Love Poems About Ladybug or Ladybug Love Poems
by Cona Adams |
Categories: granddaughter, joy,

Chloe's Delight

She bursts inside, grey eyes alight.
"Oh, Grandma, isn't she a sight,
wearing red, black-dotted clothes?
So beautiful, I've named her Rose."

Miss Ladybug conveys delight
as a beamy diamond, star-bright.
In her joy my heart takes note
of innocence and love, her coat.

Some courts today prove no remorse
for wasted children with no voice.
Vile pedophiles bear hearts of stone
and we, in turn, defend our own.

If I could set the stars a snare
I'd braid a band within her hair
or snatch a patch of summer skies
and tear off blue to grace her eyes.

Our little diamond in the rough
whose tender heart must be made tough.

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: beauty, seasons, song,

The Song of Spring

Nature's song is best in spring
Beneath a Bradford pear
   Grass wears it's earliest green
So begins my love affair

   A gentle breeze caresses my skin
Honeysuckles delight my tongue
   Days inside are growing thin
Winter's last song was sung

   The clouds create paintings in the sky
As the sun plays peekaboo
   A ladybug tickles the top of my thigh
Unique flowers begin to accrue

   Wheat grass dances to the beat of the wind
Butterflies escape their cocoons
   Fresh spring water, warm enough to swim
These are my favorite tunes

by Debra Squyres |
Categories: first love, fun, summer,

Intrusion of Thought

Cushioned with green, warmed by the sun
Blue sky above, clouds on the run

Clovers three, with luck four clusters
Sharing laughs and belly busters

Pulling grass to make thumb whistles
Picking flowers avoiding thistles

Grasshoppers jumping blade to blade
Soaking up sun, avoiding shade

Ladybug, red, on a daisy’s white petal
Flies away as the heart back peddles

“He loves me” was the last petal plucked
“Does he really?” the intrusive thought struck

© Debra Squyres

by Eve Roper |
Categories: animal,

Under the Laden Clouds Nursery Rhyme

Listen to the Ladybug laugh;
Lingers and crawls up the giraffe’s
Long legs and neck, holding a staff.
Love to get its lips on the light chaff;
Later delights on a leaf for a late lunch.

Lazy near a log by the lake for a lush brunch,
Lamb, lion, and calf lie and   munch
Limiting little for later to the bunch.


by Michael Jordan |
Categories: friendship, love, pets


You are way more than a pet
Ladybug you are my friend
You’re always more than willing
To offer your ear to lend
Just a little Chihuahua
Though you’re a bulldog inside
You are forever willing
Come on bug let’s take a ride
As I write out my poems
You must jump up on my lap
All though after awhile
You simply curl up and nap
Ladybug I sure love you
While on treatment for hep c 
Toni thought I might need you
To give me some company
Bug you gave us your heart
You gave us your loyalty
That’s why you are now a part
A part of our family

Every other line rhyme's and each
line has a syllable count of 7.
Written for the "Pets" contest.

by Patricia Leduc |
Categories: angst, cute love, funny love, longing, love,

I Wished

I Wished

I wished on a shooting star
I wished on the first star I saw in the night
I wished on an eyelash to find a true love
I wished on the candles on my birthday cake
I wished on the penny I threw in the well
I wished on a wishbone breaking it in two
I wished on a dandelion blowing seeds into the air
I wished on a ladybug to grant me good luck
I wished our love would come true
I wished you knew of my love for you
I wished that I knew… you were wishing for me too

I wished
I wished
I wished

I wished until there were no wishes left 

(Damn! Where’s that Genie when you need him?)

by David Dowling |
Categories: children, friendship, funny, happiness, love,


Mya, if you were a ladybug, I wouldn't step on you.
I'd scoop you from your flowery perch and make my home your roost.
You could bask in morning sunlight streaming from outside.
I would feed you watermelon and an apple slice. 
And you could keep me company when no one else is there.
Or be another set of ears to hear my little prayers.
Mya, if you were a ladybug, I wouldn't step on you.
I'd watch over you day and night in hopes that you would to.

