Love Poems About Housed or Housed Love Poems
by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: betrayal, desire, earth, emotions, hate, love, lust,


Revenge sweet turning with hate
a brother rises striking blows 
landing hits brother in wicked deeds 
evilness within mans own soul

Cruelty crawling inside desires 
suffering greed of nations they plea 
Rise up against nations man at war 
tearing asunder God's creation 
People slowly murdering loveless

Pride a sinful act of violence 
laced with pain destroying pure love 
everything that once stood out housed peace
so fine cut beautiful, good sharing 
caring  free, in this one, big show rolls 

Keeps turning, the wheel of hope 
whom will speak, as we all become part 
of his heavenly dust in the end 
or  burning remains of hell's fire

by Carl Fraser |
Categories: happiness, love,

My Commitment

A package of love housed in a frame so petite,
A picture of beauty from her head to feet
Lips so very tender with a exquisite taste devine,
I thank God for the day he made her mine.
Those big brown eyes hold the kindest soul
And her light filled smile just never gets old
Yes im blessed by a love i just dont deserve
That ive committed forever her needs to serve.

by Josette Key |
Categories: nostalgiablue, lonely,

Gray Blue Sky

On a lonely hill
Stands a lonely house
Under a gray blue sky.

An empty shell 
Of what used to be
A reminder of days 
Gone by.

It's walls once housed
A family with love
It's roof kept them
Safe and dry.

It's windows shown
With the bright morning sun
As they watched the world go by.

If ever you pass this lonely house
Stop a minute and think
Of all the lives and all the love
That's passed through this lonely place.

And remember with awe
How life must have been
Under a gray blue sky.

by Tiffany Harvester |
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by Millard Lowe |
Categories: allegory, analogy, black african american, flower, imagery, metaphor, simile,

Scent of An Ebony Rose Poet

Time ticks on
and I am its minutes
crafting the hour
of poetic germination.

No longer will I write words
reminiscent of willow-like catkins.

But shall bloom true poetic flowers
whose petals shall be whorled 
scented words pollinated with truths.

And whose essence shall be colored
in peace, love, unity—all cupped 
together—housed in a sepal of liberty.

And my Edenic poetic garden
will be an ebony vase
overflowing with bouquets of beauty’s
clever creations—cultivated 
in the fertile black soil of my watered soul.

by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: faith, life, love, mother, nature, passion, visionary,


In the distance stood a vivid green tree
Full of delectable fruit
Birds housed in abundance  

© Brenda V Northeast 11th  March  2012

by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: books,

House of Books

paths lined by beautifully written word to transport you into an unknown world or relish while tethered to where you are the fragrance and wind of lands afar humor,history, fact or fiction housed under one roof volumes of poetry for a dreamer and her muse poets, authors,illustrators both alive and dead beckoning for their work to be loved and read a melting pot of several distinct eras and cultures love pages embossed with ancient architecture the smell of print,sweeter than any musk keeps me hypnotized from dawn till dusk the library, never fails to lure me like paradise especially when it has heavenly Starbucks by its side. Written on 06/17/2016

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, people,

A Rare Kind

She is an epitome of kindness,
a canopy on a rainy day;a well in arid land,
I wish to emulate her gracious benevolent,
Orphans are feed,harlots polished and widows smiled,
The homeless are housed and hopeless hopes were raised,
She illuminates and radiates love among ants and rodents,
such unique *****sapiens!,Oh! mother nature `give us more`.

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Non-premium Mem

by Jo Hayton |
Categories: lovebeautiful, beautiful, love,

The Tender Place

No one reason seems enough
To why I love you
Less insufficient, more perhaps too much

It's encapsulated in all you are
If I stop to think of them all
You'd be too beautiful to touch

You panic when you're happy
There's a darkness laughing
Saying 'Enjoy it while you can'

For the first time I don't care
Let me love the one who awoke me
Then take it all, everything I am

There is nothing else that's wanted
Nothing more to see
Than your beautiful place

Into the room
That once housed our younger lives
I call this love now, 'The Tender Place'

by Roof Missing |
Categories: abuse, anger, evil, life, drug,

Senryu Rant: Love On a Shoestring

warehouse board and care
elderly housed in neglect -
*** kicking death camps

inner city schools
vertical playing fields free -
only teachers taxed

bigots block poor votes,
“limbo rock” the new dance craze -
politics of war

war on drugs conceit –
prisons new investment frame
streets safe, guards now thugs

justice for the rich -
their waste products trickle down
peons dream of love

kama sutra love
pretzel logic both parties -
vampires don’t reflect

Long Tooth
June 22, 2016

by Josette Key |
Categories: family, nostalgia, places, blue, lonely,

Gray Blue Sky

On a lonely hill
Stands a lonely house
Under a gray blue sky.

