Love Poems About Epyllion or Epyllion Love Poems
by Isaiah Zerbst |
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Una and the Lion

This world of trouble soon will pass
For there beyond the crystal glass
A lamb and lion tread the grass
Beside a lass, beside a lass

This cord of present time shall break
And hate and fear shall flee and quake
Oh, may all vice this earth forsake!
And love awake! And love awake!

Oh, see him walk 'neath mighty trees!
The king of beasts; what strength and ease!
Yet now content this lass to please
Her hand to tease, her hand to tease

Behold! A pleasant form and face!
The child of beauty crowned with grace!
Fair Una treads at even pace
A better place, a better place

~ The form is Monotetra~
~Based on the painting 'Una and the Lion' by Briton Riviere. 

by Winged Warrior |
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Who Am I - Resurrected

I am the someone in no one I am the beginning and the end I am the alpha and omega I am your true best friend I am not here nor there I am that I am I am the son of my father I am the lion I am the lamb I am the you in the me I am the all in all things I am the one that shows you love I am the king of all kings I am forever forgiving I am the one that gives you sight I am at the right hand of my father I am the way I am the light. April.01.2019 Rising of the Son Sponsored by: Chantelle Anne Cooke Placed 3'rd...Thank You

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Of Lion Love

My feline bittersweet awakening
came decked with golden trim of flawless days.
A time it was to frolic and to fling
ourselves in grass, all afternoon to laze.

Together we were fearless, wild and free,
a noble lion and his lioness.
And sadly, neither one of us could see
that passion such as ours would evanesce.

Our error was believing that each kiss
could carry us. . . that love could multiply
or even match July’s exceeding bliss.
By summer’s end, our ardor had run dry.

A lion’s appetite can satiate,
and love - less noble then - will soon abate.

Posted 6/11/11/ Now used for the In the Name of Love Contest of Shadow Hamilton

by Sunshine Smile |
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- The Only Thing That Matters -

                                         My house is on fire
                                       With courage as a lion
                                        runs into the flames
                                     At sixty glowing seconds
                                    I saved my seven puppies

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Tanka 5-7-5-7-7

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

He Has Many Names - The Trinet

~He Has Many Names~ (Trinet) Jesus' name Means "Saviour" Jesus has long list of names The Bible says that, it's true Emmanuel, Christ, Rabbi, Son Of God. Son of David, Son Of Man, and Prince of Peace, Lamb of God,The Annointed One, The Word, I Am, And more. Lord of Lords, Alpha And Omega, and King of Kings, Bright Morning Star, Lion of Judah, All Jesus Names. I Believe it. Dorian Petersen Petersen aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011
November.13.2015 ~Author's Notes: "The Trinet," is a poetry style that was created by Zion.

by Winged Warrior |
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Who Am I

I am the someone in no one
I am the beginning and the end
I am the alpha and omega
I am your true best friend

I am not here nor there
I am that I am
I am the son of my father
I am the lion I am the lamb

I am the you in the me
I am the all in all things
I am the one that shows you love
I am the king of all kings

I am forever forgiving
I am the one that gives you sight
I am at the right hand of my father
I am the way I am the light.


by Arturo Michael |
Categories: beauty, character, strength, woman,

My Queen of Hearts

She’s like the Raging Winds that Blow across a Stormy sea
A Rose petal gently Swaying in the Summer breeze
She's the Kiss of Sunshine glowing over Mountain tops
Her brush paints the Moon and bright Stars

She’s Fire and Fury and I'm her Lion heart  
The Queen of my Love Story the Lovely Joan of Arc
She's a woman of Grace of Leather and Lace of Soul divine 

I thank God she's mine      ~All mine~      She's my Lady Valentine


by john mcmahon |
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The Wind That Moves You

i admire the muscle
of the wind
that brought you
to my door.

i marvel at its infinite
glory as it moves my
land and shore,
and drives the hearts
towards the fire that
burns for you.

i am the keeper
of such a flame;
the wind that moves you
tames me-

i am lion,
please take my roar.


by kristen bruni |
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Emotion Explosion

Such a wonderful city of angels
Full of dreamers and schemers
You poisoned me with sweet love
Then poisoned me with anger.

