But only from the mole hill

I love you peace. Let’s sail together. Layag Sug
Purple Coach, City of Widow
12 April 2015. 3:41PM.

by Zachary Ward |
Categories: break up, conflict, deep, dream, first love, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Haunted Love

Pictures of you haunt my mind
Memories of my one and only love 
Must you haunt me in my dreams 
Nightmares come they never go

The sun has the moon
The stars the sky
My love for you won't die

The bird has it's nest
The mole the burrow 
My love has no home

The flowers need water
The grass the morning dew
And my love needs you

Pictures of you haunt my mind
Memories of my one and only love 
Must you haunt me in my dreams 
Nightmares come they never go

by Katherine Stella |
Categories: forgiveness, life, lost love, love, passion, visionary

Working My Way Back To You Babe

whats the cost of love
climbing mountains and mole hills
to my lovers heart

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: true love, trust,

Bid On My Love

Bid on my love


Sobs sapless fragment of my thirsty soul,
as cravings of illusive heart condense to mole,

Intense passion inked into scroll of trust,
Bid on my love first to later escape disgust !

Written Dec 4th, 2015
For contest by Tammy Reams

Awarded HM

by Ryan Wegenast |
Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, loss, lost love, love, romance, sad

The Easel Tower

With closed eyes I lay back naked to surroundings and noise, escape. Pencil inside 
the soft grip a slide show of mind displays beauty, I see each mole, scar, shine and 
blemish as though touchable live flesh. Knowing the lids of my eyes and mind as the 
creator and opening my eyes will erase the art. I choose to sit in darkness.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: care, good night,

Sleeping Voice

Sleeping Voice 

You hug Like a teddy 
I bug like a paddy 
I feel Voice like a cracker 
You sleep like a bunny 

I melt like a candle 
You fire like a coal 
I look at your mole 

When you sleep like 
A deer I free like a bird 
To hear sleep voice 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Sonia Schroeder |
Categories: upliftingwoman, beauty, beauty,

Beauty of a Woman

The beauty of a woman is not the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or
the style of her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, the doorway to her heart, the place
where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not a facial mole, but true beauty that she loving gives, the
passion that she shows.  And the beauty of a woman with passing years... only grows.

by Shirley Hawkins |
Categories: 1st grade,

Holy Moly

Mrs Mole gave birth to a baby girl
Who arrived early
Mother Mole was horrified
To see her baby's coat was curly
Mrs Mole got a brush
Before it was too late
She brushed and brushed her baby's coat
Trying to make it straight
The more she brushed, the more it curled
Which made Mother Mole dizzy
Looking down at her baby girl
Whose coat was now all frizzy
She did not look like a mole
Or a hairy shrew
Was she another species
Original and new
Moles never have hair,
They are covered in skin, smooth and velvety
Without a crinkle in
One can only imagine, on that fateful day
This baby girl was innocent
And brought her love with her to stay

by Candy Rider |
Categories: depression, fear, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, lost love, heart, heart,

Stupid Love

i cannot believe how stupid i can surely be.
loveing you with my heart while you crawl around like a mole
snooping,spying, searching, finding 
why do i suddenly feel i am dying. 
loving you with my heart whole so you broke it like a bowl 
i know im young its just begun but why is my song already sung?
you can tell it as a lie.
even make it a lullaby
make it have a happy ending 
but your story might be pending 
lord knows you dont even know
what my heart can truely show

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: adventure, autumn, holiday,

The Season

its season love brings
its has everything
fall for football
the come you scream
call it holloween
the will to give
if you willing
than gift for all
the christmas mole
shopping for reason

by Pubali Koollook |
Categories: love

Amidst the Midnight Sky

Amidst the midnight sky
Her tresses unfolded to the whispers of the night....
Her rosy kisses as moist as dew
made me wonder if she could be true..

Amidst the warm crimson horizon
Her fingers lingered by my side....
she unfolded the warmth in her soul 
I sat there bewildered gaping at her mole...

Admist the hide and seek of the dusk
I found peace laying in her arms...
Her eyes that seem a world so divide...
its hard to believe she is mine...

