Love Poems About Housekeeper or Housekeeper Love Poems
by Matthew Anish |
Categories: football, love, poetry, work,

A Visit From My Housekeeper

Her I am 
sitting writing a
While my housekeeper 
  is bury cleaning 
my apartment
   I feel a little guilty 
 She is working hard 
while I am just 
   moving a pen 
along a piece of 
Still poetry 
    is listed as an 
occupation in the Occupational Outlook Handbook 
So I guess I am working, too
   In September I return to work as a
college assistant 
   Devoting the rest of my time to 
the New York Giants, poetry and looking for love

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,

A Three-Way Shake

Remembering when I was a young lady a few years ago
As gazing through my best friends guest rooms window
Spellbound her twin sister fondling herself passionately
Watching two beautiful women making love, on a video
Then suddenly my girlfriends housekeeper entered and
She was the most gorgeous creation; Angelica in white..
I had long adored her British accent, as her warm heart
Seeming surprised a bit shy until; amid beauty's desires.

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: family, mother

Mama, Endless Love

A Mother, a nurturer, teacher, and wife
Peace keeper, housekeeper, chauffer and friend
She disciplined, listened, gave advice, praises, too 
Encouraging her little ones to stand on their own

A multitasker, unselfishly, gave of her time
Seemingly, never wearied raising seven kids plus
A gentle spirit and a drill sargent as circumstance called 
Her humor and wit made hardwork feel like the breeze

When death made its demands three times in her life
Taking first her son, then husband and daughter in tow
Through each incredible loss, her unshakened faith remained
Mama, Perfect woman of God, an example of endless love