Love Poems About Loon or Loon Love Poems
by Timothy Brumley |
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Three Messengers

This morning I hiked a wooded trail
And while quietly strolling along,
I was pleased to hear a lonely quail
A singing his mournful song.

And then again this afternoon
While drawing water from the well
A loon began it's soothing croon
That echoed 'cross the dell.

And in the evening as I dined
While resting in the swing
A mockingbird was very kind
To perch close by and sing.

Then later, as I knelt to pray
In telling God, "I love You"
That, I wished to hear Him say
Just once, He loved me too.

Then Father spoke! "Don't you know?
My son of course I love you too!
I sent couriers today to tell you so
Did my three messengers not find you?"

                            Timothy I. Brumley

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: environment, love, moon, music, nature, romantic, romantic love,

Loving You

A lone cantata pierced through the hollow night as hungry clouds nibbled at the frozen Moon, Her smile obscured but for a slight, scanty sight as a solo aria pierced the lagoon. Amid the languid yet luminous half-light came the chilling chorus of the Arctic loon. Love lives here, and lingers warm in half moonlight, budding with romantic, symphonious swoon. I watch as you watch the performance enwreathe, loving you fervently with each breath I breathe.

by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
Categories: beauty, break up, leaving, lost love, , Lullaby,

Chesapeake Bay

Crystal clear blue waves kiss
the sands of Chesapeake Bay. 
We walk in gentle silence 
lost in the magic of yesterday.			
I must leave you soon, my love,
circumstance won’t let me stay,
the lonesome lullaby of the loon
echoes our dismay.
One lingering kiss, one final glance,
no words can ever say
for you have yours, I have mine, 
no promises  past  today.
Where the waters greets the sky,
my heart yearns to run away,
in my dreams I'll be here with you,
sharing our love on Chesapeake Bay.

by Arlene Smith |
Categories: animal, love, moon, nature, pollution,

Mother Nature

She begins to swoon when Timberwolves croon
a lost lovers tune to their goddess moon.
When a handsome loon begs his mate to spoon
in late afternoon, she blushes maroon.
One day very soon, she'll burst our balloon
for poisons we've strewn, which nothing's immune.
01/05/2017 For contest: Rhymers delight-internal momorhyme Sponsor: John Hamilton

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: devotion, lost love,

My Love Awaits

By nocturnal night and daring day
In faithful forests my love does lay
By candle light and fading gray
In faithful forests where branches sway

By crimson moon and daunting dawn
In faithful forests a yielding yawn
By the lazy loon and fragile fawn
In faithful forests our love will spawn

Where rivers flow and meadows still
My love awaits amid the daffodil
Where the snow leaves a bitter chill
My love awaits with a frosted will

Where the sun slowly sets... and bids adieu
My love awaits to start anew

Where all is done... with no regrets
My love awaits for only you.

Lost love 2017
Sponsored by: John Hamilton

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: loneliness, love,

I Looked For You

I looked for you down the hall
Just echoes call, 
photos on wall

I looked for you on my device
Your pic is nice, 
texted you twice

I looked for you inside the moon 
You’d return soon, 
hooted the loon

I looked for you both up and down
Found wall of sound, 
here but not around

I looked for you inside our bed
Found naught instead, 
blinders we bred

I looked for you out in the field
My heart unsealed, 
and somewhat healed

I looked for you under canopy of stars
Around you are
Arm’s reach, but far

I cried for you both loud and clear
Then you were here.  
I need you, dear.

© Thomas W. Quigley

by Hamid Khan |
Categories: desire, dream, emotions, fairy, fantasy, love, peace,

Painting a Poem

Widened lips in an inert ligneous watercraft, fervent eyes gazing the moon,
Her mane of aureate intriguing hair in a wintry night, the dark cranium of a dainty loon.

Unblemished ivory gown glistering under the umbra of gleaming stars, wondrous quietness of the prodigious forest.
Benign fog over the serene skin of a highland tarn, beautifying the panorama as a fragrant florist.

