Love Poems About Mantis or Mantis Love Poems
by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, insect, nature,

Male Mantis Murder

Subtitled: WELL! You didn't have to bite my HEAD off...

Gladly would I die
for your love, my dear. No! Wait!
Just kidding! Just kid...

by John Lawless |
Categories: death, fate, life, love,

Praying Mantis

for what is it
she prays
motionless Madonna
rapt in stillness
awaiting the unexpected
mate or meal
slender neck
cleavaged eyes
pious predator
poised on spindle legs


for Personification Poem Poetry Contest

by John Trusty |
Categories: funny, lost love, nature

Head(S) Or Tail(S)

summers’ last prayer

you’re about to lose your head…

while getting some tail

*For the Praying Mantis Haiku Contest

by Frances Schiavina |
Categories: insect,

That's Love



First Place Winner: Joseph May-In Just A Few Words 2/ Contest 1/17/21
Honorable Mention: Line Gauthier-Bite Size Contest No 78

by Jan Allison |
Categories: animal, humorous, lost love, nature,

Lady Killers

Hey guys Just a little word of warning if you are attracted to me With my alien looking lime green triangular head and bulging eyes You can see I’m so alluring … But I’m the epitome of a ‘lady-killer’ Yes, me this innocent looking little green insect Let me make it VERY clear, if you want to 'make out' with me Maybe YOU should start PRAYING Sometimes, in the throws of passion, I have a tendency to BITE … You may just lose your head! Now who fancies a date? Praying Mantis Contest Sponsor Anthony Slausen 08~15~16 Inspired by the song ‘the female of the species is more deadly than the male

by Edward Kurwakumire |
Categories: life, love, passion, peace,

The Poet's Own

This is the beginning of the story, 
The poet's own 
That which has never been said, 
The secret of the praying mantis. 
This is how it all began 
The mystery 
The suspense 
Somewhat strange 
He thought he was only a normal boy, 
That he could go through all the stages 
a normal boy would 
He never thought that 
one day he would be the praying mantis 
Yet he did not only become the praying mantis 
He also became the tortoise, 
The chameleon. 
But all sad 
All weary 
And all disappointed 
That rage 
That love 
That darkness 
In their lives 
Had only the poet been another person.

by Chipepo Lwele |
Categories: adventure, nature,

I Love Nature 2










chipepo lwele

PS;The poem about birds, insects,fishes,man,body parts
     seeds,,organic manure,flowers,and firmament.

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: nature

Preying Mantis Prays

Preying mantis prays, 
“Thank you God for meat to eat.”
 licking raptor legs.

I Missed Carolyn's Contest, but here's a Preying Mantis haiku anyway.  I love preying mantis.  They are a 
gardener's helper since they eat insects.  And they are such fun to photograph.  Did you see the picture in my 
book, "100 Poems for Life"?

by Gary Smith |
Categories: love hurts,

The Temptress

She tried to tempt me with a smile, 
But I knew her of old.
Her lips were warm and welcoming, 
But her heart was hard and cold.

Alluringly beautiful, 
but you take your chances.
She's merciless, a predator, 
A human praying mantis.

Graceful and beguiling,
You'll think that she's the one.
She'll lead you on, then disappear.
What you thought you had, now gone.

She'll leave you an empty shell,
Just a windblown husk.
Wondering what happened,
As your heart lies in the dust.

Entry for 'Flirt' poem competition.  2/12/2016

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: god, love, nature,

In Humble Praise

All creatures of the earth God made
to Him they praise from day to day
lowly ones and higher, too
regard the One who ever views. 

From sweeping pass of eagle’s wings
to praying mantis worshiping 
a humble insect of low estate
who bows upon its leaf to pray. 

Spring’s sparrows chirp uplifting songs
their babies hatch and sing along
sweet nature’s hymns to God above
a testimony of His unending love. 

