Love Poems About Hummingbird or Hummingbird Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
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Peace of Heart - Potd

Times when I felt my life is spent.
Should I yearn for happiness?
I feel I am like a towel
That absorbed too much.
Has it been washed
Far too many times?
Or like a colourful hummingbird
that lost its joyous tune
And can only grumble
At injustice and senile shame?
Behind the dark clouds of everyday
The sun shines bright and clear,
Emitting golden beams,
Enriching the deep galaxy,
Around it circle myriads
Of gaseous nebulas 
And gorgeous stars.
And as I contemplate this greatness
I know I'm not alone,
I smile a little hopefully
And feel peace in my heart.

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: dedication, deep, devotion, growth, heart, heartbreak, sad love,

I Wish

I wish, for a moment—I could vanish,
like a dream dreamt not to last,
so that ones that dream of me
would falter and wonder
where has she gone?

I wish, that I was a hummingbird 
buzzing in and out of sight,
that only observant eyes
and special hearts
can fly with

I wish I was the color
of your favorite thought,
waning and growing 
with swelling light
bent on a candid smile 

How I wish—and ever more,
that I could be just as I am
and take that little bit of sand
of what we seem to be,
and turn it into something vast—
something true, and welcome

by David Brown |
Categories: bird, imagery, love, metaphor, sexy,

To Be Your Hummingbird

Oh, to be a hummingbird,
hovering near your flower
to float above your petals
for hour, upon hour

To taste your wondrous nectar
as I feel the morning dew,
to drink in all the mysteries,
the mysteries of you

by Constance La France |
Categories: muse, nature,

Hummingbird Muse

I went to my dreamy dream to find my poetic muse, and he appeared in the form of a glittering hummingbird; with brilliant iridescent metallic green plumage and, he sang me a love song warbling with sugar nectar dripping; and he beat his tiny wings and hovering kissed my lips. ______________________________________ April 19, 2019 Poetry/Verse/Hummingbird Muse Copyright Protected, ID 19-1135-984-02 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym. Submitted to the April 2019, Premiere 7, Contest sponsor, Brian Strand First Place

by Jill Martin |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, life, loss, love, autumn,

Awakening ...

Reaching hands
fingertips touching

Pull me down
to golden depths of you
where quiet awaits in breathless peaceful.
Wrap your broken mind around my
grateful soul
and hear the healing songs of 
God’s spirit ....
     hummingbird wings as they kiss your cheek
     spring breezes through autumn pines
      incoming tide in twilight sleep
      winter’s first snowfall ~

open your eyes
remember mine
    take my hand ...

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: devotion, life, love, sea,

Sea of Life - Revised

As the moon bled into the night,
The waves danced with the lilting wind,
He stood there remembering her, how their souls merged 
Like the sand and the sea, 
She was the flower, he, her perfume, 
She was the sea nymph, he, her song,
She was the breeze, he, her direction,
She was the polestar, he, her night sky,
She, the butterfly, he, her wings, 
She, the hummingbird, he, her nectar,
She was the silence, he, her voice,
She was the poem, he, her words,
Together they blended well, 
Leaving footprints in the sea of life.

Originally written on 04.09.2021 as Anacreontic verse, 
revised on 04.30.2021 to Free Verse

by Terry Ledwell |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, husband, love, passion, wife,

Matter of Time

Baby I know you miss
The way I kiss you head to toe
Caressing you and pressing you
So close so you would know
That if there came a moment
You and I would be apart
We’ll feel that same connection
Through the beating of our hearts
Like a hummingbird in autumn
Hovering on satin wings
We dance in life’s sweet nectar
And rejoice in all it brings
Because what we share is special 
And will stand the test of time
A pact we made together
That will last until we die
So if you start to falter
Find your strength in these few lines
Because the shortest distance between us
Is really just a matter of time….

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: butterfly, garden,

Snag a Tango Hummingbird Mint Bush

Beautiful bush called tango hummingbird mint
Glows a fiery blue with oranges in a glint,
Hummingbirds, honey bees, butterflies too,
Love this plant with the orange and the blue.

