Love Poems About Household or Household Love Poems
by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, anger, anxiety, betrayal,


Cessation the love
Household has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the community
Malicious gossip in the society
Disorder in the society
Degrading the society
Society has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the state
Malevolent rumour in the state
As the day chameleon to night
Insomnia in state
Peace elude state
State has been scattered
When love lost

Mystery to nation
When    love    lost

Oh! It is a dream
Why do we stop loving
While love exist
Love is above all existent

by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: friendship, god, home, humorous, i love you, love, motivation,

Bless This House

May God bless this house
Where all abide
Love and care for one another
Tolerate and accept each other
Share and share alike
Lift each other's burdens
Help each other with household chores
Smile when we see each other
And care for our animals
Lastly volunteer to put the bins out!

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, appreciation, best friend, bird, cat, dog, pets,

Family Pets

A family pet’s a family member; Deserving no less; you must remember; Than anyone else in the household; To do them less; it is so cold. They love you all; despite your faults; At this advice; you must not balk. They live and die, just for you; I’d not say it, if it weren’t true. They strive to heal, all your ills; Your heart with love, they will fill. Their souls, they are, so very old; Great wisdom deep inside, they hold. So love your pets and treat them well; they’ll get you through any living hell.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny, satire,

Axe Murderers

Do you have any axe murderers in your family
No? How totally boring is that!
They add a little spice when telling your story
More interesting than your household cat

How about a bigamist or a felon of some note
That would be a total blast!
But before you climb up on your mighty high horse
Better thoroughly check out your past

Just having a little fun so don't send me letters
When reviewing this sweet little gem
Every once in a while I go off on these tangents
Soon be back on the track once again

Do you have any axe murderers in your family
If you have to answer yes to the above
I solemnly promise to keep it our little secret
And end with good wishes and love

© Jack Ellison 2012

by Dante Asci |
Categories: brother, sister,

Little Siblings

Ah how I love being the eldest of the bunch at home.
The power I bestow upon the ones much littler than I.
Oh how I can manipulate the ones that were unlucky to be born after me.
I never have to get up off the couch.
Food is brought to me on a silver platter.
Always in charge when the parents of our household are out.
I hardly ever have to lift a finger.
Too bad I have an older sister (in college).

by Lekau Mamabolo |
Categories: christian, desire, religious, spiritual,

A Call

Beyond the call for justice,
Sacrifices for peace,
and celebrations for freedom;
There should be a fountain
That is alive all seasons
Linking humanity spiritually,
Mentally and emotionally;
Simply in a fashion that breeds joy
and happiness in every household;
Building bridges of love and peace
Lighting flames of goodness,
To inspire generations and generations,
To dream beautifully, and
Remain being custodian of sweetness
Throughout their lives;
Beyond a call for humanity
Love should be the norm

by Robert Kinard |
Categories: desire, family, fantasy, funny love, humor, imagery,

Being An *** At Cutting Grass

First, you should know,
I don't own a lawnmower.
I had to borrow one
from my sister-in-law.
So I can mow 
my daughter's lawn.
Second, Cutting the lawn 
is my escape from 
my mundane honey do list
of running errands 
and household chores.
Third, I also, cut 
my sister-in-law’s lawn.
But don't get me wrong,
I have fantasies 
of mowing her lawn.
She even gave me a key 
to her shed,
so I can come and get it 
whenever I like.
Four, Now that I have her
the lawn mower.
I start mowing her lawn
from front to back. 
I’m not a tree hugger,
but look forward to
cleaning up the leaves 
in her back yard.

by Yasemin Balandi |
Categories: baby, care, child, love, parents, boy,

Ode To My Little Boy

From his voice springs the tenderest sound of lute
There is not a moment
In the company of my little cherubim
Oh how I love him, how I love him!
Dissonance played in my core.
Before his birth 
My first born.
Our pride and Joy.
The cold of winter is all but gone, gone, gone!
Even your sulkiness embalms my soul.
You and your sister bring the most
Joy joy joy!
 To our household.
* to my little boy

by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, cat, cute, cute love, life,


