Love Poems About Hottest or Hottest Love Poems
by Robert Lindley |
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Two Hearts, Two Lives, An Eternal Meld

Two hearts, Two Lives, An Eternal Meld

Hold your horses, those waters arent so deep
far, far more to life that eating and sleep.
Roses gleaming, dawn's beckoning new frosts
things you'd defend at any and all costs.
Picnicking, lakeside with your true soulmate
times you won, while so sorely tempting Fate!

Living to discover love, its treasures
path taken, with life's sweet, simpler pleasures.
Now gaze back at nights of hottest romance
with future lives planned, nothing left to chance.

Magnificent joy, two loving gems held
with two hearts, two lives, an eternal meld.

R.J. Lindley,
March 3rd, 1978
Sonnet, ( Life's Sweetest Promises )

by Johnathon Bart |
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Forever Yours

It's a LOve so hot,
With all I've got,
Hotter than the heart
Of the hottest center,
Of the hottest star,
And it doesn't matter
How far away you are
Cause a LOve like this
Comes only once in time,
And to me, it is above most prime,

Sleep is hard
LOve so much fills my head,
How did I ever live without?
My heart was dead...

To touch you softly
To touch your hair
So much more
Than, to dream,
I ever did dare,
Your arms to grasp
In sweet LOve we clasp
Alone once more, again

My life is now complete,
The fairytale came true,
And all the rest of my life,
Is devoted to LOving you.

by Chipepo Lwele |
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Family 1

Family is one of the paramount thing in life,
 it's more than gold and silver! 
There might be a bit of rivalry, disappointment and frustration;
but in the end,love for each other prevails.
Sweet or bad memories, makes our family matters most!
Family is one of the finest things about nature and relationships. Family in test of time, family stands of all odds! 
No one applied to be born in a rich or poor family.
No one applied to be born in notorious family.
No one applied to be born in a diplomatic family.
Family is like an Oasis in the hottest desert!
Love clears up all misunderstanding and mistrust!

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: lost love,

The Chrysalis

The chrysalis of bad emotions boil
Evanescent expressions cross the lips
A plethora of lines like sea's turmoil
The talisman has lost its charming grip

Radiant sapphire deep eyes that desire
Dulcet voice in rhapsodic love song
A boiling cauldron steaming hottest fire
Not the idyllic iron pot that's strong

The felicity of the affair gone
Reality's presence comes to play
The plethora of felicity withdrawn
Clouds gather banked in dark charcoal gray

Evanescent talisman like a blond wig
Who has been had; who was it that was rigged  

Rig in one sense means the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme

by Adeleke Adeite |
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You Are My Dream Come True

The skies are bright and blue,
you are my dream come true.
Our stars are nice and new:
you are my dreams come true.

I've seen some blazing snow:
you are my dream come true;
my dark nights beam aglow;
you are my dream come true.

I've mount the deepest hills
you are my dream come true.
I've felt the hottest chills:
you are my dreams come true.

Come feel this cold fire;
you are my dream come true;
this is my dearest desire...
You are my dream come true.

You are my flawless flower...
You are my dream come true.
Let's share the heavenly shower...
You are my dream come true.

by Aiyah Torres |
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The Most Beautiful Woman

She does not own the perfect vital statistics,
nor has a pointed nose,the shiniest hair.
She is not as gorgeous as Miss Universe,
But the world's turning because of her.
Her hands are not as soft as cotton,
Her skin is not as smooth as silk.
She is not the hottest girl in a magazine.
The girl that drives you to heaven.
Her lips aren't like as Angelina Jolly,
But has a power to send you in bliss.
She is an extraordinary woman...
She is your wife....
Love her with all your heart.
Show her the beauty she owns inside.
For she's the most beautiful woman,
A mother of your child.

by Tammy Armstrong |
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The hallway
    became the perfect place
to rest inside her hiding space,
as daylight danced
through amber leaves 
into the tickled carpeting -
and on November's hottest day
Pure love found purring through a pane,
and climbed into her cardboard box -
to warm her
    and a pair of socks.

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor,

The Game

Most teenagers love, "Spin the Bottle"
Especially when girls go glottal
But as women age
They all reach a stage
Where all that is shaking is wattle . . . . .

When a teenage girl spins the bottle
It should point out the hottest throttle
But as men age
They reach a stage
Where the only movement is wattle . . . .

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: dedication, lost love, lovecare, care,

The Soup Needs More Salt... a Big One For Poetrysoup

As a plain and passionate pen, I ponder
How would some wealthy words just wander
Out of this world of wisdom and wonder?
And we don’t care to search for them in yonder

Let’s lend our love to those who are lost
We don’t need much, we need to be just
All we need is to bear the courtesy cost 
Of knowing and asking after the lost

It’s a pity!  Poetrysoup is a colorful city,
I guess we have the hottest hospitality,
Yet I don’t know if we have the tenacity
To cater for those who zoom out of this city

I wonder why some hot meats halt
And we don’t care to ask… what
Could have happened? We’re all at fault;
This pot of soup needs more sincere salt.

by Sherry Watson |
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My Greatest Desire Is You.....

