Love Poems About Hourly or Hourly Love Poems
by T.Nicole Williams |
Categories: absence, depression, desire, devotion, emotions, feelings, i miss you,

Time's Passing

There’s no laughter torn from these lips;
no spoken words of love...lust.
For all I desire is out of hands reach;
there's no earthly thing I crave more, than you.
Caught up in life’s folly...whirlwind ride,
nothing is hidden... nothing is known.
Long silence in this space... without breath or pulse;
empty of me... empty of you.
My one door has closed; 
shall I not feel the rain again
nor see the sun chasing shadows?
I am faceless here... with no rise nor set.
My lips swears hourly..
though my voice stays mute
Time is binding... time is passing.
Come back to me before love glows
less than an un-stirred ember.

by Ashley Hensley |
Categories: music,

Music Is My Life

Music is my life. 
Music is my soul.
My love.
My heart.
My need.

Music takes me through
The daily ordeals of life
Whenever I'm sad,
I reach for my phone, or
My old, old iPod.

I sing to myself hourly,
Never ever will stop,
Never ever can stop,
Why would I put an end
To one of my few joys?

Maybe my voice is bad.
Maybe I can't play any instruments.
Maybe I can't make music.
But that ain't gonna
Stop me!

Cause you know what-

Music is my life.
Music is my  soul. 
My love.
My heart.
My   need. 

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Fifty Years of Passion

for fifty years
rekindled every day
stoking sensuous fire hourly
love nest

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, loss, love, mystery, passion, philosophy, visionary,

The Nihilist - Three: Nil By Mouth

Nothing eaten, nothing drunk.

Waiting, waiting.

The clock ticks on with hourly chime,
A dull metronome of passing time.

Waiting, waiting.

Food grows cold, drink grows warm.

Waiting, waiting.

Nightfall scuttles heliotrope claws
Across the ceiling, walls and floors.

Waiting, waiting.

Shadows cleave the paling face.

Waiting, waiting.

Expressionless with staring eyes,
Breath reduced to vapid sighs.

Waiting, waiting.

No raven quothing “Nevermore!”

Waiting, waiting.

The chimes toll death again, again,
Prayers to ashes, all in vain.

Waiting, waiting,

by Heather Hay |
Categories: imagination, love, teen, me, i love you,

Your Banker

Take the chance
Invest in me
I'll pay interest
Compounded hourly
Give me your love
Please don't hold back
You'll get more in return 
And that's a fact.
Want great rates?
A percent of fifty!
Listen to this
If you want to be thrifty
Give me two kisses
I'll give back three
And I'll throw in a hug
The decision is yours
I'll give all I've got
Just for you
And 'cause I love you A LOT!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: retirement, satire, work, writing,

If I Retired How Would I Write

My job brings new ideas to me on an hourly basis
Sometimes up to six ideas an hour
I cannot retire
This is a forest of situations

A plethora of circumstances
A jungle of characters
If I retired, I would not have anything to write about.

So here I stay,
at a job I love,
making great money,
writing myself crazy.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: drug,

Life Sentence

The needle slides in
Like a petrified snake
The dope shot in,
Time is a fake
But it's his break.
Oblivion sets in.
Content he dreams
Of far off misty lands
sweet musk, delicious tastes.
Oh heavenly dope, how it redeems!
Suddenly he wakes.
There's no one near him to care.
No one to kiss with love so rare.
Around is silence,
Deadly and bare
He wipes away a tear.
Time has passed quickly,
The sands in the hourly glass pass by.
Breath smothers him.
Wearily he drags himself
Towards his boring day 
A prisoner for life.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: life,

I Like Getting Up Early

I like getting up insanely early
Why people ask me?
Because I love going to Wal-Mart when there are no shoppers.
It is Covid.
Wal-Mart is locked.

No problem.
I go to the bakery.
A sign says “closed; cannot afford to pay hourly wage.”

What about a pharmacy?
A sign on the door says
“Computers down. Come by later.”

Okay, maybe getting up early is not working out today.