Snowball made the entrance Wow Little new member to my household Love me, Love you Meet your new friend Valentine Just like you So, let’s all be friends You, me and family.

by Paige Clinton |
Categories: absence, blessing, corruption, courage, emotions, life, light,

Pandora's Box: Hope

A picture hangs on the wall
Crooked and full of broken glass
Behind the shattered frame
There is a face of laughter
Smiling, Laughing, full of joy

It doesn’t belong in the room
Filled with broken bottles
Tears, Screams, Hatred
Happiness doesn’t belong
In a house full of pain

The picture might invoke a spirit
Which long left the house
A lingering entity
That isn’t welcome in hell
A ghost of a smile

Pandora’s Box kept Hope trapped
We cast Hope out of this household
Darkness mustn’t have light
But there it is hanging on the wall
A trace of a smile 
Love, Freedom, Pleasure
Meant to last forever

by Hebert Logerie |
Categories: beauty, blessing, care, cute love, friendship love, happiness, home, mother, muse, peace, relationship, society, uplifting,

A Real Wife

A real wife
Is the other half
The spouse
Of the big or small house
The Queen
Of the household
She’s devoted, beautiful and bold
Voguish, magnanimous and lean.

A real wife
Is the life
Of the relationship
The most precious chip
Of the marriage
She’s sacchariferous, serene and sage
Delightful, classy and bold
Yes, she’s the Queen of the household.

A real wife
Is the mother of humanity
She’s is the life
Of the party
And the better half
Of our society.

Copyright © July 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poetry.

by Alice Krewmer |
Categories: creation, death, feelings, imagination,

Empire Creature

I've biult a kingdom, cold l, dark and dead
creeping inside obscure valley,
lurking from a weeping willow,
light shines only from moon
ravens sining their heart-tearing ballad.
Two human-like creatures living there —
immortal beggar wanting only love and happiness
traveling with vicious dog – offering a small escape
— broken woman, keeper of failure wants
you can meet her – not step in her household
you'll be surprized – every dream, immpossible-foolish
make them true – only your wish.
I am THE Creator, I am THE Master
my whole life, this, my escape place
it gives a safety, a bit of faith
and I rule there as harlequin of broken hearts.

by Patricia . Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: celebration, christmas, color, family, happiness, love, people,


What does it mean to you

When I think of Christmas 
I think of family
Moments spent round the Christmas tree
Stockings filled with presents
Carols heard throughout the household
I think of anxious children
Creeping along the hallway
Sneaking a peep of Santa
Coming down the chimney hole
I imagine colours bright and radiant like a pot of gold
I see the joy of Christmas in every store I go
I stop for a moment only to observe
Houses lit with lights red, yellow green and gold 
Laughter heard from home to home
Love shared far and wide through out the world
Christmas the magic word.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: birth, child, humor, inspirational, love, wisdom, woman,

Mortal Responsibility

Galileo saw his planets – 
but women were the first
to know of true miracle:
that new heartbeat; the 
motion of life within, before
without. Oh, science can, 
speaking of men, brute
strength define – and religion,
speaking of men, head of 
household enshrine: but 
God choose woman, to
conceive and bear – giving
man such mortal responsibility
was not something He 
would dare....

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: devotion, faith, life, love, people, social, uplifting,

Thy Sting, Thy Victory

Great is the reward
Of the pure in heart.  Their
Deeds done in truth

Will follow them
Into Life after
Life everlasting and
Life in this time.  They will

An hundredfold
Indeed - But with many persecutions.
So continue doing unto others
Even as you would have them do unto

You, especially to those
Of the household of faith and to those who
Use and
Revile you and as you

Lay up these treasures
In Heaven, you will heap coals of Fire upon 
Enemies' heads

Until good

by Keith Logan |
Categories: fantasy, fun,

Follow Up To Lady In Waiting

The lady lived contentedly
within a castle by the sea
for time unending.
As daily she watched o'er the water,
she and her devoted daughter
household mending.

