Love Poems About Maltese or Maltese Love Poems
by Jack Ellison |
Categories: beautiful, friendship, love,

Our Dear Charmaine

Everyone knows our dear Charmaine From the Mediterranean Isle of Malta A beautiful lady so loving and gentle My admiration for her never falters Charming and sweet are a couple of words Describing this dear loving soul I hold my breath till her name appears Since this ageing heart she stole Others on the site are sweethearts too Can't possibly mention them all But this is all about Charmaine Chircop That dear sweet Maltese doll Since the day Charmaine came into my life The sun has never stopped shining She fills each day with such joy and kindness Forever on her love, I'm dining © Jack Ellison 2014

by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, christian, philosophy, religious, spiritual, wisdom,


a man of wisdom
strong and with love
soft words
have reached me
a man
to be listened too

The archer murdered
The Maltese falcon born
take care of all

by James Fraser |
Categories: life, love,

She being Christina

She being Christina Poetic Maltese Maiden Such lines I've learnt Growing my poetry grading Of love, life and it's surrounds Many a day took my breath away You only have to read her words From the page I hear them say Be unto others, and they'll be unto you Love all those around, in turn they'll be true But more importantly be you, for you are their core As they are to you, the word love she so adores <*>

by Lori Phipps |
Categories: introspection, life

Good Taste

My Laredo boots are red
My Clairol lipstick is hot 
My Wrangler jeans are blue
My Leather Jacket is not

My tastes are expensive
My Dell lap top is too
My Samsung Phone is silver
My Jeep Liberty is new

Love all brand names
Can’t live without a few  
So I end up spending
More than I need to

Sterling Silver or White Gold
Prada or Gucci Purse 
Only Grey Goose Vodka  
Having good taste is a curse

My certified pedigree Maltese
Is the love of my soul
And drinking Kenwood red wine
Is just how I roll

by Cherie Lowe |
Categories: animals, friendship, pets,

My Sweetest Friends

Each morning I awake
To the warm wet kisses of my loves
My sweet little Chloe and loving Joey
Companions to my soul.

Love without judgment
Forgiveness without anger
God’s gift to man
His sweetest of nature

My adoring little Lhasa girl
And my precious tiny Maltese boy
Unconditional in their love and affection
So blessed to have them by my side.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, love,

Sipping Her Beauty's Wine

Tableau this fashion's design; laying out her beauty's puzzle ?
In tantalizing light majestic of, bluish gray; love's Maltese kittens
Years were claimed his rocking chair production ? Hydrospheric time
Clasp it's cup and fragrant petals; their evening stars burlesque de facto....
Symbolized velvet tides pervious her kiss sublime Gemini, she shares my tithes.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

Abba Father A Breath Away Your Doors

Their malnurished soiled child, setting aside time's stream
Somber the baby's eyes; waiting for a dream ? Seasons come
Years going by his pale rider passing everyday upon the otherside
Black and white there are no dimensions just, mutilating life madrigal
It's anguished notes draped her caskets immolate, reticent wails touching
Truth's monolithic bier this requiem ever tolling such bells innate's, maltese cross....
Creation's creature as a newborn in awe; intrigued by love's infant while together they walk.