Love Poems About Louse or Louse Love Poems
by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
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Wise Up

Embrace your spouse;
Don't give louse room
To browse your home.

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: funny

Split In Twain By Divorce


You can have the two kids but not the hound
And I'll need the Caddie to get around
Said she I'll take the house
You good for nothin' louse
By your **** and bull I will not be bound


love that drifts apart
like two diverging rivers
ne'er to flow as one


Their marriage made in heaven was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar
'Til his boozing and roving eyes caused the whole affair to falter

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 5 in PDs "Divorce Club" Contest - December 2010

by T Wignesan |
Categories: destiny, leadership, patriotic, rights, vanity, violence, war,

Limericks Crochetes: Once a Cardsharp Comic Called Don Dump

Limericks crochetés: Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump

Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump
Made father’s money jump during slump
Dreamed of ruling this earth
Joined campaign (in) stand-up mirth
Made people laugh without using trump.

He played to the gallery hirsute
Soon his jokes turned sauerkraut through soot
Before long they cried : Heil !
Jackboots clicked, people wail
In goose-step, give : Sieg ! Heil ! salute.

Moral : « Listen not to funny man Dump !
Migrants all know how to scale wall jump.
Ten million there love US
Minus some (who) think like louse !
Live not solipsistic world on rump ! »

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016

by John Hardison |
Categories: house, life, love,

In That House

In That House.

In that house is the Lord.
In that house is life.
In that house there is strife

In that house there is Love of life.
In that house is the wife I didn’t have.
In that house a child full of love.

In that house there is a mouse.
In that house a computer mouse.
In that house a louse I see myself 

In that house is all the Love I wish.
In that house all the food of life.
In that house all of its all

In that house everything of the all.
In that house is where we go from here.
In that house is more than just having a beer.

In that house is giving good cheer.
In that house it’s made clear.
In that house my Love is dear.

by Izaria Strachan |
Categories: age, angel, animal, baby, best friend, birthday, boyfriend,


How can a bird fly when its wing is broken
      How can a game play without a token 
      It hurts not bee free to fly or play
      sometimes it hurts when that stupid rock is in the way 

     It hurts when you louse a love one 
     all you ask yourself is what have i done 
     you cry and cry and cry 
     It hurts so much that you try 

   It hurts to see your little one grow up so fast 
   all you do is wish that those days would last
   it hurts to say good bye to your little ones
   it hurts to say good by to your love ones too. 
   so don't think of this as good-bye
    think of it as see you later.

by Imani Alpha |
Categories: love

My Love

Come with me my love,
Come with me to the cove, 
Where we'll watch the moon, 
And fear not separating soon.

Come into my heart,
And flee from every plight,
Delve into the depths of trust,
Where you'll never rust.

Lay on my chest,
There you'll build a nest,
Our brood to house,
Safe from any louse.

Cry upon my shoulder,
T'll be there, your holder,
Put a smile on your face,
T'll take away the distress.

And honey, with this rose,
I do propose,
That we walk down the aisle,
To a life by the spice isle.

by Lord Addo-Yobo |
Categories: love

Hopes of Doubt

With a heart of gold I did propose,
Yet the tides of old  did oppose,
With the light of hope I did suppose,
But the dimness of doubt arose,

My love,in her heart,I seeked to grow,
Praying it blossomed in a perfect row,
But yet her fears made its sprouts low,
Causing my soul to move with turbulent flow,

My hopes are blinded by her doubt,
As my strength is drained by uncertainty's louse,
Failing my faith to be her perfect spouse,
I live in the space of the lonely house,

by Nikkia Roberts |
Categories: anger, betrayal, love hurts,

Slamming the Door

Your lines have been Xeroxed,
even the other woman kept them in a box
beneath the bed soiled with disease
above the dog you liken with fleas
Your lips swell with pretense like Botox

Shame on you, poisoning Cupid's bow
Your soul is tied to names you don't even know
What's her name? To you, we're all named "doll"
Barbie needs to bury Ken, get a bearer like Pall
Your game is entertaining, but you still don't show

Oh, big bad wolf! You can't blow down this house
Finally, the cheese got up and chased off the mouse
I've had  enough of your shenanigans!
I want a man, not a 10-lady-man-with-silky hands
I thought you were a lover, but you're really a louse


by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: confusion, emotions, engagement, funny, lost, love, trust,

No House For the Louse

My love said to meet him at three
where steaks were the best that could be, 
the chophouse.

I waited a long time and then
checked his firm before searching in
the courthouse.

Maybe drinks with clients for biz?
I checked a fave place for this, his
posh clubhouse.

Nothing, was he up to no good
somewhere no man does as he should -
the dollhouse?

There, I saw my beau kiss Miss Snow
so now he is found in Fido's
cold doghouse.

... CayCay
May 14, 2020

by Hilo Poet |
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Suspicion Fell On the Butler

*Image of Suspicion & Doubt by Pixabay. Suspicion Fell on the Butler 'Twas a murky damp eve at the big house, A frightening hallway clock tolls troll-less, Hark the wayward butler a standard louse, I glanced via the house he's gone I guess. You're confident you've dug in everywhere, Every nook and cranny cracks in the fence, All we found were pipes but he is nowhere, The shadiness of mistrust emerged dense, He yelled at Mr. Cheevers, the louse claim, He saw nothing he know nothing came up, And shortly haunting tolling trolls proclaim, Straggled Suspicion fell on the Butler, yup! 2022 July 25 *2nd Place* One In Five 2 ~~Joseph May: Judged 2022 July 29

by Christine Vancooney |
Categories: friendship, life, lost love, love, nostalgia, philosophy, visionary, wife,


It's not too good a day , today,
at least not in the way,
 I'd think or say
its really hard to chose which way...

My heart tells me one thing, my mind something else,
Do I try to prolong my choice..
Or do I tell the truth and be the louse....

Follow my mind, follow that voice,
Sadly I know now which way is my choice....

by Tim B |
Categories: uplifting

Inn Drawers

I am full of love, and encouragement wrapped into one
In here I rest silently, waiting to be found by lost sons
Trapped and dusty forgotten lore, I wait to espouse
What no one should not know, especially the louse

Whispering winds of the desert, you can almost feel them
flowing through me, stories of great deeds and freedom
So many illusions dispelled, so many fortunes told
Long ago in my troubled times, yet in yours, ten fold

Here I am wasting away with so much to give
A heart, a hand, a way for you to truly live
Encrypted not with a key, not for you who lodges,
I'll turn none of you away, not even the maharahjas.

by Denis Bruce |
Categories: angst, confusion, desire, feelings, identity, prejudice, sympathy,

In the Wrong House

At night I dream of frogs and  princesses.
How I would love to wear pastel bright dresses
Dolls and skipping do me enthral
Soccer does nothing for me at all
That's when I'm called a big girl's blouse
That's when deep inside I feel like a louse
Quietly chatting to girls instead of the boys
Who love rough and tumble and make loads of noise
Such moments define my true gender
I hate it when the boys call me a bender
Why can't they leave us to our own choice of roles
instead of forcing us into rigid moulds?
There must be girls who yearn to be male
I for my part would wish them all well.

by Johnnypaul Davis |
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Still Love That Woman

I live in a house
with roaches and a mouse
that I can never catch.
I live in a house 
with a Louse. 
Shes a loud mouth drunk.
I can't take this anymore!
Outside I lean against the trunk of a tree
and Think about dowsing that house
With regular unleaded.
but I CAN'T! 
I still love that woman!
who lives in that house 
with roaches and a  mouse  
that I can never catch! 

Copyright 2011 JohnnyPaul Davis