Love Poems About Idyll (Idyl) or Idyll (Idyl) Love Poems
by Leo Larry Amadore |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love, moon, nature, romance, sea,

Sea Idyll

In a world of conflict and scheming,
may I never awaken from dreaming
of someday being able to float
out -- out in my own little boat --
out on a moon-lit bay
where tropical waters play
and a cooling breeze drifts by.
The salt sea air would be bracing --
would set my weary heart racing --
there on that moon-bright bay.
Only gulls overhead, as they fly, and I,
would hear, from the sandy shore,
the palms as they rustle.  I sigh --
oh -- I never would ask for more
than to float on the nurturing sea --
only you, and the moon, there with me.

by Rosalie Risley |
Categories: introspection, love, nature, visionary,


I dream of a day
when there is total blending.
Like sombiant in host.
the self extension that is self.
Total penetration in each other.
The discussion of eyes,
the echo of embrace.
My time wants in your love,
like brook surrounds stone
like breeze shivers tree.

by Charles Mwalimu |
Categories: love,

We Found Love

Every time we fight,
fight over nothing,
I realize how hard
it is to live
without you,

Every time I look at
your photo,
And remember your
Your touch,
Your breathing
Love burns in my
Lighting the embers
in my soul
No one baby, no one
can put off this
No one baby, no one
can quench the
thirst I have,
For your love,

We find love in
every argument,
In every second we
look at each other,
We found love, that
sweet day in the
A love that lives

by Catherine Trout |
Categories: flower, love,

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

My favorite flower, I'm sure we all must have one       Grows wild in fields beneath the sun   Symbolizes innocence and youth     Colors of white and yellow shining truth      Many an hour I would bear    Making chains around my neck I would wear        The nicest place on the side of a hill      Water below the quaking of ducks I hear them still          Lying back with my friends getting lazy       Amongst my favorite flower the daisy.

by Ryan Jackson |
Categories: love

Love Thought

My eternal love is with you,
never shall it die, 
weaken, nor be faded by life's unkind gratitude.

Wherever your body and mind takes your beauty,
my arms will protect you,

keep you warm.

I'll give my soul,
and heart for you  to keep,
if you should return it,
it'll always be warmth from your touch,
Until my last beat...

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: hero, memorial, memory,


On this landmark an image stands...
  statue of a man.
Man of honor and talent,
  admiration of any man.
Born with great love for country
Died with one heart of chivalry.

Studied in different schools,
  aced all subjects in drools.
A man gifted with excellence.
Shared great works in pickets,
Cured many patients without wickets.

A man of great stature,
No man may be able to equalize.
A man of great sorrow,
Sacrificed himself for tomorrow.
Fellowmen freed to visualize.

So much more can be said
About a man of enviable skills
Young and old have all laid
Heroism of a small man...
Bigger, higher than hills.

by Daniel Port |
Categories: romance,


We rest together by the sea
In a bower filled meadow on high,
And he shares musings intimately
While a magical breeze teems nearby
sliding through words through breath’s air
That enters my songs ,a beat that glides
As hearts lay bare on moon’s prayer,
For silence knows what love implies.

by Michael Grugan |
Categories: death, happiness, lost love,

Believe Not Tomorrow

Believe not tomorrow, the Dawn's fragrant lies,
Nor Love's fickle promise which heavenward flies
On gilded wings soon fallen to death
As songs which hearts sung gasp piteous breath.

O, sweetest poems my ear did assail
From lutes plied by angels 'pon shimmering vale
Which nebulous, floated nowhere save in Dream,
As my soul kisses gallows in wretched scream/

Now I walk midst the graves and envy the peace
Of slumber well-gained, and long for release
From the heart's empty exile, long laden with chains,
To sleep! Repose! beneath midnight rains...

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: adventure, cute love,

Ment To Be

our love is real
its the lord s deal
we have same appeal
love same meals
this love  is from above
you see it

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: religionson, god, earth, god, son,

The Son of God

The Son of God.

