Love Poems About Jump or Jump Love Poems
by Claudia Polydoro |
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YOUR BETTER END To be To stare To contemplate To risk To dare Once and again To trust To leap A Jump of faith To fall To land No one can say To forgive To forget Or try again To breathe To love Feel whole and place The fears The doubts To rest and then To grow To become Your better end *** January 20, 2017

by Tim Smith |
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When A Heart Pounds

Cinderella dreams across yellow brick roads
Creating Prince Charming out of simple silly toads
We play hopscotch, jump rope and other little games
Trying to produce magic and a feeling quite the same
Dancing through life with rose colored eyes
Wishing and hoping love doesn't float on by
Finding the one that just makes us smile
Holding on tight, hearts entwined for awhile
Happiness comes to those who are blessed
Sharing our all when two lips are pressed
Suns set, moons rise but one thing still remains 
When fairy tales meet blood pumps in our veins
Whether young or old we seek out love to surround
There's no greater feeling when a heart in love pounds

by shaunda lindsay |
Categories: garden, happiness, imagery, nature,

Spring Is Here

spring is here 
at last at last 
wind blowing clouds 
like gossamer glass 
smells fill the air 
the flowers are calling 
bees making honey 
with love and pollen 
watching dandilions 
is a glorious affair 
while slinging their fluff 
all thru the air 
It seems I'm not 
the only one 
to jump with joy 
here comes the sun 
I hop and skip 
accross a lawn 
I twirl around 
till I have fallen 
I dance a happy 
springtime dance 
lay on the grass 
where sprinklers splash 
a sweet little inchworm 
crosses my toe 
take your time little one 
just go with the flow 
my spring my spring 
is here for now 
the sun stands up 
to take a bow

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: seasons,

Through The Year

The garden bursting with the green of spring
Each bud and  leaf have promises to keep
New life this emerging season brings

In summer the warmth soaks elbow deep
The fish jump high and living is sweet
 Full of summer love we drift  to sleep

Now fall colors go dancing round our feet
Days of harvest before we watch geese fly
With some regret the waning days we greet

Winter arrives, with frosty breath it sighs
Thoughts turn inward, days pass one by one
WE hear music of the north wind's lonesome cry

Then at last another year is closed and done
and we greet the rise of a springtime sun

by Paul Callus |
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Joy (Pleiades)    

Jettison leaden thoughts
Juxtapose light and dark
Join me in spreading the
Jovial mood of love
Jump with pure elation
Jocund spirits outwit
Jealousy, hate and fear.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -				
Contest: Pleiades 'J'
Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Placed 2nd
© 4th March 2017

by Sarah Comstock |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, uplifting, space,

The Mission Statement

I only want a heart that is free.
To be content with life and me.
I want the space and room to grow.
To reap the harvest of seeds I sow.
To live, work, and take care of mine.
And at the end of the day, bask in the sunshine.
To put forth my hand in an endeavor.
To fearlessly move into forever.
To not be held back by hesitation or fear.
To chase down more than just what is here.
To get up and taste what I am made of.
To jump in both feet, into life, happiness, and love.
To build my dreams with my own hand.
And to have the freedom to do and be, as much as I can,
For as long as time and space will allow me.

Sarah Comstock

by Tim Smith |
Categories: fear, friend,

Inward Thoughts On A Troubled Day

Light dances with the idea of love 
the sharks circle at mere plight 
of weakness but you cant kick out
a ballerina tiptoeing across rivers
red flowing with contemplation
and the final twin feather bed calling

Tomorrow's successes seduce
the captain's chair  empty
he's gone out for air
backed up pickup but the limbs won't move
just need another reason for loving you

The walls are built by more than just an emperor
The chains are laced in verse of discrimination
but I'm building a bridge to you
just don't jump and leave us to clean up behind
and as the **** crows it's going to be alright

by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, hope, love,

Beauty, Before Me

"Stay with me through the darkness 
  until we find another sunny day."

