Love Poems About Hourglass or Hourglass Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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What Matters Most

What Matters Most

What matters most is obvious to me. It’s hearth and home, kin and family. Life is an hourglass and the sands of your time keep drifting down - drifting, drifting, drifting downward as you race to get in all the things you want to do! But take time to breathe in the things you love: fresh baked bread, roses, the petrichor of spring! Simple are life’s joys. Give all you love to all those you love, for that will be your legacy when your sands run out and the hourglass turns over. April 1, 2020 for Chantelle Anne Cooke's "What Matters the Most to You" Poetry contest

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Flipped Hourglass

At the appointed time (you know not when) your spirit will kiss this world goodbye. Sands of your earthly time will then have run their course. Folks will cry. Your progeny will be left behind, and words hopefully kind about you will be said. The hourglass at this time for you alone will have flipped. Dear ones will keep on their own path. With spirit eyes, you’ll view them from behind the veil where you will slip, knowing that the hourglass of those whom you so love will also soon be flipped. Feb. 6, 2022 For Edward Ibeh's Pick-A-Title, Vol 28 Poetry Contest Title 4: Flipped Hourglass in double etheree poetry form

by Kim Merryman |
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Embrace the Day

Our days on earth are as fleeting as a shadow. Try as we might to hold onto them They slip through our fingers like hourglass sand and we grow old. Our memories fade, sight grows dim, names and faces escape our grasp. Every day we struggle to maintain our dignity. Steps grow slower, hearts grow weaker as time takes its toll. Too soon death will come calling and snatch us away. But until that day we live, we breathe, we love. Every day is a gift from God. Embrace it. 9/8/16

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Love and Peace -The Mirrored Hourglass Style

~Love And Peace~ (Mirrored Hourglass) Pray God for love, peace today Love comes from the Lord He sets us all free Changes all hearts Makes us strong His love His love Makes us strong Changes all hearts He sets us all free Love comes from the Lord Pray God for love, peace today Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014
June.29.2016 ~Author's Notes: The "Mirrored Hourglass" is a poetry style created by George L. Ellison.

by John Gilman |
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A Forgotten Skeleton

the dream painted itself sad ashen grey a parched desert where rain never falls this dark metaphor in her barren heart loneliness whispering of love yet to call bones of long lost hope on the ground amid sands of uncountable empty years she picked up the skull bleached white all that remained of an old mossy steer wondering if that would be her destiny to wander until life's hourglass ran dry becoming a forgotten, lost skeleton eroded by day and ignored by night's sky

by Poet Tacito |
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At Least

Our hearts were a veritable slow dance

And I didn’t have to put my baby
In the corner

Our retinas
became diamond forged binds
In serenity’s lock

Your tear ducts within our wishing wells


Our flesh
Bringing lukewarm elasticity
To gentle boil

Every graceful thrust
Mimicking fireplace embers
Under cabin’s winter moon

Until my deep sigh
Embedded paragraphs
Within “Dear John” parchment


At least

Trinity’s hourglass
Permitted me to sing I love you choruses

Before your hearts’ phone line


©Drake J. Eszes

by Rachel St.Cross |
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Cotton Candy Caresses

Summer's surf rising from ivory tides be her light...
Reflecting from an hourglass these prisms she sways
Breaking waves their eyes conversations ladies they gaze.

by Paul Callus |
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A New Year - Time For Love

The New Year (Cornish Sonnet) 

The clock struck midnight; she came in
attired in silky flowing dress  
that matched her youthful glowing skin.
She clutched an hourglass in her hand
that showed the seconds evanesce
with every grain of trickling sand.

I put my bow to violin 
and played for her a melody;
I hoped her tender heart to win.
Champagne was popped and glasses raised
but she cared not for revelry...
into my eyes she deeply gazed.

The clock struck midnight; she came in.
I put my bow to violin.

