Love Poems About Kitten or Kitten Love Poems
by Gabrielle Jordan |
Categories: betrayal, color, lost love, love hurts, perspective, yellow,

Sandpaper and Phantom Rainbows

When I saw him last, 
He wore grey bananas on his feet 
He had a pirate’s hat between his teeth 
Long last the man from Oliver Kitten arrived on the shores of my head 
How was he to bring such a large basket of straws and ask me to bloom a white rose 
You have been back he said with a twirl of a red gem 
Yellow kittens for my pleasure, 
Only one black dog
Keep roaring up the hill, don’t stop 
Take the bottom off the wheel
You won’t need it soon 
You are on your way down 
The pink parade will catch your fall 
Dolphins everywhere 
Even under my old brown coat

by Eve Roper |
Categories: baby,

Hush-A-Bye, Baby You Have Stolen My Heart

An infant so very small, with its little noise that never does impose. small little hands, ten perfect little fingers, small little feet, ten perfect little toes kitten softness, invites a fingers touch, a kiss on its nose. Hush-a-bye, baby, flawless pure love, princess in pink, a prince in blue it snuggles and steals mortal's and God's soul with just a coo. 7/30/2019

by Jan Allison |
Categories: cat, love,

Love At First Sight Anacreontic Verse

Abandoned by your own mother. How could she leave you to die? You were helpless, bedraggled and weak. When I saw you my heart melted… who could resist those huge blue eyes. I scooped you up and carried you home. You cried for your mum; but she was long gone. I gave you warm milk you drank thirstily; then fell asleep in my arms. I begged my mum to let you stay. From that day you stole my heart. I fell in love with my first kitten. Sponsor Ed Ebbs Contest Anacreontic Verse 1 11~07~15

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: cat, pets,

The Purest Love

At 22, her life still gave mine meaning This feral kitten born inside a barn In dark times, she was ever intervening To bring smiles, she wrestled balls of yarn When arthritis kept Katy from leaping I picked her up and knew she’d soon meet fate But still, she purred as I just sat by weeping Till one morning, I opened the floodgate I buried her beneath her favorite oak A place where she’d spent many hours preening And sure am I she never misses a stroke From Angel Gabe whose arm she must be cleaning
*August 15, 2020 For Constance’s “All Pets Go to Heaven” contest

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: angst, hurt, life, loneliness, sad love,

In Her Eyes

‘In her eyes, fathomless the pool of sadness’

There’s a sorrow she won’t let go
A melancholy in her that’s taken residence 
She welcomes it and nurtures it 
Deep down in the depths of her soul
Her heart no longer an empty shell
She welcomes its warm familiarity
Feeding it like a lost kitten
She needs it and it needs her
Soothing and divine she treasures it
She cajoles it and loves it more than life itself

AP: Honorable Mention 2022

Submitted on July 18, 2019 for contest WRITING CHALLENGE 2, JULY 2019- MELANCHOLY sponsored by DEAR HEART  -  RANKED 1ST

by Miranda Hawley |
Categories: cute,

Unassailable Purity

It's the look of anticipation in a preschoolers eyes
as he holds your hand near the playground gazing in skies.

It's the prolonged kiss when the preacher says to the couple side by side
“I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

It's the gaze of a kitten as she swats at the laser light
as she hopes for a game that is fun and bright.

It's the yard in the morning after a night of cold snow
when the sun is just high enough and the wind has stopped its blow.

But love from the Creator God is by far the most of all
the most perfect source of unassailable purity without any downfall.