I have been trying to buy these bushes for a while.
I am always polite and use my best smile.
I call them on the phone and give them my credit card,
Always out-of-stock, as these are amazing out in the yard.

I have come to a conclusion; there is only one way.
I have thought of it for a year, six months, and a day.
The only way to snag a tango hummingbird mint
Is to find a start off a neighbor, and not a skinflint.

by Tanya Harrington |
Categories: animals, love, nature,

Hummingbird Love

Whirling, twirling lovers fly
Falling through the tree tops high.
Taking hold with all their might
Swirling love, alive in flight.
Floating down upon the breeze
Spinning round like maple seeds.
Holding tight, not letting go
Nearly touching down below,
Pulling free, then giving chase
Longing for another taste.
Calling out their sweethearts tune
Hoping for another boon.
Pairing up, one more time,
Sipping nectar so divine!

Tanya Harrington
For: Good Enough Contest

by William Robinson |
Categories: inspirational, summer, summer,

God's Paintbrush

Have you seen the sky on fire,
Just before the sun is up?
Seen a hummingbird sip nectar
From a morning glory cup?
Have you seen the world reflected
In a crystal drop of dew?
Seen the sunshine paint a rainbow,
When a summer storm is through?
Have you seen the color spectrum
In the ripples of a stream?
Seen the full moon's mellow magic
Cast a summer evening's dream?
Have you seen an eagle soaring?
Seen the gentle mourning dove?
Then you've seen God paint a picture,
With the paintbrush of His love.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: bird, love,

Sweet Nectar

Hummingbird drinking
Heady juice from blossom’s heart
Sweetly falls in love

©2014 by Regina Riddle

by Theresa Cw |
Categories: appreciation, best friend, blessing, love,

My Beloved Heart

My Beloved Heart

My beloved heart
waits for your loving smiles on
our fragrant green lawn

Our love is so strong
We've been blessed with trust of
heavenly warm arms.

Written: Aug. 25, 2015
Theresa M Hummingbird

by Ankit Dedha |
Categories: cute love, flower, for her, friendship, happy, imagination, love,

--Love Storm--

My hummingbird found me
A cactus i used to be
Instead she wrapped around me
she kissed my deep buried heart
Rose petals surround me
All around me 
All around me 
I am a dancing flower now
Dancing On the beats 
Of her cute fluttering sound...

by Pandita Sietesantos |
Categories: first love, i love you, romantic love,

When I Met You

When I Met You
My beloved, heaven gifted your heart to me in the silence of a golden sunrise, divinely cradled on ripples of clouds and pillowed on a bed of blue bells, dripping with the kisses of a new day. When I saw you, my heart fluttered like a menagerie of a thousand doves, silver wings quivering on the palette of a vermillion splashed sunset. Like a hungry hummingbird, I craved to sip sweet nectar from your lips and to live on the essence of your love.
06-22-2018 Contest: Seven Lines of Romantic Heaven Sponsor: Silent One Placement: 1st

by Jan Allison |
Categories: beauty, bird,

A Wee Hummingbird




Three Word Acrostics Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Bobby May

I would love to see a hummingbird for real one day!


by Theresa Stephens |
Categories: bird, garden, imagery,

Hummingbird - Quatern

Hummingbird sips the nectar sweet
honeysuckle rose in the heat
Orange blossoms fragrance the air
Multitudinous, no compare

As green vines curl around love seat
Hummingbird sips the nectar sweet
Overhead dazzle of bright sunshine
Dappling the shadowed cypress pine

As starlings, from flight, rest awhile
Settling over each clay roof tile
Hummingbird sips the nectar sweet
Making summer day so complete

A sudden breeze takes up it's form
Startled the birds fly up and swarm
Oblivious to frantic tweet
Hummingbird sips the nectar sweet


by Gale Greenwood |
Categories: computer-internet, flower, god, happiness, native american, nature, life,


Sweet little hummingbird so small so slight
I do so love to watch you when you appear.
To hear your wings humming as you fly
it fills me with joy to watch you buzz around.
From flower to flower, you travel on wind currents
drinking floral nectar so you can fly forever after.
Pollen you spread giving back to the life where you fed.
Oh sweet hummingbird is it loving life where you are led?

