Love Poems About Hounds or Hounds Love Poems
by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: grief, imagery, loss, love, metaphor, water,


I wrap the darkness 'round me like a quilt

     As questions bay like hounds at my belief

       And tho' the tears are poison, dearly spilt

     Those e'er still waters ripple with my grief

While love is lost to time, the coldest thief.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Writing Prompt- English Quintain Imagery" Poetry Contest, Dear Heart, Judge & Sponsor.

by J. Summers |
Categories: murder, suicide,

The Sound of Thunder

Out there on the edge of town
Lies a crumbling railroad track.
I set my feet to running,
Too late for turning back.

I left my love behind me
in an irrigation ditch,
I caught her with another man
So I up and shot the witch.

Now the hounds are chasing me,
My race is nearly run,
With nowhere left for me to go
I slowly pull my gun.

The barrel is cold against my head,
Eternity is near.
There’s just the sound of thunder
Exploding in my ear.

by Anna Nomaly |
Categories: animal, dog, funny, funny love, kiss, romance,

The King's Lover

The hounds hungered but the queen wanted to bed
So she told the kind “the dogs need be fed!”
Rather than attending to this business
The king was caught with a mistress!
So the queen yelled “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

The jester soon entered (who had witnessed the smooches)
and said "such strange hairy lady! How she shuffles and scooches!
If I were to critique
with that grotesque physique
The king must have mistook her for one of the pooches!”

by Arra Black |
Categories: dark, death, dream, fear, children, may,

Nightmare - Freddy Krueger

You may cry
And the dead may rise
But my love for you
Can never die
The birds stopped singing
The river stopped running
All I hear 
Is the little children burning
How is it?
When the nights goes by
They all sing
They all cry
I hold my hand out
For you to take
But all you do
Is make it break
My eyes are bleeding out
My tears are going dry
You beat me
Till I die
My lips are trembling
I can not breathe
I’m going blind
Can not see
The hounds are howling
The children screaming
It’s a nightmare
Everyone is pleading
It’s time to wake up
But Death is with you
Will you survive?
Or does Freddy have you?

by Sophia Valentina |
Categories: drink,

The Green Lantern

As I walk into this den of lions,
hungry whores and liars lying,
green light shines upon my talons,
and I am where my kind belongs
For none can break this tie that binds us;
wicked, wretched weave inside us;
living, breathing, breeding virus,
and I am right within the wrong.

The Sirens sound, the dark surrounds me, 
Hounds of Hell, they maul and mount me.
Devils pour the whiskey down me,
drown me in their emerald sin.
Yet when I wake alone tomorrow,
poisoned by regret and sorrow,
deep in debt; no love to borrow,
it’s off to Hell I’m bound again.  

(...about a bar)

by Frances King |
Categories: animals, children, funny

Cosmo Politan

The Urban Fox has come to town … 
Back gardens now he roams.

Away from fools in scarlet coats,
He’s feeling right at home!

(Here in England, fox-hunters wear red - or "pink!" coats and chase the fox on horses, with a 
pack of hounds. Hunting with hounds is now illegal, but most of the foxes have moved away 
from the country into the towns. They love McDonald's ...)

Cosmopolitan is a man about Town.

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure,

Unleash the Hounds

Paula Swanson Contest Name Unleash Unleash the hounds Unleash the hounds, said Jones and frowned, His wife was then escaping, Running off with grandpa Joesy Brown, And his bloody teeth were shaking, Sprang in the swamp a Croc. did chomp, I’ll talk about it later, Jonesy’s wife, was on for a romp, Was she a hot potater? Toothless now the Croc. said “how. Will I be masticating, Tin leg bunged up me teeth for chow, Me union rep. is waiting,” On bended knee, Jones saw she, An he started wailing, She put him out of misery , Great love, sure is unfailing.

by Rockman Pritts |
Categories: peace,

Sitting By the Fireside

Burning embers in the night
Smoke is rising slow
Encasing me in warm delight
Creating mental glow

I close my eyes and listen to
The evenings soothing sounds
Like crickets chirps, the tree frogs peeps
And distant barking hounds

I languish in the darkness
Like the moon and stars above
I'm now at rest and I attest
That this is what I love

There's nothing so embracing
As a peaceful night alone
Sitting by the fireside
Behind my happy home

Rockman  :-)

by Darian Brown |
Categories: lovelove,

My Love Took Flight

Me and you, both us, took flight with no wings in sight
Let’s go to cupid’s party, I got an invite
It’s gonna be crunk, it’s gonna be hype, 
Let’s make forever… last tonight 
This love has no wrong turns, everything is right
I have dark days, you are my light
We fly together, so let’s take flight

