Love Poems About Housedress or Housedress Love Poems
by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: bridal shower, nostalgia,


Amid the sexy lingerie
The bride-to-be received,
There was a garment out of place,
Or so some folks believed.

It was a housedress from the past,
A little drab and faded,
In which the grandma of the bride
Once through her house paraded.

That grandma is no longer here,
But spoke up through that dress.
Her daughter and her grandchild
Felt her kvelling,** I would guess.

And though that shapeless schmatte*
Wasn’t bridal-like to wear,
It let us know that Grandma Ida
Had a presence there.

I love when past and present
Are connected with a link;
That housedress did its job and Ida
Would be tickled pink.

*an old piece of clothing or material
**bursting with joy and bragging about it