4th January, 2015
Contest: Cornish Sonnet
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Placed 4th

by Rachel St.Cross |
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Magical Moments

Gazing lovingly upon her velvets
Beautiful heart shaped glass
Searching about the vanity's
Disclosing drawer and a brush 
Gliding it sensually through 
Her cascadings golden hair
Mesmerized as joy fills my eyes
Once more; such beauty her light
Giggling while turning knowingly 
Amid her silkened bareness
Cherries set in firm atop, soft
Voluptuous vanilla breast
Swaying gently fragrants perfect
Hourglass afore that my heart 
Timeless this love's windless 
Chills caressing my spirit 
Left drifting inside these her
Spellbinding, oceans painted eyes.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Trust - George's Mirrored Hourglass Style

~Trust~ (George's Mirrored Hourglass) In God I can always trust With Him my heart just glows When storms comes He's there Rests in His love Loves me well I know I know Loves me well Rest in His love When storms comes He's there With Him my heart just glows In God I can always trust. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2013
December.21.2015 ~Author's Notes: "George's Mirrored Hourglass" is a poetry style created by George L. Ellison.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, god, hope, love,

Love and Peace - Mirrored Hourglass

~Love And Peace~ (Mirrored Hourglass) Pray God for love, peace today Love comes from the Lord He sets us all free Changes all hearts Makes us strong In Him In Him Makes us strong Changes all hearts He sets us all free Love comes from the Lord Pray God for love, peace today Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2013 June.30.2015
The "Mirrored Refrain" is a poetry style created by poet George L. Ellison.

by Lu Loo |
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Footprints On My Heart

if galaxies were only made to be mine, 
I’d give you the universe in its entirety. 

last night stardust fell upon our eyes
and constellations called our names-
we sat under the magenta solstice 
moonlight and pleaded for the night
to never end...for you are my revelation.  

I ache for your touch-
for it outweighs any fallacy I may encounter 
in my life.
you long for my eyes-
for you see a whole new word of love and 
passion through them. 

if you want tears, 
I’d give you an ocean-
if you need light,
I’d rope the sun.

for there is no hourglass of time that
can contain our endless tenderness-
only grains of footprints left on my heart. 

August 15, 2018

by John Lawless |
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Distant Omens

Distant Omens Augeries of forgotten doubts long erased by hourglass sands shadows passing through an empty space voided by loveless passion hiding in search of an omen. John G. Lawless Give Me A Sign – Poetry Contest 5/14/2015

by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: absence, dark, emotions, farewell, goodbye, lost love, time,

Man On the Sidewalk

To: the “Timeless” One Like parallel lines that don’t intersect Like strangers in subways that never connect Like messages in bottles that never reach shore Like a drained stream, I don’t try any more. Because You’re like a stormy cloud that dampened my light Like a blank stare in the dead of the night Like a worn out movie that’s stuck on rewind You’re that man on the sidewalk, ten steps behind. Love, The Hourglass

by Susan Gentry |
Categories: betrayal, heartbreak,

Empty As Hourglass Shatters

Words as empty as the hourglass shatters
Lay scattered across their bedroom floor
Hearts drained of anything that matters
Crumbled as fine as particles of sand
Promises gone forevermore
Left no reason for either to demand
They pursue counseling if they dare
No one cared enough to try anymore
Time left nothing for them to share
Love watched them walk out the door

June 26, 2018

Rhyme Time 4 - 10 Lines Contest by Laura Loo
Second Place

by John Allen |
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Tear In the Hourglass

A tear in an hourglass
so slowly it falls
a sorrow for every dream
that lay shattered against the wall.

So fragile is such a thing
that withers in part
what sadness she brings
in broken heart

Doth do we cringe
bent on broken knee
wounded in love
wounded by thee

Dulled is the sword
that had swung with such force
splintered is the shield
but the heart injured worse

All heroes are slain
killed in passionate war
every heart breaks
to love nevermore

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, lost love,

Picking Up the Pieces

Picking up the pieces,
Of her shattered life,
Every joyous memory,
Lances through her, like a knife.
Time's slipping between her fingers,
Like sand through an hourglass,
The turmoil in her mind,
Never ceases, doesn't pass.
Vicious words were spoken,
Jagged scars remain,
No amount of alcohol,
Can ease the searing pain.
No more sorrow,
No tears left to cry,
She's picking up the pieces,
Her resolve will not die.

by Vanessa Ponce |
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Book of Stars