An empty shell of what used to be
A reminder of days gone by.

It's walls once housed a family with love
It's roof kept them safe and dry.
It's windows shown with the bright morning sun
As they watched the world go by.

If ever you pass this lonely house
Stop a minute and think
Of all the lives and all the love
That's past through this lonely place.

And remember with awe how life must have been
Under a gray blue sky.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, emotions, feelings, heart, how i feel, love,

Love Is Magical

Housed within the human heart love is on all accounts indescribable, defying words and synonyms, a flame that forges and reshapes all aspects of your heart, your soul, and your life, for love is magical. (Yalto) 05,23,2019

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: history, sad,

The Poem I Never Wrote Before

In love- we married young-
my dear Marine and I.
We moved from North to South
to settle in the home
which housed our little nest-
June- nineteen fifty-eight.
My poems honor this.

But, I was not prepared
for visions- oh, so sad-
by me, not seen before;
the sins of racism.

The dual waiting rooms,
restrooms, drinking fountains;
each bus split- front and back.
Divided schools and church;
most restaurants denied.
I could not fathom this.

Those awful scenes- now since 
made right- but that sad past-
my words could not address.

October 7, 2022

by Matthew Marrero |
Categories: love, universe,

Love Its Us

Love it’s us.
This lovely feeling filling infinity 
Is insanely plain to see.
Poetry perfect avenues to explain
what you mean to me.
Our hearts housed in volcanoes
at each touch love erupts.
If there is such a thing
as true love, love it’s us.
Embracing eternity face to face
love matures in our eyes.
We travel distant galaxies sight
seeing above the stars lights.
Even at opposite ends of the
universe our oneness exists.
We can span the entire universe 
and meet up with one kiss.

by Yoni Dvorkis |

The Core of Absolute

I want him to go.
Psychotic menace on the run.
Ranting, raving, haunting me at every turn.
Frantic, flaming, I can only let him burn.
Mind splitting anger, I am one,
With what, I don't know.

I feed on a grudge
The Lord is my true enemy
Because my guilt ridden soul He won't allow
To be housed in this body. He'd disavow
The fear of love's true reverie:
Ego, the poor judge.

It's not as if I didn't try, it really isn't.
To not want help(love) is to not understand what help(love) really is.

Love is the core,
I am love:
Therefore, I am the core, 
and you with me.

We did not decide this.
We cannot change this.
This is absolute.
This is freedom.

by Peggy Boone |
Categories: allusion,

The Sisters

I am a Gemini;
it is the Sign of the Twins.
There are two of us.
I am "The Sister of the Darkness."
I see the dark shadows of my life.
I worship the dark.
There isn't anyway that anyone or anything can hurt me,
if I remain in the dark.
My sister is "The Sister of the Light."
She sees the beauty of the light.
She sees the beauty of flowers and birds.
It is easy for her to love.
She likes all animals that walk, fly and crawl.
However, there are not two bodies. .
we are housed in one.

by Krish Radhakrishna |
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade, anxiety, betrayal, car, care, character,

Winner and Loser

Man in a suit drives his Rolls Royce,
Kept polished shinning by local boys,
His scarf and cravat are made of silk,
His designer trousers as white as milk.

Knows full well his source of wealth,
Keeps me nourished in prime health,
Well clothed and housed in my room,
Cared for fully by a personal groom.

Many a Cups and prices I have won,
He takes the applause when I am done,
He has amassed gold and diamonds,
My earnings merely grass and almonds!

How long will this love and dove last?
Will he care when I am no longer fast?
Will he remember me, his source of bread?
Or will it all end with a bullet to my head?

by Sky Poet Sa |
Categories: valentines day,

She's Life

The arrival of a blissful glee
Love becomes opening key
I attended a tuneful chime
Jingling and tinkling love
Securing precious time
Housed by love's glove
When love has grown
Removing a sad tear
Happiness is shown
Love rules, not fear
No more strife
But rapture
She's Life

Drencho POET Loads.

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: age, death,


Crumbling colonnades, ivy laced,
fronting fractured windows, ghost faced,
where once a family was housed.
Warped in time like a web,
forgotten picture of the dead
who here used to love, laugh, and live.

March 5, 2022

by Jude Herrick |
Categories: beautiful,


If love is true to me, 
      when the light has stopped her shining. 
             Has not forsaken me for another aligning. 

When the Mountains crumble to the sendantSea. 
      A moon resurrected. 
      A ruin from the murky deep 
            no more. Light-Housed, 
     housing Forevers' path, back. 
                     to me.Alone