Love Poems About Lobster or Lobster Love Poems
by Mia Pratt |
Categories: friendship, girl, ocean,

A Girls Night Out

Friday nights
when the boys are away
the girls will come out and play
the perfect time where us girls
get to bond with each other
a time we get to 
share our secrets together
share our feelings together
listen and dance to island music 
until we can't sit down
while enjoying our feast of lobster tails
and French fries 
before watching Moana
on the big screen
and writing and reciting 
our poetry for our shared 
love of beaches, islands
oceans and mermaid fantasies together
under the moonlight stars by the sea

by Angel Marie |
Categories: abuse, emotions, environment, life, lost love, nature, people,

Don'T We Have a Heart

Why must we think 
that we're the only living things 
that have feelings, 
and that have a soul? 

Can't we hear the cry of a puppy, 
when taken from it's mother? 
can't we see the fear 
In the eyes of a deer? 

What about the cry of whales? 
when we invade their only home? 
Or a lobster, 
being boiled alive 
in extreme heat? 

We continue to pray, 
for our food, 
for ourselves and for each other, 
but what about the poor wildlife 
that has to suffer 
by our cold actions?

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allegory,

Let Us Crawl Backwards

fasten the belt of love
hum a tune sing a song
tap your feet free your mind
life is beautiful
the girl in red gesticulating
silently wide expressive eyes
flutter mechanical safety
of futility live the high life
whistling in the yellow vest
let us crawl backwards
like a lobster

by Robert James Liguori |
Categories: appreciation,

Lobster Love

Ooh love is in the aire
Lobster Love
Ooh ooh oooh
Lobster Love so Devine

Lobster Love
Luv Love Looove

Lobster Love

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: food,

Our Best Option

Tomatoes with salt
It is how he was raised
Tomatoes with sugar
It is how I was raised

Mushrooms and oysters yum yum he says
Mushrooms and oysters.  Barf barf say I.
Thick crust pizza for him, thin crust for me.
It is a wonder our children can eat at all.

One loves The Red Lobster. Her sister will not eat fish.
Two love Chinese food, the other one despises it.
None of them like tomatoes at all.  
Eating out is our best option.

by Vanessa Bryant |
Categories: anniversary, happiness, love, baby, baby,

You and Food

Your like a cup of Kool-Aid baby you’re so sweet 
Like lobster for dinner you’re not cheap
Some red wine in my glass because baby you got class
Like dessert on my plate I just can’t pass
Your like fried chicken your golden brown 
Just like a taco your bottom is nice and round
Your like some fresh honey straight out of a bees hive
Just like some water I need you to survive.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: food,

Choose For Me I Said and Make Sure It's a He

Looked in the lobster tank
Could not bear thinking
of them possibly boiling a mother
I said please choose a he
I wondered if it would be like a hot tub
at first cozy and relaxing,
i felt sorry for my shrimp
and yet i love the taste

by Verlecia Fields |
Categories: family, friendship, uplifting, home, home,

Two Chairs

Come to my home 
were you may see 
the other half of me 
what will we eat 
I'll have to animate 
no lobster no wine
for I live a small life
all that I give 
what can I say 
I will not be ashamed 
my home has 
only two chairs
but were theres
no money 
love has shone the way 
for love and cares

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Candy Tales

Beautiful people are washed-up on sandy shores.
More buttery lobster commercials appear.
Evening gowned elites drip like sequined icebergs.
The young are headlong as usual
and will not stop until they mend us into their dreams,
They sew our jester hats with a pitying love just as we did.
It’s impossible to regret anything
when the very ground under our feet
is begging for less fabled tales.
We who still dispense myths like candy
must be seen to be able to function
on the old fictions for a while.

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: love, passion, old, love, old,

"never Too Old"

We all can remember that first dip in a pool
on a hot summer day..
The smell of fresh cut grass on a warm day
in May..
That first taste of lobster once dipped lightly
in melted butter..
Or those first tangled words we try to say
to a love without a stutter..
The first kiss on a date as our lips wrestle
to a groove...
Or our hands feeling their way in the dark  to
an old tune...
To wake up that first morning and smiling like 
we just ate the last cookie in the jar..
Or that sweet wonderful ride to our hide away
and caressing hands in the car..
Never too old to feel this or create some bliss..
Search your heart for place and grab your love and kiss...

by Linda Craddick |
Categories: death of a friend, love, sorrow,

Lobsters and Unicorns

Sadness filled me as I had, upon hearing of his death,
Thoughts of what could have been.
He was my unicorn,
But I married my lobster.

Thoughts of what could have been
Flashing like short movies through my mind--
But I married my lobster,
So those movies will never play for an audience.

Flashing like short movies through my mind
I work to exchange them for memories I have made,
So those movies will never play,
And I will be happy with my lobster as I mourn my unicorn.