by Karen Croft |
Categories: animals,


she is known to love-
her animal of choice is
a small tan kitten

by John Freeman |
Categories: allegory,

Virtuous Wreck

(double sijo) virtuous woman seasoned of life’s wisdom without schism sex kitten smitten, honey dos omitted, all lies acquitted having searched wrecked world over… found fickle love… where’s my dove? ~ like a wreck upon sands of salty seas, `Tis God hears my pleas "Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate." as hollowed hull awaits true love’s fate… a virtuous mate ========================================== Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dream weaver Contest Name In a land called fantasy

by John Posey |
Categories: pets, , cute,


PALpitations Down through the years I’ve had my share Of furry, fuzzy friends Who found the place inside my heart Where unconditional love begins. I’ve seen them born, and watched them die, As grieving tears ran from my eyes. Some I owned - and some owned me – All blessed me with their loyalty. Be it just a precious spotted pup Or cute and cuddly kitten – You’ll find that this old wordsmith’s heart - Will always be equally smitten. Written By John Posey 10/30/13

by Jack Horne |
Categories: childhood

Bye Bye, Baby

As this poem was being written,
A small boy appeared to be smitten.
He loved his baby brother,
But then he asked his mother,
‘Please can we swap him for a kitten?’

Brotherly Love
Jack Horne
24th April 2011

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: natureme, spring, me, spring,

My Favorite Things

My favorite things are part of Spring,
Each greening, borning, blooming thing.
A pansy face, a new made nest,
In spring God sends his very best.

The loveliest things that I could know
Are sent to me in springtime show.
Yellow chicklings, downy ducklings,
All new growings, all new sucklings.

Kitten and puppy, foal and calf,
How can they help but make me laugh?
In the worst of winters fury,
I think of them and have no worry.

God show his love to me in Spring. 
With things that cause my heart to sing.
Favorite things to keep me whole
Topped of with Spring to feed my soul.

by Sierra Arnold |
Categories: cat

A Kitten Named Panda

She's black with white spots.
She curls up on my chest when I lay down.
Mews and stretches
just to curl up again.
I love her so much...
She gives me a new sense of joy.
A new reason to continue.
My baby....

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angel, beauty, emotions, feelings, how i feel, woman,

Just a Woman

I ask you: is there ever a time when a woman is just a woman? She is a mother, sister, lover, giver of life, and the Queen of hearts. She’s the Yin that gives rise to the Yang, a partner and the voice of reason. And she’s often both the catalyst and the stabilizer men desire. She’s a subtle negotiator, an angel with a soul and conscience. And the weaver that bonds families tightly together with threads of love. She’s like a kitten with her children, and a tigress when protecting them. So, I ask: is there ever a time when a woman is just a woman?

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: faith, nature, god, god,

Spring Blessings

Such lovely things are part of spring, Each greening, borning, blooming thing. A pansy face, a new made nest, In spring God sends his very best. How can one see and yet not know, It's God who makes the springtime show; Yellow chicklings, downy ducklings, All new growings, all new sucklings? Kitten and puppy, foal and lamb, Each one is sent by the great I Am. In the worst of winter's fury, Spring is coming, not to worry. God shows his love to us in spring With all new things to make hearts sing. He fills our needs to keep us whole, Topped off with spring, to feed the soul. Won a 3rd in contest

by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: beauty, blue, butterfly, cat, friendship, heaven, joy,

In the Garden of Eden, I Am the Kitten


In the garden of Eden
There is no sorrow and cries
I am the pretty kitten
Playing with blue butterflies

There is no sorrow and cries
Here, Love blooms in every ground
Playing with blue butterflies
Only caress can be found

Here, Love blooms in every ground
Butterflies flutter and play
Only caress can be found
I sleep on the grass or hay

Butterflies flutter and play
My paws do not hurt any
I sleep on the grass or hay
I like to play with many

My paws do not hurt any
I am the pretty kitten
I like to play with many
In the garden of Eden


7 syllables per line

by Edwin Hofert |
Categories: child, cute love, grandchild, granddaughter, inspirational, poetry,



A little girl found a kitten.
As she walked down the street.
She took it home to her house.
To give it food to eat.

The kitten missed it's mother.
It would cry and then meow..
The little girl held it close.
To try to help somehow.

After just a little while.
Holding the kitten next to her.
She noticed that the kitten.
Would then begin to purr.

She began to realize.
The difference in the sound.
Of a kitten that is lost.
And the kitten that is found.

Edwin C Hofert

by Jasmine Cruz |
Categories: love,

My Love For You


My love for you is like a summer rose;
Always blooming, hardly dying.
My love for you is like a newborn kitten;
Cautious, yet soft and sweet.

