Love Poems About Hounded or Hounded Love Poems
by Nola Perez |
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As It Snowed a Collaboration

  (poem ending with the fine print in a liquor ad)

As it snowed, I heard thunder
 *the gods bowling snowballs to keep themselves warm.
Then the avalanche came.
 *like lovers who run both hot and cold.
The gods buried themselves until their Russian wolfhounds arrived.
 *I remember feeling good that gods had wolfhounds, 
            Russian or otherwise.
The wolfhounds fell in love with the snow.
 *it surrounded them and hounded them, coolly.
It made a wolfhound cocktail topped with a cherry,
 *which Smirnoff copyrighted for the common man.

           "Drink responsibly"
First lines by Nola Perez
Second lines by Michael Perez

Posted for the Poet Destroyer

by Andy Sprouse |
Categories: lost love


In flight I've lost my way
Fueled, hounded by desire for another.
She eludes me effortlessly;
Laughs at my plight.
Many times have I felt her touch;
Ever-teasing, I find myself swiftly bereft.

She wears many disguises;
Such that I've never gazed upon the visage
Of she whom I seek.
I court a fey temptress,
Content to dance forever beyond my reach.
Shall I ever find a way to her heart?

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: happiness, life, loneliness, love, romantic, uplifting,

The Recluse

I was not prepared for the fame...
Didn't realize the price of a name.
Millions of eyes were watching me-
No place to go they could not see!
My whole life was then an open book,
And anyone at all could take a look.
My former extroversion slowly died,
Since I felt the need to run and hide.
Hounded forever by the eager press,
In public, at all times, an actress!
Searching in vain for my normal life,
Compelled to escape from all the strife.
Yet, my blue sanctuary held no peace,
Its loveliness gave deficient release.
But very soon, I found someone to love,
And my blazing heart was free as a dove!