Dodge through the rain drops falling fast
jump puddles not worrying about getting wet
take my hand and my heart, come hold me close
embrace my imperfections and this life we have chose

Slip-slide down this path of resistance with me
being my rock  when tiny pebbles roll free
help find my sun hiding when all seems lost
don't let me go under without one last gasp

Of the beauty, before me, that surrounds
cherished in precious seas of love found
golden flowers sway gentle in the breeze
carrying off splendor for us to forever see 

by R. e. taylor |
Categories: on writing and words,

An Illusion Of Words

An Illusion Of Words

A girl
No way to know her age
Her looks are years younger than her
Her mind smarter that her age
Her beauty is timeless among the ages
She sits and writes day after day
Places words in just the right place
She laughs at her ideas
She cries at how her writings play out
She is alone among a multitude of friends
Her thoughts jump between life and death
Love and hate
War and peace
No one knows how her mind works
It is only a guess to tell how she feels
She doesn’t want anyone to know her
She is a ghost walking among the living
A spirit that can only be held in the mind
And that is how she will stay
Just an illusion of words

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: appreciation, childhood, nostalgia, patriotic,

To the Sand Dunes

To the Sand Dunes
With the moon as competition,
A sack full of sky rockets,
We kids will bring fruition.

Firecrackers and dirt devils,
Sparklers and flares,
Sand in our shoes,
Sand in our hair.

Swinging a sky rocket,
We just felt grown up,
And if we got the colored kind,
We’d squeal and jump and jump.

Didn’t know much about
Independence and freedom then,
Just what we learned in school
And flags flying in the wind.

On the rolling sand dunes
In another far away land,
Our loved ones shot real fireworks,
Where there was no marching band.

I love them for it forever
And I always will,
But my 4th of July memories
Are on the tops of those sandy hills.

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: peace, philosophy,


Is created by us......... but we forget this and fuss. Our noses in our neighbors, worse another nations' business. We forget love and compassion, how unique, we are. Ah, striving to be number one, to be the outstanding star! How easily humanity falls off track. Don't you get that you are perfect and that's just that? Some days are up, some are down. Unless you have zero integrity, then you prance about like a clown. Get you are great, your mind will say NO. Just jump into the canoe of life and go. The Mandala of your day, created in beauty and kindness. It's your umbrella of conscious mindfulness                 12/7/2020

by C. A. Burkett |
Categories: love, rainbow, relationship, true love,

If I Could Jump In A Rainbow

If I could jump in a rainbow
And soak up the rays
It still wouldn’t compare
To the love of my Babe
He showers me with sentiments 
He explains how he feels
He gives us a future
And makes fantasy become real
I can’t quite remember my life before him
And he thinks the same
We are brainwave twins
My life has no past
It seems I’ve forgotten
Like it was molded or rotten
With my baby it’s all new
Life started the day
I met my true best friend
Confidant and lover for always 

Categories: blessing, christian,


Up and down,left or right,here and there,you are the only God who gives me this and that,help me pass under and over,between and amongst, assists me to jump and slide through obstacles, swim through temptations and roll down gigantic rocks.
Dear Lord I have tasted bitter and sour but your love is the sweetest.
Your blood quenches my thirst and your body satisfies me.
I guess choosing you is better than A,B,C or D and the best than the twelve subjects.Your touch is the best sensation ever felt in my nerves.

by Debbie Budnick |
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Achieve the Climb

pumping red rivers
traveling through tiny tunnels
of life ticking away

slowly stirring
yielding a promise known but unseen
many hope to survive to see
yet scared to know
the truth it holds

bending, stretching
hold out your hand
open your heart
believe in the future of your soul

overcome, jump those hurdles
reach out, grab but don't let go
of your love for God and Jesus
of your love for every little thing
meant to be

step aside for avalanches
then continue to climb
to achieve your soul's purpose

live the life
meant to be real -
a life lived with love and kindness
a life with God and Jesus

by Marius Alexandru |
Categories: 3rd grade, cute love, kid,

What is Love, in the eyes of six years old child

A kiss from my mom each night on my forehead,
A smile and a hug when I fall, from my dad,
Forgiveness from my brother when I play with his toy-car,
or from my sister when I eat the last candy from the jar,
A lick on my cheeks from Max, my new dog,
Miss Piggy, together with Kermit The Frog.