Are you the Son of God?
Do you wish to be?
To make heaven on earth.
For all to see.

Were you born to be.
The Son of God for eternity?
Do you live a sinless life?
Free from ties and strife.

Do you love all men?
Free from hate or greed.
Self sufficient and alone.
God is looking for the perfect one.
To be his Son.

When found with a mighty roar.
Great changes will occur.
Time and space will end.
Man will be as one.
For ever more.

A human link to God there will be.
Related, loved and close to He.
Rejoicing will fill the earth and sky.
Heaven on earth for you and I.

by Lakiesha Edwards |
Categories: beautiful,


You’re Beautiful 

You are truly beautiful, and your skin shows no flaws;
when you walk into a room it's filled with smiles and awws.....
showing you love would be my best quality yet;
and loving you forever would be no problem I can bet....
your truly beautiful, believe me you shouldn't ever have doubt;
I can see the GOD in you & you're beautiful inside and out....
Just believe your beautiful and that there will be better day's;
always know your beautiful, no matter what this cruel world say's.....

by John Allen |
Categories: lost love


And she stared at the nothings that fell at her feet
frozen in the still wind as a silent image of an angel
She held the beauty of the world
She clutched eternity in her stare
Was she all alone as she stood there upon the top of the stair
of where stars frowned down in earnest reproach of such a lovely sight
She wrapped the blanket of heavens around her frame
She stared and all I could was sigh
This is what it was like to face a love, to be removed, and then to die

by Perry Mcdaid |
Categories: allusion, assonance, feelings, hurt, loneliness, love, metaphor,


Within the simple heartbeat prowls a spell
Which hunts a tender cage in which to dwell
To resonate its richness: share its thrall
And claw dank loneliness from chosen voids.

It is a predator, and rest assured
Creature for which we pine is just as fell
As any carnivore of which they tell: 
For mercy not in repertoire at all.

It strikes in seedy club and idyll dell
And tears internal organs, hope smoke-cured,
From bloody carcases as once it buoyed
Such viscera on optimistic swell.

It’s not that beast will drag all hearts to hell;
It merely rings for “self” that last death knell.

by Kingsley Awoh |
Categories: lost love,


Friends we are before the the aparty sets in
Our souls knitted and knotted  with dreams
Sharing whiskey and wits in the winds of life
Chattering doubts, and charring chagrin
Today, as foes we fool ourselves because of her
Pulling the triggers of revenge on each others minds
Does she really worth it?
Yester night, i saw her in the pool of lust with another man
Here we are contesting over imaginary love.

awoh awoh

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: nature,

Immortal Tethers Rein

superfluous drizzle
this tranquil cottage scene

April’s meadowlark sigh
sweetly symphonic slopes
green glistened gradient

hillside reeds rejoice flat
rejuvenation blessed
by philanthropic sun

illustrious wisdom
showers ivory slates
of winter remembrance

villagers swim downstream
lips kiss glimmered ripples
madly in love with reflections

how quickly forgotten
all quickly forgiven
natural mortality rates

the river wisely runs
babbles off mortified
naturally misanthropic

immortal tethers rein
superfluous drizzle


by Jesse Jones |
Categories: imagination, introspection, life, love, mystery, nature,

How Glorious the Sunset!

One night the sunset rolled down soft and slow behind the hills afar,
and I sat rocking back and forth with rhythm in the trees as headlights drove away,
and turned my gaze from sky above where Venus and her brightest friends came 
out to play,
to tracing helter-skelter paths of tiny crimson ants criss-crossing broken bricks 
below my feet like scars,
and I thought of all the moments in my life that led me here, and how the ocean 
spreads across the world to touch the shore,
and how the mother keeps her child so close and does adore, and I thought of 
you, of but a girl, but whom I hold so dear

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: hope, love, me, me,

Let Me

Give me your hand.
When you pass this way.
Let me protect you.
Every day.
Now and forever after.