My love for you is like a well-written book;
You can open it again and again.
My love for you is wide as the ocean and deep as the sea.
My love for you is everlasting,
Always patient, and true to thee.

(c) Jasmine Paul 11-22-2014

by Eve Roper |
Categories: anger, baby, bereavement, sad,

Anger and Tears Is All That's Left

A small heart, princess in pink, infant flawless love, 
steals and snuggles, in mortals and Gods soul.

                          Infant fragile, 
                            kitten softness.

Soft freshness babe, invites a finger's touch, a kiss.
A kiss of sleep that seeps stealing her life.
Nature's bounty drape on its pink casket.
A breath, flutter of wings, the quiet deafening.

        A heart broken, the last farewell,
        grief unbounded, when will it end.

                          Infant fragile,
                            miss its presence.


 Poetry Contest: Fragmented Verse  2. Anger 
Sponsored by: Broken Wings- Dear Heart

by Terry Hoffman |
Categories: cat,

A Kitten's Purr

A kitten snuggles on your lap
and makes that purring sound.
Into your soul pours happiness	
and love is all around.

Your heart begins to slow its beat,
to keep time with that purr.
the sounds of peace fill up your mind,
while stroking that soft fur.

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: anger, cute, day, dream, horror, morning, night,

A Dream

A dream of a sweet soft kitten,
a cuddly kitten to hold and love,
daily friendship and fun.

A dream of the morning daybreak,
bright colors now appearing,
sun coming up like the middle of a dream.

A dream that has turned into a nightmare,
gory details with terrible sights,
waking up in a cold sweat from the horror.

A dream with you started sweet,
the many phone calls,
our finally meeting each other.

A dream just like a new day,
started off wonderful,
eating and having many laughs.

A dream that turn into a nightmare,
I learned you are a lair and a thief,
you lied to my face and stole from my back.

Written Date 3/26/2020

by Chad Wood |
Categories: life, lost lovelove,


Not a single feeling felt
ever could before with me
corner like a kitten I am.
Ended love as elastic gap
stretched time wide to go
straight to end, and over.
Am on trial, feels a coma       
reduced to fever, in fear
yes I love will never say.  

Time passed to clarity in
end of my quote end quote.
Most kind tragic plot arc
planted seed inside, made
often mistakes, now knows
reality to always witness
alpha first then to omega.
Reset heart aches now for
yes but waits more to say.

(note from author:  this is an acrostic where the letters at the beginning and end of the lines both form words.  I put an homage to e. e. cummings in there who can find it?)

by Mama Bear |
Categories: animal,

Zoom Zoom

I call you kitten but you are really not that
You are a friendly full grown cat
You jump on me and knead my chest
Seems like you know I love you best

Playful and mischievous, that is you
You cheer me up when I am blue
The way you move around the house
Always searching for the elusive mouse

I see the way you treat the rest
Somehow you always pass their tests
A flick of your tail, puts them in their place
As you sit and carefully wash your face

The affection you show makes me glad
That I am your ever loving Dad

written for Larry Anstett
July 3, 2015

by Fide Erken |
Categories: lovegirl, girl, mum,

The Girl and Her Kitty

The kitty played with its tail, 
The girl watched her. 
The kitty got tired and slept, 
The girl placed a hanky on her. 

It was an embroidered one, 
Her grandma's present,
No bigger than her kitten. 

The girl was her mom's apple of the eye,
The kitty was the girl's unique one. 

One day, the kitten died, 
The girl became a grown-up. 

Her mum is a grandma now. 
The embroidered hanky has faded. 

Just love is left behind.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: cat,

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Oct. 1, 2022
For A Brian Strand Premiere Choice Poetry Contest

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, bereavement, cat, death of a friend, emotions, feelings, love hurts,

Shady Cat

After sixteen years with me my Shady Cat's life ended and I had to let him go. He had entered my life as a shy, scared little kitten rescued from a garbage bin. He found family, and I found a good friend to the end, gracing me with his presence. When I think of life's small joys, I think of family times, Christmas morn, and Shady Cat. He could not have been more loved, and I wish him well upon his spiritual journey. (Blank Verse) 9/29/2017