The hands of my grandfather throwing me up high,
The grandmother's pear compote or her sweet apple pie.
Lucas, my neighbor when he brings me his cat
Olivia, my cousin, letting me borrow her beautiful red hat.
The rain when we jump, just for fun, in the mud,
A soft blow on my scars, bandages for blood.

by Miranda Barrier |
Categories: angel, christian, depression, forgiveness, heartbreak,

Fallen Angel

With her fall from grace
She stands all alone in this place
With ebony tears falling down her face

With lighting streaking across the sky
She hangs her head to cry
Broken and alone she wonders 'Why do I try'

No one cares if I live or die
Maybe tonight is the night I die.

Closer to the rivers edge
Her soul teeters on the ledge

No will to live
with nothing more to give

She closes her eyes
and takes a deep sigh

But as she's ready to take the jump
The wind blows and she feels a slight bump

It's a crimson red rose
As she picks it up, she realizes the future it holds

A fallen angel she may be
But Gods love will always be!

by Watisungla Ao |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, beauty, celebration, childhood, christmas, good friday,


I love the fall’s snow white
Fancy some flakes in my dwellings
Flung the door open wide
Run to pick them with my siblings

The Good Friday is best
To wait and watch the hailstones fall
Some years is all a waste
Some lucky years, we get it all

Santa rules my place well
The snowman is out of picture
Gifts on my window sill
Old Santa bored in my nature

The white flakes are tempting
Saved a pair of black round buttons
For my great snow making
Mould them like two balls of cotton

Higher and lifted high
I will run and jump up with joy
Snowman gives me a sight
I will sing, laugh, dance and enjoy


by A.O. Taner |
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Chairs lined with stripes, 
green and white,
became ski jump ramps
for feelings, innocent and pure,
taking off from the edge
hoping to defy the gravity of fears. 

Only a lucky few made it,
others turned into tears
landing on the grass of Green Park
as the warm air was getting dark.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: humor,

The Graduate

You've graduated with honors, you're over the hump,
with not many hoops left through which to jump.

You've left behind all that you hold dear
and stepped forward blind, but never fear.

We've set no traps for you to fall into.
We're harmless, benign, kindhearted and true.

We like your style, we love your quick wit,
but we're keeping track, we freely admit.

We're writing it all down for a future roast
and if ever we share, your name'll be toast.

But we promise you not to draw blood,
just want you to know, your name'll be mud.

by Michael Wegman |
Categories: betrayal, lost love, love, nature, romance, sad love,

Romantic Coma

Life has cruel ways of muting emotions Over time in how we treat each other Manifest and shameful self promotion At the expense of loved one’s own druthers Forgetting the passion igniting fire With the excuse we’re busy and stressed Denies quite natural human desire Honesty and fidelity to test Love backs up our romantic interest Keeping us engaged emotionally Denying love creates awkward distance Lonely nights and lonely days equally Prioritize now and do not delay For we are never given tomorrow Promote passion today, too busy at bay Jump start romance and save yourself sorrow

by Kevin Moran |
Categories: faith, god, hope, jesus, love, me,

God Makes Me Dance

God makes me dance;
Stand up and raise my hands!
Jump around His perfect lands;
God makes me dance!

by Cameron Hartley |
Categories: funny love, love, pride,

The Pond Called Love: A Sort of Short Satire

Some people do not fall in love
They jump, headfirst, heedlessly
With little thought of where they'll land

Others dip in a toe and then
Either slide in cautiously or
Retreat with great haste, in contempt

Still others trip, most gracelessly 
With much unseemly splashing
And left quite without their pride

Often, its some combination
Of the three above here listed

by Sonny Kanyinji |
Categories: feelings, flower, loss, love, love hurts,


In the morning, I awake with a thought,
A thought about a rose I never got.

Its beauty, oh do I reminisce about.
And the thought ever grows like roots sprout.

Even in the embrace of my flower, do I miss it.

I’ve tried brushing the thought out my heart and mind,
But upon site of it, my heart rushes as do the wind.

From its memories have I failed to conceal,
I know, forever haunting me, this thought will.

Upon thought, my feelings fail to jump bail.
I got no option but to put these feelings to veil.

by J.W. Earnings |
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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

by Lycia Harding |
Categories: analogy, cool, death, deep, love, passion, water,

Only I Swim


She is a dark river only I swim...

Where others find desert they can never cross,
I drink her cool water as I jump in

While they suffer sand,
I sleep upon moss...


August 17, 2015