Love Poems About Houseflies or Houseflies Love Poems
by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: loneliness, lost,

A Modern Love Story

In scratchy swales emitting Clorox gas,
Matador houseflies cross paralyzed eyes;
A kaleidoscope scene where jagged glass
Cracks beneath footsteps of love’s promised lies;

Forgotten by choice through hell-flickered sight,
Confusion screams at a dead mobile phone,
Gripping slick sanity ever so tight,
Un-stabled by speaking to Nothing’s tone.

Tormentors nearby prepare their escape,
Entrusting blindness to suffocate truth;
Black swans are they, drinkin’ ‘shine to undrape
Wounds nearly healed from a vi’lated youth –

A normal day in an abnormal cave,
Where hatred rules whipping peace claimed its slave.

by Robert James Liguori |
Categories: appreciation,

I Love You

My circle is of
    fruitflies, houseflies, mosquitos
    squirrels, chipmunks, possums
    spiders, crickets, ants
    parakeets, seagulls, geese

This dance is absent without you
    hair, glasses, smile
    shirt, pants, shoes
    laugh, giggle, talk

Together we were one
    hugs, handholding, cuddles
    rollerblading, bicycling, racquetball
    car rides, lighthouses, kayaking
    fishing, dinners, parenting

Thursday, November 4, 2021