Her husband yet was lion hearted,
but from her side had not departed,
come what may.
Though others went to war for glory,
he knew too well the age old story;
how women pray.

Soon enough would come in sight
some educated noble knight
his charge to wed.
Till then the husband and proud father
would the sweetest love in-gather,
his soul well fed.

by Madadha Chinna |
Categories: boyfriend, break up, conflict, cute love, deep, depression, true love,

A Deep Pain

Fight with the hidden agony,
to make myself a robust.
Is all that I can't buy with a penny.
Again, in a deep pain.

Looking the trees of Autumn,
I find myself proportionate to it.
Proportionate to it in the manner of losing.
Again, in a deep pain.

Through a page of world war,
I conceived about the red in the bed.
Alike me, the household should have shed tears.
Again, in a deep pain.

Paying a visit to the companion,
I see the sadness of his for his penury.
Somewhere it links with my condition.
Again and again in a deep pain.

Some miles to walk for,
Some steps to step for.
Each time I should stand again and again,
To fight against the deep pain.

by Manny Paras |
Categories: conflict, home, peace,

Part 2: Fully Booked

blood of fury desecrates

youngsters maimed by household strife

till church gongs ring of mercy

---love offerings pledged

Contest: Part 2 , Fully Booked
War and Peace
For nette onclaud    23 June 2016

by Jessica Johnson |
Categories: family, father,

Dadio Romanus

Contemplate the word paterfamilias
Head of the household
Chief provider and protector
The Patriarch
Ceaseless searching
Selfless in his duty
Clothe the babes in love
The Patriarch
Understand the word paterfamilias
Discipline, respect, and sacrifice
But also
The Patriarch

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: love, wife,

Queen of the House

There is no more powerful chess piece than the queen.
She can travel any number of squares up, down, or across. 
If you have a wife or girlfriend, you will know what I mean. 
Just like any woman of the household, she is the boss.

by Danny Nunn |
Categories: holiday

Thanksgiving Day

T      Thank you Lord
H      How grateful we should all be
A      America, The Land Of The Free
N      Not only for this day, but everyday
K      Keep us healthy and strong
S      Surround with your love
G      God Bless America
I        In his name we pray
V      Victory is ours, only through you
I       In ever household today
N     Nourishment that you provide us with
G     Giving our thanks back to you

D      Down on our knees, we pray
A       Almighty Lord, for this we thank you
Y       You all be blessed

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: death, loneliness,

Crystal Memories

When you crept away in the icy cold, You couldn't forgive yourself, maybe that's why I can't forget you or your love untold, Each remembrance etched in life's crystal glass, Each memory carved in life's vast crevasse, Those moments spent together, now I cry, You're gone, crystals remain in our huge household. 08/12/2018

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: computer, inspiration, leadership, military, soldier, technology, woman,

Amazing Grace

Rear Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper
To her colleagues quite the show stopper
She turned computers to household items
And now humans know how to control them

A counter-clockwise clock hung on her wall
To prove man’s mind is not so small
Always looking beyond and above
Her vision and efforts a labor of love

by Sierra Chen |
Categories: death of a friend, fun, giggle, grief, loss, remember, sorry,

Little Fellow

A prayer for our household friend
Please bow our heads

Dear Little Fellow,

We’re very sorry 
you are dead
suffocated in the trap

your last supper 
was enjoyable:  homemade roasted pine nuts
May you find peace
in mouse heaven
Reunite with your love ones


by Melissa Ross |
Categories: happiness, love, pets, uplifting

Princess Chupa

You wear a clean tuxedo daily,
It gleams in the light, so soft,
You maul me with precious mittens,
Mittens I press a kiss to every time,
Watching you grow is a joy,
Every household object is a toy,
Ambitious you are,
How you speak to me,
Whining for a fresh can of tuna,
You are my princess, precious Chupa.