Love Poems About Llama or Llama Love Poems
by Maggie Dickerson |
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Nothing rhymes with llama
Nothing rhymes with lava
HEY! Llama and lava rhyme
I guess I knew that the whole time
When I see a llama, I shout
But when I see it not burning in lava, I pout
Ok, so that's not true
But I'm sitting here quietly with nothing to do......
I just realized that I've never seen a llama in the zoo.
I'm really starting to hate llamas now
I really wish they would all burn in lava
Still not true....
Still with nothing better to do...

by Arnoldo Gonzalez |
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Bésame como si fuera el último beso en tu vida,
Con esa fuerza del amor que existe en tu corazón;
quema mis labios con la llama ardiente de tu pasión,
y que nuestras almas en ese instante queden fundidas.

by Kelly Besaw Gallo |
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The Worse Version of Me

I hate when you bring out 
this version of me,
I fly like a bat 
I sting like a bee.

Hissing at you with
a red, forked-tongue,
I can spit like a llama
I can kick away dung.

I hate when the worst of me 
releases such venom,
The stench from our arguments
Burn ... STOP!

What's been said I can't take back
or ignore it away,
No the scars are revealed,
and then on display.

So apologize to me 
instead of Writing the next verse,
It's too painful to live with you,
It feels like a curse.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, for her, how i feel, i love you, uplifting,

Spanish verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 3

Spanish verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 3

¡Oh, siempre!
Usted está,
eres de lejos;

Una hija de nuestro Dios viviente

Y yo
llama a tu corazón;
Y deseo embarcarme;
En una relación mejorada;
Para con, eres tan comunicativo;

¡Oh, siempre!
Eres hermosa tan maravillosa;

Estoy enamorado de ti;
Yo, tan puro, siempre te amo a ti;
Enamorado de ti;
Lo hago, tan real, siempre solo te amo;

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.© 2020