Love Poems About Kayak or Kayak Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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A Yearbook Pickup Line

He wrote inside my 9th grade yearbook: "I'd like to get with you inside a kayak." Today I would respond: "Your kisses were so heavenly, but you abandoned me. So it's a 'no' to me and you together in a small canoe!" Dedicated to my first kiss, Glenn, a real son-of-a-preacher man.

by Robert Trezise Jr. |
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Off To College In A Kayak

Tip of her kayak
At the tissue of Torch Lake
In its morning middle

New sun floating blurry
A half-deflated balloon
Struggling on a string above the hills

Fists of fog like marble hands
Warming themselves in the steam
From the night-chilled water

I can barely see our daughter
Out there
Like a dragonfly
On the petal of a blue flower

The ends of her pink paddles
Beating up and down
Along her sides

Testing the delicate air
Making her way to the other shore.

I put my binoculars down.

Next week she leaves for Marketing school in college.

by Debjani Mitra |
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Water falls in love

Wild and free,... pounds a torrent of water.
Turbulence hurtling hard, flows down the  cliff, 
a jagged rock journey... to a tranquil river. 

Slow soft foams... kayak a serene river,
of cool,.. calm,.. crystal clear water.
Gentle splashing sound, loudly hugs the cliff.

Dashing in roars,.. slips off bouldered cliff,
Ebbing away ego,.. plunging the heart of river.
In placid harmony of peace, glistens crashing water.

Water falls?.cascading cliffs,.,perhaps falling in love with river?

22nd February 2019
A Tritina for Messina Contest
Sponsor Charles Messina 

by Jagdish Bajantri |
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Devil kiss

           Devil kiss

 Paakado, Paakado

 It's hard to me 
 catch you when 
 Your in light


Sometimes, sona nahi Hai zindagi mai 
                       Or ek sulati nahi Hai

        Devil kiss

Dear all please forgive my error if their on writing
with love all
jagdish bajantri

by reyhan yucebay |
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In Steps of Hilo

Waves washed in wind
Sulfer swirled till cold with rain.

Flowers bloomed in ashes
where lava dance to cool.

My love grew in tides
Love of my king and queen.

Banyan holds sulfer in tides
Branches blends kayak in dreams .

Left alone as promise child
Dead call names stalk of sugar cane.