Love Poems About Lemming or Lemming Love Poems
by James Rasmusson |
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Lady Lemming

My pen stumbled stammered
and fell
as you fall from the beckoning
cliff of ill fated friendship.

You showed me how the finest verse
is atonal music and the wisest words
of eternity’s pundits and seers
are but fallen chips of a Michelangelo David.

You taught me that Earth
is a spinning potter's wheel
with hands of wind and rain
that gently shape.

Your eyes, the twin planets of Gemini
drew me forth while I,
a beast of prey,
oozed through the darkness stealthily.

Yet Lady Lemming my love
the jagged rocks below are no better
than the imagined wolves at your feet.

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: lost love, recovery from..., me, me,

Reasons Why

My tears have gone in search of you.
Like a lemming racing to the sea.
This heart of mine won't let me be.
I died when you said we were through.

Circumstance ravaged my soul.
Love has left me wracked with fear.
Still,I wish that you were here.
Empty nights taking their toll.

You thought my faithfulness was lacking.
But not once did I do you wrong.
Wished you with me the night long.
Never dreamed you'd send me packing.

Now you can't wait to say good-bye.
Darling I did not desert you.
And I never meant to hurt you.
Don't you know the reasons why?

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, mystery, nostalgia, seasons, time, sleep,

November Falls

How clear in sleep a mind recalls
November falls from harbour walls,
dumb concrete boots and splashing sounds,
dead flower wreaths float sickly
sweet halos slowly drowning.

Confused by red and blue regrets
the sun then sets, spent cigarettes
flicked nonchalant to watery graves,
old love affairs mount spiral
stairs leading steeply downward.

Stolen on a breath that sighs,
fake alibis at crying eyes,
gasping hooks and dragging dreams
way out to sea where they may
be consigned to sleep with fishes.

With grim resign a mind recalls
November falls when winter calls
with spells of ice from frosted tongues,
the iron bind, the lemming love,
blind suicides of virgins.