We up in the air; are we coming down? Nope!
So with my heart, you have the crown
I can kiss you loud, but make no sound
Whenever we bark, I guess we’re barking hounds
I have nowhere to go, your love surround
 What goes around, I guess comes around
We twinkle brighter, than downtown
Who love better? No one, just look around
We’re soaring up, and no eyeing down

by Mariana Pavlich |
Categories: family, love, passion, people,

Handkerchief Touched His Face

Deeply   etched    crystal    doors
Stone arched mansion corridors
Family members country  estates 
Hounds skittering on marble slate
Clinging intoxicating rose perfume
Stirringly beautiful graceful redhead
Read invitation wide eyes little smile

by Fatima Bhopali |
Categories: hope, lost love, sad, i love you,

I Love You Still

When I look into the past 
the only thing that hounds
is that you cheated me in love
and someone new you found

Cursing my luck throughout
why did we ever meet
now causing ways of pain
are memories so sweet

Blessed are the ones who find
their soul mate in their lives.
to live alone is like a curse 
all I need is you to jive

Come back in to my life
I know you never will
hope so much, so hard
because I love you still…

Wednesday, January 30, 2008.

by Sander Wolff |
Categories: fantasy, funny, introspection, love, me,

Diction Pictures

Things slip away.
  Obeying laws of
  cause and affectation,
  diction pictures words
    as sounds.

Hounds bay at lunatics.
  Sticks and bones
  fillet my stones.
    Millet and rye
    make me cry.

Ground beneath my feet,
  a swaying beat
    depletes me of my
      funky mood.

Shall we dance?

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: poetess, tribute, woman, writing,

Something About Mary O

Something about Mary (Oliver)                  

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I heard she moved away

Somewhere,  I think,  she'll put in ink

Those thoughts,  she thinks today

And wraps me warm with poetry

That keeps the hounds at bay

Where is Mary Oliver

In my home State she dwells

Upon the coast,  I love the most

I hope she does as well

And puts this paradise to words

I'm sure, that time will tell ?

Where is Mary Oliver ?

I've found Her in a book

It wasn't long and called 'Dog Songs'

T'was really worth the look

Now, I can stopped searching 

For, she's right hear in my Nook

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, drug, longing, love, tribute, uplifting,


A tribute to the amphetamine of day
Caffeine in all its glorious forms
It’s legal it’s potent
Nobody hounds you
Scrutinizing your intake
Be it social or on your own time
Beyond espresso and the americano
My ultimate favorite being
Chocolate covered coffee beans
I can’t get enough
I love the jolt they give
Throughout the day
In addition to boosting energy
And stimulating metabolism
Caffeine reigns as a top effective pain killer
And that’s the story I’m sticking to

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology ~CAFFEINE INFUSION~ 2020

AP: 1st place 2021, Honorable Mention 2021

Submitted on April 13, 2019 for contest YOUR AMPHETAMINE sponsored by ANTHONY SLAUSIN

by Jean Murray |
Categories: boyfriend, character, desire,

Love Letter Ii

Fionn Mac Cumhaill I was a fool
to let go of you it sounds.
All because your hairy hounds
kept soiling my house and grounds.

For certain I'm sure I'll never find a
Godlike man such as you again.
I miss kissing, your muscles rippling,
fair hair glistening, what a mane.

I was insane, I admit it now.
Please take me back, to you I bow.
Suck you salmon thumb and see
you will always belong to me.

Fionn my warrior, my lover, my man.
I'll get you back, I must, I can.
Our bed is cold, don't be so bold.
Return, I promise not to scold.

by John Scott |
Categories: best friend,

Deputy Dawg

Old dogs will not learn new tricks
Young dogs love to play heads and tails and chase after sticks 
Give a dog a bad name
Hi meet my new puppy, I called him Saddam Hussain
Your the man now dog
You son of a *****, thats rich
Every dog has his day
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday,  fido,  saturday, sunday
Alpha male
Beta *****
Running with both hounds and hares
Cant make his mind up if he is a dog, who cares
A not unblack dog was chasing a not unsmall rabbit across a not ungreen field
Meanwhile the white dog ran after a hare through the rape seed
Meaner than a junk yard dog
$50.00 for an old fender
Hair of the dog
Too much grog
Go see a man about a dog
Go get some more grog

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham |
Categories: conflict, relationship, sad love,