A fugitive moment's princess, the waterscape peculiarly blithesome,
A dream breathing itself out of wisdom, am I earnestly painting a poem?

by Tina Finley |
Categories: funny, happiness, music, me, music, me, music,

My Musical Tastes

My taste in music is not a single
But rather many that intermingle
A favorite tune can make me tingle
For I love to hear a familiar jingle

Romantic ballads cause me to swoon
Play an Irish tune, I'll dance like a loon
A bluegrass song ends way too soon
I could listen to Big Band and swing til noon

A Classical arrangement is, well, classy
The Spanish guitar sounds so snappy
And Rockabilly can be downright snazzy
Those jazz numbers are, you guessed it, jazzy

Just don't ask me too quick
For my favorite music to pick
Of one style, the other can't lick
So to a variety of tastes I will stick

by Anula Aboobacker |
Categories: fantasy, nature, sad,


Heart is at a broadband speed, I shut my eyes and hear a cloud sneeze. It's watery tendrils hit ground loud, I open my eyes, wanna see the haze. Runs to the window to watch him paint, Colorless doodles that gently fade. There is no rain, I spot white Moon, Mocking widely at one earthy loon. I direct my hate at his familiar face, "You too meddling with my craze!" "Love has come and love has gone," he snorts, dropping his blinding light on me, "You have lost your grace and hence my praise." He waxes and wanes in my teary gaze. I flee from his sight and shut eyes tight, To wait for rain on this balmy night.

by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: nostalgia

Miracle of Life

Midnight is upon the moon
Driving feeling crazy as a loon
Tired and excited to see your face
Love overflowing, scared, wanting time to race

I see your face
Nervousness and worry
Trying to ease you, and me
Wondering what the night will be

Waiting for a new face to see
Will it be, easy
Miracle number one: natural wouldn't progress
Miracle number two: Meconium stained amniotic fluid

Miracle number three: Umbilical cord was wrapped around the babies neck, shoulders and 
Miracle number four: Healthy mom and baby

by Matt Starking |
Categories: love,

Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams; you are sweeter
than ice cream
the passion in your voice
anytime you scream
your beauty is like 
that of the lily
in the valley
smooth sexy lady
you are the boat to cross the lake
your presence keeps me awake
if i will leave you alone
then it a mistake
there is no question
that your presence
draws my attention
fruit of the loon
i will take you home soon
and marry you by the end
of the full moon
i will treat you like a queen
then feed you with a golden spoon

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poetry,

On Golden Ponds

Sail with me my darling!
Let’s ride on golden ponds,
Our summer times are ending
Winters far too long
Twilight years are mooring
Memories floating high,
Hand in hand we’ll travel
Through sunsets beyond the sky
Guided through every ripple 
Destiny in our eyes,
Love will always remember,
Years that had drifted by,
Boat rides will continue,
In tomorrow’s paradise,
There we’ll see the Loon birds,
Kiss our final goodbye,
We’ll ride this final journey,
As we start to wonder why,
All our beautiful memories
Never to say goodbye
Only to kiss eternity,
On golden ponds, we die.


by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: life, love, nature,

Bequeathed By Night

Above the trees a million diamonds shine
The stars in black, flames, dancing with the moon.
Embracing dreams two silhouettes align.
Oh, lovers hear the “woo—ooh” of the loon.
That haunting sound that echoes through loves twine.
Anticipation yields as young hearts swoon.
A summer trance while memories are born.
Bequeathed by night loves natural adorn.

© February 10, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Entered into Poetry Soup Member Contest: COMING OF AGE 	 
Sponsored by: Frank Herrera

by Johneta Ohler |
Categories: confusion, love, teenheart, heart,

What Is Wrong With Me?

When I walk by you,
I see stars.
When I hear your name,
My heart pounds.
When I hear your song,
A smile forms on my face.
When you say hi,
I want to fall.
When I'm around you,
I make a fool of myself.
What is wrong with me?
Why do I feel like this?
When you hug me,
I want to die,
right there in your arms.
Whats wrong with me?
Your all i think about.
Am I crazy?
I feel insane.
Stars, Heart pounds,
Smiles for no reason.
Wanting to fall and die in your arms.
Am I a loon?
Whats wrong with me.

by Chris Kane Jr. |
Categories: introspection, write,


I drink rivers of rum
for an unquenchable thirst,
or a hope that I may drown.

I build castles out of dreams
for some temporary glory,
or to preside over their ashes.

I love, like a Victorian loon,
for knowing no other way to feel,
or to revel in a shattered heart.

I give away everything I possess
for nothing, for indifference,
or because I’m a self-righteous bastard.

I write poetry in tattered notebooks
for you, or for no one at all.