Admist the sunny side of the day
she sat there smiling, chirping away....
her swiftness, her innocence...
Is all I endure... to see her smile...
is what i live for.....

by Joe Flach |
Categories: life, love, , cute,

Crossing That Thin Line

Trivial nuances spinning out of control
Mountain sized mole hills eating at her soul
Knowing not when the spite had come to be born
She festered in hatred for the one she was sworn

Trivial shortcomings, she once easily overlooked
Nuances were cute when she was smitten with desire
Spinning out of control on life’s roller coaster
Mountains were made out of the mole hills that piled higher and higher
Knowing that he didn’t deserve all the spite sent his way
It was hard to love deeply after the children and troubles were born
She festered once with love and now was impregnated with fire
Accompanying him to hell was this woman feeling scorned

by Chrisna Vergara |
Categories: for him, grief, heartbreak, longing, lost love, missing you, solitude,


I miss the way you smile
your looks and your stare
I miss the way you hold my hand
and the way you caress my hair
I miss the dimples on your cheeks
and the mole on your left temple
I miss everything about you
your voice and your laughter...

                                        --Restless Wanderer--
                                             A Poem for Noah

~Chrisna Vergara

by Tania Kitchin |
Categories: people, tribute,

Norma Jeane Baker

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe
An Icon, she would never know
Blond bombshell, so pretty
She was also very witty

There was actress with a mole on her face
A facial mark, women tried to erase
It became so unique
Women drew it on cheeks
The mole became famous, not a disgrace

JFK was in love with her we all know
Her death was a horrible blow 
Speculations arose, denial at best
Her iconic legend lives on as she rests


Contest: Clerimerick Couplets Contest

Sponsor: Mark Toney

by Ravi Kiran |
Categories: depression,


i was born with scars on my soul
tales foretold by each of my mole
I have a painful lore 
as i might not be here to sing once more
vast tides of shame I bore
the journey as a stranger aimed at unknown
crownless king of misfortune unshone
ruling the shadows of the past
before my cries burn in the flames of rotting time
i know you love me more
sweet death, embrace me therefore
rid me of this pain, i can bare no more
from this prison of solitude
I would ever be in your gratitude.

by Ruchita Sharma |
Categories: confusion, lost,

What If

What if I cry? What if I laugh? There's no difference at all Because I stay calm What if I run? what if I get caught? This makes a difference Because you are watched every hour What if I dance? What if I roll? This again doesn't make any difference Because I am a mole What if I flirt? What if I don't? This things would make me matter Because I don't What if I love someone? What if I don't? These things doesn't matter much Because these things I can't do it all alone

by Veronica Merka |
Categories: angst, confusion, lost love, sad, betrayal,


There is no need for her to speak
of how she fell from glory.
Watermarks stain her cheeks
and tell her bitter story. 

Her betrayal begins in the plateaus
of her weak and swollen eyes.
As her love for him began to grow,
he detained her with his lies.

Follow the grooves to the mark 
that was painted on at birth.
She felt her life was truly stark
before he stole her worth.

Devalued she quickly became,
as is apparent beside her mole.
She did not sense his acid rain
that flooded her poor soul.

Her heart was not enough to give.
Love transformed into fear.
Devoured by pain, each day she lives
with scars carved by her tears.

by Jeffrey Holcomb |
Categories: angst, confusion, people,

Five of Eight Two

Wont you please loose
My neck in this noose
A terrible mole 
Digs deep in my soul
she leaves a dark hole
So fill it with pain
It's all that remains
There's nothing left said
When a dream is just dead
So toss it away
For another someday
It's just how it's played
This slow painful game
Left with the stain
An image in my brain
Of what might have only been
It's not what you say
But how you display 
The way that you are
My toes in the tar
On a freshly paved lot
In the summer so hot
Undone by my love
I'm dreaming of

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: adventure, memory,

Christmas Travel Hiway Lover

we were on the road
to our holiday goal
our mind became mole
need love sole
let tell you brother
from noon to dust
we wereI

by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: love, poetry, relationship,

You Say: the Spike

Kurtistani; aab, cddceec, ffb

You say, my hankering is nothing like
a truly love: my love is just a spike
of noradrenaline and dopamine.

My dear, this is true. Unlike your soul,
your body meets my vision of a beauty:
the shoulders made of ivory, a cutie
unopened rosebud and her sis, a mole
on forest's edge, the forest down yonder
in which my ghost of kisses loves to wander
around, every upland, every hole.

Apparently, you'll find this poem bawdy.
It can't be helped: I love your lovely body,
your ugly soul is living wherein.

Truth Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Anthony Slausin

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: adventure, growing up,

Love Gold

its my thing
love a gold chain
i wear in in the rain
some say am insane
cause i  load
some or mole

by Yasir Qazi |
Categories: beauty, books, creation, cute love, love, mirror, universe,

Full Stop

Your face is
my mirror to the universe
through which, 
I peep into 
everything that subsists,
crafted by the creator

Your facade is
a book, 
our love-story;
every MOLE of which,
is a ‘Full stop’ of its text

09:35 pm | Sunday, June 7, 2019