In a summer's noon of night
In search of vastness height
A love affair began through the hourglass
While a shooting star shall pass
We wished for innocence again
As we breathed our inner zen
Embracing under the velvet sky
Above the garden that we lie
His sweetness upon my face
I doubt I shall erase
The rolling tide of summer breeze
In a simple kiss of please
His hands perish upon me
Opens his eyes for me to see
Entering our garden of Eden
Our sanctuary to the end
In our hand you shall find
A love affair so tightly kind
In a serenity not so far
But only in our book of stars.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: bereavement, love, sad,

My Eyes - the Mirrored Hourglass Style

~ My Eyes ~ ( Mirrored Hourglass) My eyes are fill'd with teardrops My heart is wreck'd with pain I do miss you so And so much more As time goes I do I do As time goes And so much more I do miss you so My heart is wreck'd with pain My eyes are fill'd with teardrops Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2017
October.26.2017 'Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.' - Mark Twain- ~Author's Notes: The 'Mirrored Hourglass' is a poetry form or style created by George E. Ellison.

by Shane Cooper |
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Dreams of the Death of Love

DREAMS OF THE DEATH OF LOVE When a dream meets reality does love die? When I dream of your caress I fly Through the night so far above, Pleasures undreamed of Found in your Love. Nevermore To kiss my sweet dove, Gone the Laughter I belove. Cold earth blankets your silent goodbye. When a dream meets reality does love die? Written 17/02/15 For Andrea Dietrich’s contest “An invented form” Name for This form “hourglass”

by Sarah Seraphin |
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Soft Creamy Chocolate Delight's


Driving through Santa Monica as stopping at a light; standing upon the corner

The most beautiful of girls; waiting with a smile to cross unto the other side...

Hourglass her reflection in diamonds while catching my breath, as the world froze 

Icicles of desire piercing my spirit to grasp these hearts; she felt the vibes ~


...“Soft Creamy Chocolate Delight's” *

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: dream, fantasy, love,

My Lover

My lover
speaks fire
laughs smoke
she is madness
spilled from
my imagination

My lover
with raven hair
of wooded fire
midsummer night
kisses of
heated lightning

My lover
with zebra thighs
breasts of clouds
hourglass waist
lips of champagne
ace of hearts

My lover
mother of pearl
eyes of blue siren
sings for me
no one ever hears
yesterday and tomorrow

My lover
Monday through Friday 
swims in the ocean
that I prepare for her
comes and goes
to the sky...

by Thabang Ngoma |
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Coca-Cola Jingle

I taste suburban bliss
On your journey to my heart
In the breath of your kiss
You whisper, “We’ll never be apart.”

A shower of living colour  
The shade of the highest tower
My thirst has never known anything cooler
Your beauty holds such power

A diamond to break the ice
In your eyes I see it sparkle
On my knee begging for a yes 
In your hourglass - a twinkle 
You bless me with a smile 
My happiness’s when you fizzle
I hold on for a cool while
It’s been a gruelling path to your bottle
When I sizzle - Always Coca Cola

Sing Me.. A JINGLE! - Poetry Contest
Sponsored: by Lyric Man

by Steinar Gismeroy Olafsen |
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Time Is Water

Time is water running free
running wild into the sea
Sometimes slow sometimes fast
you try your best to make it last

Time is known to always pass
flowing down your hourglass
All around you - always new
you see it melt like morning dew

Time is floating in thin air
you try to fetch it pure and clear
But you just have to let it go
slip it through by breathing slow

Time is candles burning bright
bringing warmth, love and light
In a flickering timeless blast
the glowing flame of time has passed

Time and water
Feel it flow
by growing old

by Dylan Catalano |
Categories: angst, beauty, emotions, feelings, how i feel, love, youth,

Memento Mori

Long hair, beautiful and dark like a starless night sky,
perfectly matching her personality.
A face as intoxicating as an empty bottle of rye
with eyes that glare dogmatically.
Her body is an hourglass
and my time is running out.
Composure I must amass
for these feelings I know little about.
She is a book filled with an unknown story
written in the blood ink of her past lovers --
my very own memento mori,
which if ignored will put me under the covers.
Covers from which I will not rise,
stuck beneath her sheet of lies.