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: animal, bird, flower, love, nature, song, summer,

Walkie Talkie

Sunset spill,
Evening thrill,
Creeping shade,
Summer stroll,
Frog on bole,
Moonlit trees,
Pleasant breeze,
Hoot owl hour,
Rose power,
Rich red Mars,
Porch guitars,
Wild chatter,
Limpid moon,
Cry of loon,
Starry park,
Plum hued dark,
Hued flora,
Scent aura,
Teal ducks quack,
Love is back!
Grassy knoll,
Dreams unfold.

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: celebration, passion, words,

The Soliloquist


She kissed la fleur - the audience.
The spotlight pierced her eyes, and then
eclipse la lune - the tale begins.
Quaint pearlescent - those tears that break.
L’amour that baits dress circle seats.

She flits of charm, her hands in play.
Bids parting syllable away.
Tout du suite, a tremendous crowd leap.
The virgin in white dress aglow.
Throng’s breathless palms like wedding bells.


la fleur - the flower (la flur)
la lune - the moon (la loon)
l’amour - love (la-mor)
tout de suite - immediately (toot-sweet)

*in parenthesis my best pronunciation

by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, farm, funny,

Farmer Playing Until Noon

first thing in the morn
****-crow near the corn 

in the daybreak dawn
it goes on, and on, and on

farmer left the throne 
made his presence known 

prancing up a storm 
staying mighty warm 

sliding on the floor
crashing in the door

living on the edge 
rotten like a veg 

booty blazing sore 
tutti to the core 

into his love e dove
he loves, love-a-love
laughing like a loon 
at the rising moon 

pulling down the blinds
drowning in the things he finds

playing until noon 
watching some cartoon

beside his love e dove
he loves, love-a-love


 Poetry Contest: Write A Rhyming Poem For Fun
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by Jordan Brazell |
Categories: imagination, life,

L Word

Learn Live Life Like Love Loathe Less Least Last Lone Lead Leap Lean Lay Law Lie Laid Line Loop Luck Lost Loss Loon Low Lift Laud Lord Light Life Live Learn Love Laugh

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love, romance

Moonbeams of Love

Swooning in chorus to your rhapsodic tune
Your soothing Sonata crests to the billowy moon
Your animalistic rhythms o'er every truant part croon
Blithe melody softly careening over every pallid dune
Bass drum taps lightly; milk flows from hardened paps so roon
Exploring in cadence each curvilinear line artfully hewn
Riding each stanza in your seething, swaying balloon
Coursing over each ripple in your silver shoon
Each crevice, crater my hands carefully prune
Sifting out silty pebbles with a sculptor's spoon
Dipping harmoniously into your deep ocean; gleeful loon
Ruddy ballast anchoring ship in your salty lagoon

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Loon Who Would Love a Lark

Loon Who Would Love a Lark

When Trump sang we had to hark;
Raving mad who seemed so stark;
Angels said,
He wet bed;
Loony as a loon that loved a lark.

Jim Horn

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: books,

I Am Not Easily Hurried

I love reading clever novels by the light of the moon.
It is what I always do because it delights me so.
I am not easily hurried, by a tide, calendar or loon.
I can read words over and over in the soft moon’s glow.

Do not try to rush me. It cannot be done.
I love reading books. It is all kinds of fun.
I linger and languish enjoying every single word.
Rushing off to me would be totally wrong and absurd.

by Robb A. Kopp |
Categories: love

Lunatic's Endearment

Don’t call me a loon
I’m not a dark scary goon….
I just love the moon

by Jean Ward |
Categories: love, heart, heart, me,

Singin' Right Can Never Be Wrong Poem 2 of 4


Honeysuckle grows all entwined,
Roses will soon need pruned.
I am in love, dear heart of mine.
I hear the call of the Loon.

Fireflies on the window sill.
Grasshoppers jump in the corn.
Sweet call of the Whip-poor-will,
and Bullfrog sings by the pond,

and--of you I am quite fond.
Fonder even than fond.

Oh, dear heart of mind
tell me another yarn,
about the time of Whip-poor-will
and the Bullfrogs song by the pond.

I wonder if Crickets dance,
do Ants work all the time?
As our arms do entwine,
dear heart of mine.

Are you in love
with me by chance,
dear heart of mine?


by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Loon Who Would Love a Lark

Loon Who Would Love a Lark

When Trump sang we had to hark;
Raving mad who seemed so stark;
Angels said,
He wet bed;
Loony as a loon that loved a lark.

Jim Horn