Love Poems About Minnow or Minnow Love Poems
by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: fish,

Minnow Skies

You never see an old minnow
They’re just bait
Something for another creature to eat
Farther up the food chain
I would love to catch a five-pound minnow
Catch and release.  Now wouldn’t that be something.
I could see the headlines “Man catches five-pound minnow,
Doesn’t know what to fish for anymore.”
I mean what do you fish for with a five-pound minnow?
He’s pretty much the proverbial big fish in a small pond.
And what does he eat…surely he’s not a cannibal.  
Perhaps frogs or small dogs?
I don’t know anything about fishing, but these things
Keep me awake at night.
Perhaps I need better medication.
Until then I will dream of minnow gray skies
And anorexic egrets.