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: autumn, insect,

The Ladybugs and I

A ladybug is crawling
As the autumn leaves drift down.
Then suddenly, two more appear;
I thought that they’d left town.

But Google told me otherwise
For ladybugs, it said,
Enjoy a sunny day in fall,
Since winter lies ahead.

They love to come soak up the rays 
As I do, when I’m chilled.
Today, the ladybugs and I
Are equally fulfilled.

by Corey Simmons Ii |
Categories: family, friendship, love, love,

My Ladybug

My ladybug

It has been a great pleasure
to have shared these precious moments with you!
For you have been a true friend though it all.
A beautiful queen of it all,
And a loving person from it all.
For to have you in our lives 
symbolize you beloved gift;
that is solely wrapped,
to provide joy in our hearts.
And we are truly thankful.

So we rejoice, to your new beginning,
your blessed future, 
And most importantly; To your son
Whom is and will be, 
A king so graciously bestowed upon;
Gods great thrones of Grace!

Our gift to you is the tender love in our hearts; 
minds, body's, and souls. 

We Love You!

by Billy Bier |
Categories: love, water, water,


I think of a ladybug on a rail 
I think of a flowerfly by a fingernaill 
I think of giant windmills and the sky
I think of a close up, a greenish blue eye 
I think of sparkly stars in the water and sweet kissable feet 
I think of who they belong to and im so happy that we would meet
I think of two people in love, two faces in a mirror 
I think my heart and soul, couldnt see any clearer
I think of rocks in the water and the sun 
I think of You. . .because your the only one.

by Megan Leasure |
Categories: baby, blessing, loss, my child, strength,

Ladybug Baby Love

Although I'll never know you,
Even though you were not mine,
I love you more than words can say
Even past the end of time. 

I dream of what your face looks like,
And I often wonder why,
God took you home with him so soon,
Even knowing we all would cry.

I cherish the memories of when you lived,
So freely inside of me..
I'm sorry I was there for you,
I am my own worst enemy!

I know one day we'll meet,
Cant wait to finally see,
What a beautiful little ladybug,
That was sent here just for me!

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Squirrels Invite Ladybug Faeries To Stay

The ladybug faeries invaded the oak tree in September.
Inhabitants there were squirrels, readying for November.
They danced together up and down, all about.
That December was coming there was no doubt.

Will you hibernate in the tree with us invited squirrel named Zoom.
We would love to the ladybugs said, if you have that kind of room.
We will make places for you, Zoom assured the lovely ladies fair.
Get ready to nest up in the oak, because we love to share.

by Marqueda Manning |
Categories: adventure, childhood, children, cute, good night,

A Striped Cat Who Wears Striped Socks

I'm a striped cat who wears striped socks.
All of my food is in a striped box.                                
I use striped soap to make striped suds.                  
Even my bathrobe is striped. So is my rug. All of my flowers are striped in my garden. Even the ladybug who plays in the rain shower. My striped socks hang on my striped tree while the striped honey bees laugh at me.  My best friend the striped bear love milk and cookies in his striped chair.  Goodnight striped moon. Goodnight striped stars. And hello sweet striped dreams.

by Maria Mitea |
Categories: character, courage, future, love, lust, motivation,

The First Ones

We'll have to choose dear
we shall
to choose not between the colors of the sky or the earth,
religion and God
We must pick it up dear, we must
not the stars of the night, nor the flowers of the day,
secretly, my darling, secretly
we shall
extract this tear from the past that never left
and  didn't even start like a lightning
without death
and no answer, we shall, my  dear
begin with ”the end”, like on the big set of paramount pictures,
let's put this spiky cat on the wall
and return, free and happy, like the first people, 
carry me on your palms, darling
i”ll hold you close to my chest like an armful of dry branches
good for fire

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

Owl In Love With Ladybug

Owl in love with lady bug
Smitten beyond the moon
Adores her from afar

Day after day ventures early into trees
For a glance at his lady 
as she flits from flower to flower

Lady bug appears to be unaware
yet one day Owl feels joy and hope
as she lands on his beak