Written on 3/28/2018

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: lost love

Her Bone White Hands

Nuptials wrung from ingratiated hand
Purloined hope dripping from each strand
Pristine fibers with leased value you did brand
Quilted folds of ivory now your treasured contraband
Bleached residual your selfish honor did demand
With sinewy clutches my graceful cusps remand
Your jealous stock, with annual annuity planned
Gangrenous envy flowed from your jading band
Opal plains with silky troughs now desert quicksand
Denuded tendrils cannot your cool, callous touches withstand
Now Praying Mantis shells encrusted on a barren island
Cracked, bleeding cavities deeded to your wasteland

by Edward Kurwakumire |
Categories: love, passion, peace, sad, day, day,

The Praying Mantis

well,some things never change
the order of the day is always the same
rejection,losing and hoping
hoping that maybe,just maybe
i shall be happy one day

these may be the thoughts of someone
someone sombre at heart
someone who feels the world has rejected him
and has nothing to live for
just dreams,hopes and aspirations

but it doesn't matter anywhere
because the day shall come
when i will be happy
yes,happy in a way i have never been
and nothing will matter anymore
since i will be in the land of dreams
and hopes
and having all i have always longed for
The day I shall die

by Lu Loo |
Categories: i love you,

-love Until-

i shall shower you with stars cascading,
          encompass you with cosmic moon dust-
          enraptured in intimacy, never lust;
the eventide ascends with sun fading,
as the Praying Mantis bends serenading-
          for we have a foundation built on trust-
you can detain my riches, no persuading
          I adore you, sweet...for our love is just


Date written - November 8, 2019
Sponsor - Tania Kitchin
Contest - Give Me 8 Lines of Rhyme

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: art, love,

Lover's Dance

My citadel of commerce
Composed for pleasure
Is prudent in every weather

Archetypes of romance prance
Through billowy meadows together
Absorbing sunlight to roam
Like a rainbow summer day

You are outstretched to believe
Filling verdant memory
And lucrative thought
Our bastion ever engrossed

This is how we fell to us
You, incapable of rust
I was brave enough to reach
Stormy banks on fuming seas

Praying with the mantis
Animals advance knowing threshold
While admiring your migrant beads

Come back to the palace
A feast prepared thoroughly
Sacred for the falcon evening
Grateful we bow and eat

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, irony, love, love hurts, murder,


Love IS a female praying mantis 
it makes love intercourse to you
 in the garden 
Stalkingly crawling 
step by step 
Then she turns around after 
Thier  done and now she kills you ..

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

by Stephen Pennell |
Categories: fun,

Praying Mantis

Was it love at  first sight 
asked the mantis of his wife.
Well you looked good enough to eat
said the wife.

I'm excited for our  first night 
said hubby to wife .
this will be to die for, my dear . 
Said she with a glint in her eye.

Oh true romance.
And the start of a truly happy married life
as she bit of his head and ended his life.
just like  humans married life.

don't cross the wife ! .

comp entry 17/08/2016

by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, loss, lost love,

Her Wrath

Think you can overcome her?
She appears sweet and pure
Always speaking with a cheerful voice
Innocent eyes
Batting her eyelashes in your direction
You feel her warmth
You feel her sensuality
Do you feel her rage?
Like the Praying Mantis
She will devour you
She knows what she is doing
Knows how to deceive
Been taught by the masters
Manipulative nature
That you won't see 
Heading your way
Until it is too late
She will consume you
With her Wrath

by Simon Rogerson |
Categories: birth, death, insect, life, nature,

Biological Byte

A glance is enough - She is hot stuff

It is love of a fashion - This steamy passion

She bites off his head - So he is dead

A mantis is born - The next dawn

by Stewart Watkins |
Categories: confusion, emotions, farewell, feelings, hurt, love hurts, romantic love,

Miss Mantis

Oh Miss Mantis
Oh so sublime
Why you got me smiling like this? 
Saturday night sho' blew my mind

Oh Miss Mantis
Oh so unkind
Why you killing me  like this? 
It's another Saturday night but you say you
have no time

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: allusion, analogy, beautiful, butterfly, imagery, life, nature,

Song of The Blue Morpho Butterfly No 9: AABB

China has two martial arts-styled Mantis,
--just a form. A Morphinae enchants us,
a mammoth butterfly, a pearlescent
spirited blue, bewitching, heaven-sent.
Menelaus blue morpho's induced hues
are by the wing's backs wee mirrors that cues
acquaintances of its presence. Aura
is genteel though acts like a Pandora
for its natural foe, the Jacamar  
that shares its habitant courses. All-star
of its genres ingrained constitution
made weak, threatened by human expansion
that misstates the authentic ranking of
the whole world down, to our floaters of love.