by Tim Smith |
Categories: sad, song, sun,

A Choir of One

Sun drips her smile off my cheek
interrupting moments weak
a hummingbird hovers 
outside the pane
of my half-opened window
trying to capture the drops
of sugar falling off my lips
but no one wants to hear a choir of one
even if filled with love

notes sour
in an empty breeze
no apparent harmony

salt seeks her home
recover what's seen
backdrop to discovery

Stolen dreams drift off without me
watched under the heat of day
burnt into oblivion
under two-bit glass
cutting at the heart of tomorrow
I sing a pretty song
as the sun silently disappears
Votre amour est tenu dans ces yeux

by Rick Parise |
Categories: life, nature,


Thy swifts of season

a beauty evanescent...

sweet succulent love

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: absence, allusion,

A Choir of One

Sun drips her smile off my cheek interrupting moments weak a hummingbird hovers outside the pane of my half-opened window trying to capture the drops of sugar falling off my lips but no one wants to hear a choir of one even if filled with love notes sour in an empty breeze no apparent harmony salt seeks her home recover what's seen backdrop to discovery Stolen dreams drift off without me watched under the heat of day burnt into oblivion under two-bit glass cutting at the heart of tomorrow I sing a pretty song as the sun silently disappears Votre amour est tenu dans ces yeux

by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: art, beauty, feelings, heart, love, poetry, silence,

Your Quiet Adoration I Quite Understand

Your Quiet Adoration I Quite Understand

I got a message from you today
As a hummingbird set his spirit on my bay
I lent a lured heart to his sweet tweet
“read the tune and your soul feed”..
Pure magic music is pouring
As I started your message reading
No silhouettes of words could I see
But of admiration and veneration, a sea
Slipped into  a deep peaceful trance
Your quiet adoration I quite understand.

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,


Swept into the night Selene..
Glistening beads her fragrance
Soft silk sensations warm breast
Sliding kissing soapy, showers; scentful
Dreams collapsing unto that the waiting
Perfumed tiles while the world disappears
The moon melting a hummingbird hovering 
Above their windows sill where she cries
Everything is right, pure; into the bedroom
They go and love as she, turns down the lights.

by Susan Simpkins |
Categories: faith, god, god, love,

Echoes of the Heart

Echoes of the heart
Echoes of the heart is a feeling you hear inside,
To listen to your soul,that is your guide.
A echoe deep within,of love and grace,
To see a moment of a smile on a child's face.
A echoe is the inner voice that shows you the way,
To love,care in that very special day.
Like a hummingbird that buzzes by,very fast,
A echoe of  sound that last and last.
A dream is an echo that is a thought of the mind,
To make a wish,that is about to shine.
A echoe is a feeling of God loving you in your great big heart,
A beautiful painting that is the greatest art.
So if you hear that echo,and wonder what it could be,
It's the echo of God ,that he really does love me.

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love, passion,

The Hummingbird's Orchid

The tantalizing bloom, her beauty rare,
That tempts the hummingbird to stop and stare,
With glist’ning desire upon her lips blush,
To bring a shady red in wanton flush.
Like hungered hearts the two at last combine,
In this, the place, that love and lust entwine.
Dark promises of more to come and yet
For now in pleasure their needs are met.
Oh sweet, the pink orchid that teases me,
Her hummingbird to set her passion free.

Form: Sonnetina Due

by Sadashivan Nair |
Categories: change, emotions, hope, senses, sensual, truth,

Be Attractive To Attract, Its a Story In Each Ones Life

Be attractive to attract,
It's a story in each one's life;
Floret's bud carry sugary juice,
Bees romanticise sitting on it;
Fluttering wings make frolic music,
Stimulating bud fill fluid in its gland;
suckling nectar make both fulfilled;
Be attractive to attract,
It's a story in each one's life...
Hummingbird too sings and dance;
Feel my wings, I am hummingbird,
My wings flutter fifty times a sec;
Makes floret feel sense of love;
Makes sound of humming,
My beak is long, I kiss your soul,
reaches deep in your heart;
Bud too submits,
Seek my nectar, pass my pollen;
Give something to get something,
It's a story in each one's life;

© Sadashivan Nair