Love Poems About Housemate or Housemate Love Poems
by Sherwin Balbuena |
Categories: love,

Two Ladies Ii

Here comes another lady, So simple and so nice. She's beautiful and moody, With two near-sighted eyes. She used to be my housemate Who washed the plates at lunch. I told to her my secret And made her envies bunch. As time passed us together, My shattered gem repaired. My mind found a fair weather; The song was again heard. I had a heart that's beating And now knew how to speak. I could not wait for saying My feeling at its peak. Her answer, she said, is true With trust and confidence. I said to her, ''I want you To be my lover hence. ''Go with me, and we shall fly To the planets and stars. The Earth keeps telling a lie We shall not hear on Mars.''