Love Poems About Hourglasses or Hourglasses Love Poems
by Kevin Clark |
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The Essence of Your Soul Stops the Beat of My Heart Deep Inside

The desire for you has lasted a thousand years

The sadness of loss has brought many tears

The love in our hearts has lasted forever and a day

The look in your eye makes time melt away

The sound of your voice stops the clocks flowing hand

The smell of your hair ceases the hourglasses flowing sand

The touch of your hand halts the very turn of the tide

The essence of your soul stops the beat of my heart deep inside

by Samuel John |
Categories: life, love,


Stuck in a loop,
Staring into space,
Time and time again,
Making the same mistakes...

Soaring one moment,
Crashing the next;
From long conversations
To unanswered texts;

Hourglasses and pendulums,
Keepers of time,
Are stopped and restarted,
The clockwork rewinds;

Stories are rewritten,
Hearts are unfurled,
Memories fade away,
To the beginning I return.

by Anthony Mathias |
Categories: introspection, life, lost love, love

Chasing Shadows

I’ve been chasing shadows for so long, I know not what else to do
I’m left wondering what went wrong, was it lies, was it true?
Looking back upon foot prints cast, they seem so shallow to me
In stepping light and stepping fast, was there no time to stop and see?
Half a lifetime lost upon the sand, of hourglasses smashed and lost
Slipping slowly through my hand, only now I stop to count the cost
This beat was all twisted and deceived, with images of golden joy
Those images could not be received, nothing but the dancers toy
I’ve been chasing shadows for so long, I know not what else to do
I don’t know how to sing my song, now I’ve stopped chasing you.