Love Poems About Kiwi or Kiwi Love Poems
by Nancy Jones |
Categories: love, nature, peace, time,

When Time Stands Still

Leaping in barefoot abandon
Soaring every which way from Sunday
Laughter effortlessly exhaling cool breezes.

Lounging on nature’s lush carpet
Silhouette illumined by carefree serenity 
Lapping up rays and shining them back

Licorice sticks and crackers and brie
Sweet plumpness of kiwi and mango and peach 
Licking ripe juices off contented grin

Long luscious showers in waterfall glory
Swirling delightfully playfully pure
Lingering loving caresses of freshness 

Last blush of daylight’s electrical charge
Sunset yields gracefully generously kind
Lights flicker syntax where space enfolds meaning

Lay here beside me
Savor my dream
Let my enchantment touch yours

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: holiday, life, travel,

Fly Away

Fly around the world
that would be great
start in the US of A
touch down in every state

Visit the continent of Africa
love the city of Cape Town
so much colour there to see
makes one never to frown

Travel across all of Europe
visit many great places
London, Paris, Rome to name a few
showing many different faces

Then down to lands down under
New Zealand land of Kiwi
crossing all over Australia
such vast land to fully see

There's so much more to see
but time gets in the way
maybe for another time
and on another day

by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: girl, inspiration, kiss, me, miracle, muse, poetess,

Most Beautiful Muse

you are my most beautiful muse
from the Pleistocene to a kiwi
from a storm to the heaven
from the blue age to a gnosis
from a hearing to the naked eyes
I love your pink poetry
caressed by the absolute

by Frederick Smith |
Categories: adventure, inspirational, introspection, lost love, music, blue, blue, sky,

Is That Blue Or Purple

well i starts 
in modern 
ways just 
jumping patterns 
that was stain 
orange juice 
with a kiwi
tarnish boots 
with silver chain 
blue berrys 
and grapes 
taste good 
but only one 
make me sing
in the day 
my sky is blue 
and at nite 
my sky is purple
one minute my woon 
is blue 
next it's purple

i was steam 
as i dream mean 
fell asleep 
gripping green and blue 
now i'm woke is that 
purple or blue..

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: food,

Taste Some Dragon Fruit

You will love dragon fruit they all said. Try it!
I looked at it and wondered why I would want to.
But the color of the outside was amazing, so I dug in.
Like kiwi right? Someone said with excitement.
I have never liked kiwi
I did not like dragon fruit either.
I wish I had been warned ahead of time
Like pear someone said
I have never liked pear either