A lion with an impatient roar
Slowly eating me alive.
Ever so cleverly. 
I never saw it coming. 
I've been devoured and feel invisible. 
I look in the mirror at a stranger now.

The Gods have allowed me gentle protection 
The Angels hover over me, shadows on my wall.
Safe, yet damaged and scared. 
Unhappy, bitter and vengeful. 
Emotions that exploded all at once
A bomb ticking away. you ignited it and detonated me. 

I love you but don't know what to do.

by L. J. Carber |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, childhood, imagination, innocence,

O, To Be A Cloud

O, to be a cloud and wander the skies untethered,
freer than any bird, as free as the wild winds,
changing shape endlessly, effortlessly, easing
from a stallion to a lion to a bear in the minds
of open-eyed children who love the clouds and
love to watch the clouds as they dance the sky....

Children and clouds, clouds and children--
a love affair that ends as childhood ends
and the once children, now grown-ups can
no longer see a living menagerie way, way
up high where only the purest hearts may go.

by Cindi Rockwell |
Categories: life, philosophy,


I’ve heard it said life’s a river
With bends, rocky shallows and dams,
And love not gifts but the giver,
Don’t be a lion, but a lamb.

An apple a day is the cure,
And happiness comes from within.
Of one thing I’m totally sure
I much prefer vodka to gin!

8x8 Poetry Contest
Sponsor: PS Awtry
November 10, 2018

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Baby Love The Elephant

Baby love
So ready to play
Trumpets happy attitude
Mother not far off
Ready to rescue
If he gets into any trouble
There are dangers
A lion maybe
She lets him think he's independent
Keeping close enough to save him
At the first sign of danger
Baby elephant plays
Delighted he is free

by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: anxiety, emotions, fear, feelings, first love, teenage,

The Lion Within

I've walked barefoot through boiling sand, you don't even know.
Tried many times to grasp your hand, you don't even know.

To letters written then burnt; signals typed then canceled -
I rode this crazy train unmanned, you don't even know.

Sent roses signed anonymous to inspire a smile;
I sat and watched but didn't stand, you don't even know.

A picnic atop the roof, watching stars reflect off
of blue eyes . . . all this I had planned, you don't even know.

Timothy stutters at the words so instead he writes;
he's tried his best to tell you and you don't even know.

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love, sea, seasons, uplifting

Easter Joy!

E  aster! Born of ultimate love!

A  Lamb, unblemished, laid down and died

S   ins, each one, was paid in full

T  ortured, disrespected, denied, betrayed

E   entered Hades, ripped veil, bringing prophets of old, to
			       just reward
R  ose victorious, conquered death

J   esus Christ, joy astounding, Risen Lord! The Lion and the Lamb

O  ver two thousand years, though maligned, still alive! 

Y  our hopes and mine, all rest in Him

by Trevor McLeod |
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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous, image,

Leo The Lion

I'm Leo the Lion, I am, I am From the mystical world of the Astrology I'm generous, strong and warmhearted That's if you believe in symbology Not making this up, check it out Masculine, positive and extroverted If I listen too carefully, my head will swell Which should definitely be averted My wife suggested widening the doorways Or I might severely injure my brain Methinks my honey's being a bit facetious But I love her a bunch just the same I'm Leo the Lion, I am, I am Just a fun loving guy who enjoys life They also say I'm very broad-minded Love broads but don't tell my wife! © Jack Ellison 2014

by Funom Makama |
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Beautiful Animal Kingdom

Oh, no star, no fan, no fame, no nerd how they see, hear or feel is how they treat no cash nor need to be rich, life is red low in rank but same with man as meat each pair form from the need not to wed a cat’s a cat, no rank, all in one seat ants to lion, all be the same when dead fend for kids like with the rope of a kite that’s all it is when duty is on site more than a type can mix with no bite a dog and a bird can play and marvel lie the tiny head on a big navel love in a show to give a good novel.

by Tyshawn Knight |
Categories: body, crazy, desire, longing, love, lust,

We Hugged Each Other

That’s What We Do
In group therapy
We hug each other…
We share personal things
We hug each other…
We confide – open up – open wide
We hug each other…

It seems that when he came to me.
We hugged each other…
He lingered when
We hugged each other…
And it felt so good when
We hugged each other…
 He was so warm…his chest so kind…his sweater so clean…
I felt so alive…

When we hugged each other.

