Love Poems About Hounding or Hounding Love Poems
by Iris E. S-Lewis |
Categories: adventure, anxiety, appreciation, best friend, black love,

On Wings of Time

Right here, in this misty moment
Missing you,
My soul burns  
Feeling pulsation of your being.

This warmth, courteous as zephyr breeze
Invisible as new moment's gift, meeting you
I'll savor this consuming sting of torment
Needing you.

Such ravenous hunger
Hounding me like Cupid's stare,
I must simmer, but
All I see, and feel, and breathe, 
Embraces us.


by Mike Gentile |
Categories: desire, feelings, how i feel, longing, love, romance, trust, voyage,

Depth Charge

Away, away, yet bound for love
            And what, this hindrance hounding still  
For feelings left but unexpressed
                       I hold back, yet against my will

And though I voyage in my search
                 I touch but what the surface knows
Afraid to plunge into the deep
                       Exploding as this feeling grows

But forge ahead and not hold back
                            I must if love is to be found
To reach my destination and
                         to not again run ship aground

Remembering as a youth,
           the fear of unrequited love