I'Ll Still Smell the Roses

i'll still smell the roses
so precious and sweet
the scented pine needles
as they hang from the trees

i'll still hear the lonely hounds
at night as they bay
see the sky far above me
be it blue or at times gray

then someone someday
will mention your name
and i'll feel regret in my veins
for in my heart your love remains

by Tony Bush |
Categories: lost love,

All Is Nothing

Creations I built around your axis, 
Skilled with ideational praxis, 
Given up like snake-eyed dice, 
Sincerely proffered sacrifice. 
Tendered freely, fuelled the fire, 
Gasoline infused desire, 
Whoosh and crump of my damnation 
Redeemed by paper masque salvation. 
My living blood I would surrender, 
Blind crusader, true defender, 
Eyes put out by poker vision, 
Gouged to death by sweet precision. 
Your loosing hounds when all was done, 
I tear to shreds, the end begun, 
Dragging down, in silence bow, 
For all is nothing to you now. 
The pain of your dissemination, 
Your character assassination, 
True but sort of sad somehow, 
My all is nothing to you now.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: snow,

Loving the Snow

I love the snow grandma said with feeling.
It makes me happy said her grandson, Greeling.
The more it fell, the happier they became.
Cocoa! Said grandma. Greeling yelped “Monopoly game!”

School was cancelled, so they stayed inside cozy and fine.
Park Place and Boardwalk gave grandma a really hard time.
Greeling was winning by giant leaps and bounds.
I hope the snow never stops! Said grandma, who owned two hounds.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: dark, heartbroken, , black love,


The monster sleeps 
Release the kracken 
A ogre from down deep 
Straight from hell 
A parting of the waves 

Destroying all emotions 
With a rage filled hate 
an almighty roar escapes 
Black loveless heart 
parting of our ways 
One look 
from you 

Stone cold ice breaks 
Killing me cruelly 
without thought 
My warm heart bleeds 
The kracken's way 
turning cold loveless 
Making a stone 
of your heart 

Leave it buried 
in the deep 
Like the hounds of hell 
Chained to a bottomless pit 
Locked in the deepest depths 
In the chambers 
of your heart 
Only then 
love will shine freely

by Zhian Mostofi |
Categories: life

Musical Beings

Reflection is music in spirit
Deception is gratification through 
Decisions cover the wallpaper on the 
walls and furniture of
This stage we as actors play to these 
cosmic gapping wormholes;
Hope steering louder than the hounds 
camping out on the shoulders;
All ends in silence, and so gracefully 
repainting the road back home

Saddled on the ears of angels,
Playing the lead role,
Carrying hope through a restless letterbox
Writing the story of love as it goes
Shore to shore
Ocean to Ocean, 
Underwater yet out in the open
Swimming with the tides as God exhales 
Breath within,  without one cannot go 
IT !!

by Debasish Datta |
Categories: love

How Were You At Six Years Old

How were you at six years old,
Pigtailed, jumping down the stairs,
Or further, at a sombre seven
Disdaining play at hounds and hares

How at ten you sang to sleep
Toddler siblings two and three,
Ran home having won a prize
For racing at the school soiree

How at nine you sang to guests
And, applauded, blushed rose red
How, still at eight you feared the dark,
Took your Chinese doll to bed

I saw a photo, at seven or eight
Silent, sweet, pretty and fair
A small and loving kindly face,
Long white frock and lovely hair

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: god, heart, hope, love, truth,

Rock, Hard-Place

I would rather be left alone,
For no Love hath sprout, nor hither grown
From a crumbled Heart, once hard as stone
What shall I reap from these seeds I've sown?

From these hounds I cannot escape,
And I've not been hopeful, not as of late
The Truth will come, but I must wait
For the Will of God or Force of Fate

*This piece is very trite and encompasses most of my usual cliche's. Not really sure why I am posting it; I suppose I hope someone can relate. If you've read my other pieces, this one is really no different. I fear I am getting monotonous.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: autumn, love,

Which Way Wayward Winds

Standing atop their rugged cliffs these rocks..
Mono y mono; his hounds from hell, begin to wail
Haunting notes time's tomb she knows; asunder screams
Receding dreams lapping at love's surf prophetic nights: pale the horse
Venire facias, mounting dunes to douse their flames his doughboy's gates elixir
Mirrors belief Diana sleeps her banshee wakes ? Lucidian moths, within gypsy circles....
Conjuring an accord Haley's comet vehement, your dreamscapes gaze; Uranus gales, face to face.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: dog,

This Is Ridiculous

Pups followed her home from this place and that.
She had bulldogs, basset hounds, and puppies so fat.
They followed her inside and lay down on her bed.
The mattress was cozy underneath each little head.

Her almost suiters were astounded to see the scene.
They said, “This is ridiculous!” One sounded quite mean.
You do not understand, she said. Here, I am the queen.
And my love for dogs and puppies is immensely keen.