Love Poems About Marsupial or Marsupial Love Poems
by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: death, dedication,

Dusting off the Namesake

The game
Squashed his frame
Socks tainted
Carved out plain
But the road map was tame

Animals replete
With zoo keeper seed
From marsupial greed
A black out rabbit hole
Concealed the frrozen deals
Pincers chopping dollar backs
Red with collar grabs

Soapy suds and beer
The watery love endeared
To carry a child burden
For the sake of namesake
Dust off the the boot heel kickers
And fly kites with cotton pickers

by Reitumetse Motsatse |
Categories: child, home, love, mother, mother daughter, mother son,

Mother's Hands

Like a newborn baby
In its mother's hands
For the very first time.
Like a marsupial animal
Carrying its joey in its pouch,
The warmth of abundant love,
That transfuses between mother and child.

Her hands are fertile soil,
Plant any seed in them,
It will surely grow and bear fruit.

The calming embrace 
Of her cotton hands,
The softness, 
And feeling of being home.
The worries of the world
Unable to reach the mind,
Sedated by the cushion comfort,
Occupied with fantasies
Of never leaving this home,
These hands of a mother.

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: animal, appreciation, environment, love,

For the sake of kangaroo

For the merited sake of Kangaroo
Let’s march towards any exhibiting zoo,
Advised to be humble the Napoleon-Tough, 
Who still could meet his Waterloo 
With a kick, hard and rough 
From the Mature Kangaroo.

For the clear heroism of Kangaroo,
Control the urge to at it boo: 
The Beautiful Brain behind our incubator 
By medics as treasured as a student his calculator.
By biologists classed under Marsupial:
Whatever that means; 
Its members rare like pearl 
And rather few in screens.

Long jumpers with dreaming feet 
To wisely forget the kangaroo’s feat;
Not a fame to ever pick  
In a thousand Olympic…

Australia’s legacy to Humanity 
And The Premature in maternity.