Love Poems About Ibis or Ibis Love Poems
by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: romance,

Loving Into Eternity

Written in 
the stars 
light years away 
beyond space 
hunting eternity 
an endless ibis 
within such 
a great vastness 

One bond 
deeper than 
flesh and bones 
floating where 
humans eyes 
have not seen 
her shawl stretches 
as echoes carry 
across oceans 

Blood of devotion 
flies with emotions 
in the spirit 
of feelings 
without wings 

Distance is not 
a barrier 
forever our love 
will live eternally 
into the heaven's 
of our dreams

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: dark,

Thrown In Hell

reaper of darkness
begins drinking 
from rivers
draining light
visiting shadows
tossing and turning
into the night

endless roaring
held inside sleepless 
hidden from sight
shivers deeply
claws in cold steel
ripping and tearing
burning hell
emotions beginning
battling feeling fight

glowing eyes
in angers jewels
born out of 
the depths
rising from 
a hellish pit
baptized in fire

casting  the soul
into a deep dark hole
an ibis in madness
surrendering emotion
burning feelings cried
under pain 
of loss

weeping heart within
was the trophy
devouring pain
aching eating into
this soul
sold down 
a river
love in
you died

by Anil Deo |
Categories: adventure, children, creation, environment, family, freedom, friendship,

For Every Beauty, Each Loving Action

For every scene: washing waterfall
For any gift for my children, phonecall
For every travel you made possible
I feel so grateful, hopeful, O Eternal

For even in pollution, this unknown lake
Is a source of beauty: ibis, coot, drake
For ducks, too, and unknown cataracts
I celebrate Creator's provision, love-acts