Let me take the pain away.
Fill you full of laughter.
Make you, happy and gay.
Now and forever after.

Give me your heart.
When you look this way.
Let me feel it pounding.
Beating a song of love.
Now and forever after.

Let me kiss you.
To seal our vows.
To remember.
The feeling you engender.
Now and forever after.

Let me satisfy your every need.
Provide, in every way.
Give you all you say.
Now and forever after.


by Patryk Jonca |
Categories: beautiful, crush, dedication, environment, leaving, loss, love,

Wasted Words

The first few, fall into the deepest well and make the biggest splash
The next ones fill the well prominently providing a bountiful of water to quench the thirst
These ones are not needed, the well is overflowing, yet more of them to come
There is less and less, there seems to be a sort of void
The well is emptying by the day, only enough to fill a bucket
The words dropped like coins for luck, yet have the opposite effect
No more to be said, the well contains no more than a puddle
But there is one hope left which originates from the clouds
Let's wait for them, to create the beautiful sounds.

by Adell Foster |
Categories: art, dedication, devotion, happiness, inspirational, introspection, life, love, passion, seasons, timelonging,

We Breathe

Spring‘s gone,
Summer days,
Autumns hues of crimson and gold, will soon replace.
Silently, I gaze from secret place 

Consumed by memories
Of happiness shared of you and me,
Snowy days spent by the fire 

Entangled souls seemingly 
We beat the odds with evenness

In this present moment, a longing touch rises within
Where giddy hearts still afire
Passionately so…

In an instant,
It begins to rain within, 
I sigh, you sigh -- We

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: love, romance, romantic, true love, winter,

Winter Idyll

On the first day of 
winter we were covered in
bisque mist and fondness.

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: love,

My Love2

You are my hearts delight.
You are, a star.
A radiant light.
Shining at night.
I love you, for what you are.
Though, I am afar.

You make my day rejoice.
Close to you, my only choice.
I   never leave your side.
Near to you,  abide.


by Norman Purvis |
Categories: happiness, love, song, song,

Top of the World

There's a song in my heart.
And it's singing.
There's a poem inside my head.
That is ringing.
Saying, what I'm feeling.

My life, I am enjoying.
No pain destroying.
On top of the world.
My flag unfurled.
This song they are playing.

I am in the mood for love.
Like a light from above.
Shining on you.
The only one.
Come to me, 
If you only could.

In the meantime.
I think of you.
Live my life, alone and true.
Someday, maybe we will be as one.
You and I, together.
Loving one another.
For ever and anon.


by Norman Purvis |
Categories: love, passion

I Wonder

I wonder.

When you look at the moon.
Do you see me?
Floating past your room.
Bright eyed and free.

I wonder.
When you look up to the sky.
And you smile, is it the sun. 
That lights up your eye?

I wonder.
Do you feel this?
When I touch your face.
Gentle as an Angels kiss.
Smooth as satin and lace.

I wonder.
When  you look me  in the eye.
Can you see how much I love you?
My Darling do not cry.

I wonder.
We are so far apart.
Can you hear, 
The beating of my heart?

I wonder.
Not any more.
For it is you that I adore.

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: love, passion, wife, me,

My Love

I saw a girl today.
Who took my breath away.
She was walking down the street.
When. By chance, our eyes did meet.
She saw me riveted to the spot.
Admiring and looking with all I got.
She returned the look with a smile.
Without guile.
Not a word was said.
My tongue was dead.
Such beauty I have never seen.
She was like a dream.

I met her walking down  the street.
I said "Good evening" nice to meet.
She answered with a smile.
That made me tremble for a while.
"Hello"  so I kissed her hand.
I loved her, from that moment on.
We could not do wrong.

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: love,

Elixir of Love Formula

Two ingredients
Mixed and blended both as a
The wondrous compound
Mainly known as trust and care
To a wonderful idyll