Love Poems About Houdini or Houdini Love Poems
by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: analogy,

Life Is a Chance

I love the sound of rescue squad sirens
Someones got a chance

Houdini had no chance
He wanted to survive everything

Kennedy had no chance
He wanted what's best for people

Communism had no chance
Someone had to be in charge
And we all know by now
Power corrupts

Capitalism has no chance
People want more
Top to bottom
Squabbling gets ugly

Philanthropy has no chance
(see above)
Give it away
But not too much

I have a chance
I want to save the world

From what?
I'm not sure

To what?
I don't know

Or maybe I do
Uncertainty is key


by Ele Ven |
Categories: love, passion,

I Wanna Feel the Passion Between Your Legs

I wanna feel the passion between your legs
I wanna taste the beauty so deep in you
Like a sheet spread on a bed, spread over me
Tangle our bodies and lock'em with the key thrown away 
Just you and me, not even Houdini could escape this.
I Love you so much I wanna take it out and hand it to you
Feel the weight, use two hands and understand 
you created this like a baby in your womb 
Feel this and know this is yours!

by Wandering Butterfly |
Categories: love, passion, romancelove,


Hush now darling
But don’t dare to close your eyes
Our bodies are crossing
Your hips between my thighs
Our thoughts crystallize

Free your minds expressions
Feel the things you see
Motivate this session
With your wildest fantasy
Think and let it be

Let our love be our genie
We are each others wings
Our love’s magic like Houdini
On a carpet ride we sing
How our love forever rings

Hush now darling
Tonight will be the key
Look to the starling
Let imagination lead,
And hormones free

**Contest by Francine Roberts; Make me Swoon, but read the contest**
Quantain (English)

by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. |
Categories: friendship, love, may,

Whom May 2k12

Whom may genuinely possess the master key?
Whom may unlock this heart's finest within?
Whom may Houdini I with such hidden key?
Whom may love this man for the man within?

by Misty Mccoi |
Categories: abuse,

Red Black and Blue

Red Black and Blue

Don’t put your arms around me

Displaying phony comfort

Trying to convince me that everything’s going to be alright

Houdini, I’ve seen this trick before

And I know the way this story ends

Busted bloody lips, swollen black eyes & a variety of blue bruises

That stands out menacingly

For everyone to see

Not the gentleness of I love you

It ends in red, black and blue

by Alex Brown |
Categories: angst, confusion, friendship, introspection, life, love, nostalgia, people, thank you


You played my mind 
With that tricky style

That untamed shimmer in your eye
Leaves my world upside down

You disappeared like Houdini
And came back with nonchalance

You shared a new world
Then took it all back

You held me and soothed me
You whispered love to my soul

But you lied, and you stabbed me
Yet I stand tall, unbroken

You are too real to be real
Too believable to believe

by Luke Gallagher |
Categories: beautiful, betrayal, cry, deep, farewell, feelings, first love,

Houdini Love

They say love is magical,
and I agree.
For something so strong,
so apparent, to dissolve 
so quickly- it must be. 

Just like that, there was
No midnight words to 
drown the sorrow.
No eager hug to ease
the pain. 
No frozen kiss to form
the bridge to forever.

by Desirae Petho |
Categories: angst, animals, death, loss, pets, daughter, daughter,


Alone in the dark
On the empty little road
Lay the defenseless dog
That tried to make it home.

Too late to save him
She pulls him away
From the cold wet asphalt
In an unforgiving middle lane.

Alone in the pouring rain
Devastated with grief
She mourns the black angel
Her daughter once claimed.

“That’s MY dog” she announced
To all that would see
The big black dog
Straining to be free.

We picked and we joked
About the tricks he performed,
How he managed to escape,
Little Houdini was he.

Now all that remains
Is the love we all shared
For a big black dog
That taught my daughter to care.