Love Poems About Magpie or Magpie Love Poems
by Tasmina Hayat Khan |
Categories: appreciation, bangla, passion, patriotic,



Bangladesh my Homeland,
Bangladesh my Dreamland,
Bangladesh I love you,
Bangladesh, I live for you.

The green flag out of the red ball,
Plays the flute on golden grains tall.
The motion of charming water lily,
Reminds all Tigers to snatch back lost glory.

Oh my Homeland, Oh my Mother!
Hence you’re rewarded with plenty of rivers,
The Hilsha and its silvery shine
Makes the magpie lovely dance in rain.
Our fishermen and their vessels,
Make the motherland ample
 And secure thy royal castle.

Each tissue of thy Jack-fruit,
Can meet up hunger and play flute
We love you, we love our Bangla
Pretty Mom, you’re softy-sweetie Bangla!

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: love

He Thought She Was A Magpie

He thought she was a magpie,
For she set her sights on radiant things,
And her indigo wings were 
Polished like jet.
Little did he know
That the treasure she sought
Was the sole, bloodied stone he kept  
In his chest.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: nature, seasons


the red kite whistles
to it's mate soaring above..
from their nest of love

chatter in the sky
northwards,in neat formation
migrating geese fly

a magpie arrives..
the starling's melody dies-
soundlessly death cries

just one flap of wings-
the sparrow-hawk makes its kill
pouncing down at will

by stephen clarke |
Categories: death, funeral, loss, lost love, sad, christmas, christmas,


As christmas mounts decembers passing
we huddle in your absence.
Our eyes earthbound in aversion
of the stinging words etched upon the marble.
A solitary magpie skipping over the crystallised blades
highlights my purpose at your graveside.
Your first christmas misspent in the depths of the earths
are my thoughts as my eyes thaw the ground beneath.

Categories: adventure


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
Pitied is the vanity of sheer vengeance-
For lying in justice is seldom truth
And petty satisfaction in mere penance.

The Magpie, all swathed in day and night,
Shall weep into the genesis innocence,
But beware what skulks in black and white,
For crocodiles’ tears bear dissonance.

Ignorance is the key to Hades’ gate-
It bleeds and forgets mortal guilt,
In the benevolent the Devil lurks and awaits
The destruction of the crucifix goodwill built.

Oh Magpie, what divine hands forged thy evil eye?
Yet bestowed an unlikely love so smooth,
A Magpie’s lie is never a lie,
And its truth is never truth.

by Samuel Durant |
Categories: holiday,


Everyone is listening, 
and being empathetic.
Holidays are meaningless.
Isn't it great?
The less you wash your hands
the more you catch feelings,
just never wear gloves.
And oh my, I don't know why,
but, with my eye up to your thigh
I can see the sky, a greasy magpie
in flight.
I love it when you
into my psyche
take a chunk
or two outta me,
and set me free
so tenderly.

by John Anderson |
Categories: bird,

Free as a Bird

I fed the magpie scraps of bread
stay home
sentinel now perched, outside my house
essential travel only
'tis Spring, nice to get out and about
those swoops and jabs can really hurt
no friends in house
nice to feel the warm sun on skin
wear a spiky hat
only exercise for one hour a day
my dog cringes inside, bird-shy
only buy the basics
love the rain, umbrella helps
jab-shy, got the jab anyway
the dish ran away with the spoon

by Rama Balasubramanian |
Categories: bird,

Oriental Magpie Robin

Oh Robin! I wish I could tell how much I love thee
Small fluffy and beautiful, you bestow much joy to me
Mesmerized I listen your melodic music whole day
Wagging your tail angrily, you drive predators away
Your cosy home, a hole in the trunk of flame tree
Amid flower's, wearing orange skirt, you bring glee


Note : Based on real observation of Robin from my balcony. When they sit on top of flame tree flowers, it seems they are wearing orange skirt. They look very pretty in that. 
Both pictures taken from my balcony. One depicts the nest in tree trunk.

For Bite Size Poem no.4, Line Gauthier

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: racism,

Magpie and Crow Love

Raymond Magpie fell in love with a crow.
When she was around, he was a glow.
It cannot be true!
Said Mother Prue.
I will bring him home by his big toe.

So she did what she said she was going to do.
She dragged Raymond Magpie by his left shoe.
There he stays
Pinning his days
Wishing his mama was not a racist shrew.

by James Smyth |
Categories: love,

In The Castle

Brilliantly Blue Sky with Wispy Wondering Nebulous Cumulus Clouds
A bench. The scarred magpie 
The dull thud of realisation
Easily mistaken for a heartbeat
And our conversation;
Itself a Venn diagram of times very non linearity
Our elliptical orbit spun me dizzyingly to it's furthest reaches and back again
Events of a million years ago fondly remembered 
But for you and I
Only yesterday

by daisy reilly |
Categories: allegory, angel, children, earth, love, mother,


Earth Poem 
By Daisy Reilly 

Life keeps on turning
With or without me
To the sound of a carasol
A distant memory 
Of love that once blessed me 
Through the window of my soul
Remedy of bygone times
In sweetness of motherhood
Child in my arms
A spoonful of honey
In the wild dell of a tree
Lights up our smiles and sets our mind free
Once again upon a sunny day
Mother Earth of love
Leads us by the hand
Singing and dancing to the tune of her wonderland
Where a little red robin
Sings from her nest
A song of peace for the very best;
And the magpie has flown
Back to the throne
To his black and white palace of temple stone.