I stand 
and wait
for the lion 
to overtake 

by Matt Starking |
Categories: love, me,

Isle of love I

As the lion searches for it prey 
So have i long for thee 
Sorry my anger drove you away 
For with you behind me 
Made me more comfortable 
Why did i act a fool 
You are adorable 
But i betrayed you 
I was carried away 
Like a feather 
I was discourage 
By the bad weather 
You were a good pair 
But i did not treat you fair

by Francesca Cabral |
Categories: lovebird, bird,

Minutes After the I Love You

So they just sat there,
pretending that the silence was the result of their search for an answer.
He probably knew for sure, but
she could only try to know.
A fat bird flew down from out of nowhere, and tried to force its head into a tiny hole in the 

When the bird finally flew away,
they were back to just sitting there,pretending.
Even when the lion came and ate the boys arms;
and when the snake spat into her eyes and instantly blinded her,
all he did, was use his voice to see what she could not,
and all she did was use her heart to feel what his hands could not.

They just sat there.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: angel, baby, jesus, love,

Up Up And Away My Beautiful Balloon

Setting apart her world outside..
Clustering stars brilliantly, they shine
Holy the sacred vile harmonious his meridian
Angel greetings from afar bejeweled a child's palette
Northern lights their passing comets; splendour's colours
She swirls these gypsy moths so gather such, quantum dreams....
Parallel the Antartic Circles idee fixed sansculottes ? Savior-faire libra's
Ten thousand years sanguine hearts love's lion wakes a rendezvous; juvenis.

by Christopher Steven Coan |
Categories: brother, son, uplifting

Pure Soul

Effortlessly bright
Child, dear and sweet as dew
Innocent as doe
Gentle yet daring
Caring not for tomorrow
Life for this day alone
Quiet in spirit
Voice like a lion at hunt
Innocent in love
Ever full of joy
Though crying from a lost toy
Still so full of joy
In pleasure found in your heart
Pure soul within you

by Michael Bell |
Categories: absence, adventure, longing, missing,

Oh Africa


Alone  I stand  on  foreign  land,
My  home  is  here, my  heart  not  true,
Oh ! Africa, your soul  I crave.

Through  destiny,  my  pathway ‘s made,
Where eagles rest  on  mountain  peaks,
My  youth is  back to  heights I  seek,

with  winds  that  howl  to oceans  roar,
I  found  my  place  at  nature’s door
Oh  Africa ! my  sacred  place,
 I  share  your love  of  open  space,

My star  of  hope, it  rises  there,
My home  my country’s life I share
Savannas  health that  rivers  bring
In habitat of  the lion king

©Copyright  M..A. Bell

by Jeremy Lin |
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The Rumble from Below

They heard the rumble from below
Drinks were spilled; they stopped the show.
The scream was heard, the tension rose
The crowd was still, the music froze.

The lights flickered, a roar was heard
Wild lion appears, then massacred
All the zebras, flailing around
So their stripes were safe and sound

This lion though, was smarter than that
2 weeks he’d been a hungry cat
Such silly follies were no match
To save lives on this grassland patch.

by Nigel Fox |
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George Bernard Shaw

Back foot Irishman

Who remembers his
Major Barbara 
Androcles and the
are we all asleep !

Just a man of his
like a five minute
pop star
friend of nancy boy
Bosie Douglas
bringing the poor
main man Oscar Wilde

Better self love
than grovelling in
the dirt
how can any real man
or woman dislike
a friend of Michael
IRA Collins
all there a
collection of back
foot Irishmen 

The Irish sadly will
never be free 
trapped in their own
Sunni and Shi-ite