Love Poems About Koala or Koala Love Poems
by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beauty, dedication, for her, heart, remember, romantic, sad love,

Eucalyptus Longing

The rushing wonts of action render these happenings unmovable,
These feelings, passionately felt, to dull words ill and strained
She clings, my koala, with chocolate eyes pining for my green
Though each time she lets me go, she leaves me docile and pained 

Once before I claimed her; yes, she did not turn away from me
But instead gazed on how the breeze could sway my branches
I wanted my bark to secrete the sweetest tears,
So she would know how eternally I yearn for her glances

For it is she alone, who can consume and digest my poisons
It is she alone—besides the sun—who gives me reason to stand erect

by Zach Nathan |
Categories: animals, confusion, friendship, funny, uplifting,

A Painkiller For My Friend

Sunny and funny. Do they go together? Maybe. 
Zebras, as you know, do not wear z bras. Monkeys DO NOT 
love bananas. Unicorns can have 2 horns, and dagons can breath
ice. So why be sad? SO much to do, So much to be. So many people to 
cheer up. So give them a koala, for everyone loves them. 

by Autry Emanuel |
Categories: love,

Stay With Me Just a Little While

will you come to me my love 
i waited all the day long
i see your smile in my head 
i beg for your return 
for my heart does yearn
to hold you would be holding a flame upon my hands 
that burns deep into my soul 
without your love i lose control
for the reason i love you so
is in the things you are
beauty as the stars
tenderness as a koala bear
kind as my own kin 
if loving you is wrong then i will bear my sin
deep within i hold a place for you 
deep within you cast your spell 
deep within without you it is a living hell
come to me my love lighten upon me like a turtledove
carry me away with your beauty 
lead me with your smile 
stay with me just a little while

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

My Sweet Aussie Lovers

Aussies are the best Have known two, one in-person And one on-line Both with a joy of living What is their secret Is there something in the air Is it living with koala bears Maybe with kangeroos Perhaps you can tell me Coz the whole world would be A much better place To spend a lifetime with these sweeties With only love and happiness in their hearts Making the world go around! My sweet Aussie lovers.....

by Paul Warren |
Categories: nature,


Do you hear the magpies chortle
As the sun rises over the hills
Do you see a koala in a gum tree
As the wind rattles the leaves

Do you feel the sun on your neck
As the summer sun reaches high
Do you see the dust across the sky
As the dry takes hold of the red earth

Do you see the kangas and emus bound
As the cool of the evening settles the earth
Do you love this land with all your heart
As one who was blessed with Australia .

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Marissa Faries |
Categories: best friend, first love, friend, metaphor, simile, sleep,

As He Slumbers

He sleeps like a koala from seven to eleven.
While I'm here simply left waiting and wondering just when
Is the specific time that I can even speak to him again.