Love Poems About Impala or Impala Love Poems
by Michael Coy |
Categories: satire,

Love Hertz

Remember all those tea ads with the chimps on?
We’ll prostitute the Prague of Gustav Mahler
and desecrate the divas of La Scala.
Would Bart betray begettor Homer Simpson
(he’s not so much a whoreson as a pimp-son)
to get himself a Chevrolet Impala?
You bet he would.  This is the Grab-It Gala.
The cripple pawns the plaster that he limps on.

In Pasadena, Pimlico and Perth,
the only thing we´ll go without is girth.
Where JP Morgan’s played by Colin Firth,
we airbrush self-awareness, muffle mirth,
and drown in plenty, blink at moral dearth.
We're always prizing price-tag, never worth.

by Jaquay Atkins |
Categories: absence, abuse, age, dark, image,


Poached over within my chair crying tears of vulnerability 
Mind racing while my thoughts refuse to form
So beautiful she was,
Solid individual disappeard like mist in the mist of hardship
Faith in her character was rewritten 
Good music plays throughout the room of a empty house 
Feeling as low as an impala below sea level 
Drowning for days in a pool of anguish 
Was blind to the truth but was rocked abruptly 
Eyes wide open ,but not in time 
Echoes of "I love you " play thoroughly in my head 
Turn the station, I don't like this song anymore ...

by Stephanie Whitley |
Categories: loveme, me,

Love Is You

That fresh taste of mint,
That reminds me of you.
That gray on a passing Impala,
That reminds me of you.
That song "Love" by Musiq Soulchild,
That reminds me of you.
That little boy laughter,
That reminds me of you.
Those two spots in the Meijer parking lot,
Those remind me of you.
Those two apartments where I work,
Those remind me of you.
I Am Legend,
That reminds me of you.
Ruby Tuesday,
That reminds me of you.

Is you.

Dedicated to a very good friend of mine. Love wasn't the result, but our friendship is worth it 

by Vickey Rhymer |
Categories: 1st grade, cat,

Picture This

61 Chevy Impala  S S 
Black sleek loaded with chrome

Parked at quick shop that morning
Not far from my home

The only extraneous decor than
that described above

A bumper sticker of Sylvester the 
Cat sending everyone his love

It really popped with his
bright red nose saw it and had to laugh

Block lettered in the blackest type
reading thusly....  Kith My Ath