You bring out the beast in me
can't you see
WE hold the key to our destiny

Something about you, always ignites
the hottest, most sensual passion
deep inside my soul
you make me feel so whole

Yet you also bring out
the angel inside me,
inspiration of love and kindness,
and all things good
this love will never be understood

Being with you is so heavenly
that I feel as if I could
do the impossible
because you make me feel so remarkable

your my heavenly delight
the one i love to hold tight
You're my heaven and my warm and gentle nights
You're my fire,
and my greatest desire.

by Jude Kyrie |
Categories: crush, dream,

In Jude's Dream

In my dream
Jude is riding 
a 64 red mustang
convertible with
white upholstery.
The beatles are
All my lovin'
its throaty roar
at eighty mph 
caused a squeal of 
delight from my
Ellie Whitehead
only the hottest girl 
in my school. 
I have been
fantasizing about her
for weeks.
Wow! I am seventeen again.
I love this dream.
the alarm clock 
vibrates with a 
mean spirited 
I awake rudely.
I kiss the
middle aged lady
in my bed
and whisper
rise and shine
Ellie my love.
it's a brand new day.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, lost love, love

Aqua Rose

Deep in the Caribbean coral reef;
A bright blue rose, one salted leaf.
The stem has strength of ancient gods.
The roots of time have not withered
Her petals of truth grow strong with age
Her story unfolds from a watery cage
Her stamen: the history of man.
I knew her well, Aqua, my wife.
No longer seen with mortal eye,
You don't hear her sobs: her cry
No sweet hello's, no fond good-bye.
Memories of undying love.
Floating serenely in waters blue
The hottest sunshine filtered through.
The Aqua Rose is my love true.
Her watery grave shall be redeemed.
Long before Aqua was a rose;
She was innocence, personified
She was mine and I was hers
Soon we shall share Eternity.

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Americ's Hottest Talk Line

Got some Charity number
Usually put it on my cell phone
Called it and heard something Different
Called it the next day

Was America’s Hottest Talk Line
Met a lot of different men
An Erotic Site

You record your greeting
Thought it’s a therapy for my voice
Other men love my sick voice
Helps men release their tension

In there to help men
Helps men release their tension

by Jaymyria Etienne |
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The Heart

what happens to a broken heart?

does it melt like lipstick 
trapped in a car on 
the hottest day of the year?
or does it implode 
like a star in great fear?
does it shatter like confused glass?
or bust and fall over--
like a runner ending last?

maybe it withers 
like an old thread. 

or maybe it's just dead. 

~Ode to Mr. Langston~

by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heart, love, metaphor, smile, sun,

You Don'T Hide But You'Re Out of Sight

You don’t hide but you’re out of sight
Out of eyes out of hottest lips
I forgot your unusual light
Apathy has grown as eclipse.
It was creeping in to the space
In the hearts, it was hard to watch
But I’ve seen in crowd your face
Through the skies. And I’ve never thought
That you’ll smile to me as the sun
You were speaking without the rush
And that tale didn’t stop to run
It had let worried soul to gush.

by Aarya Roy |

Story of a Boy

Its so easy to think of others,
but why its hard to forget you?
I have forgot the past at ease,
but how can i make my future 
without you?
You are the only breeze,
in my hottest day.
Now i know,
its no worth to say.
My paining heart,
flew away for a while.
Flew away to see,
your killer smile.
But when it returned,
it was dead once more.
Died in your love,
and still resting in my core....

by Vernon Thomas |
Categories: desire, feelings, longing, love,

To Love, To Hold

To love and be loved by you, all I ever wanted
To hear you say I love you all I need
To be your first thought at dawn and your last at dusk is my truest desire
To be your most cherished hello and your most dreaded goodbye
A love like the one I crave burns like the hottest day 
Anything less only gives me a lukewarm sensation
To hold you, my most treasured daydream
To comfort you at your worst and embrace you at your best
The warmth brought on by your strong embrace a sensation I hold most sacred 
To be entwined within your arms is a form of bliss like no other

by Sami Gjoka |
Categories: absence, universe,

I Cant Change the Universe

I can't change it, - I cant change it, - I can't change the universe
I cant bear this grandiose torture, I am just a dying man
Please deliver me from being - let me die and be nothing
Through this vastness- dust and clouds I wish I was a glint
Please my Love, My God be mercy, free me please from all this weight
Cast me to the hottest fire, Inside grates I can't escape
I am just a man that's dying, I can't change the universe
Please God I am scared of ruining with skills I don’t possess
All that is, My god be mercy, I can't change the universe!

by Lloyd J Bonds |
Categories: love,

Til I Wither

I run to Her, my heart
like a child to a dream, his fantasy
as running from the hottest flames of 
Hades from this hell, 
to Her heart 
my Refuge 
my Solace 
my Respite 
in Her safety;
in one of Her four chambers, 
dwells i 
the rhythm of 
Her life 
lulls me eternally 
the warmth of 
Her embrace 
tells me i'm safe 
forever, i'll stay 
'til i wither in 
Her Love

by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: how i feel, love, me, passion,

The Brick House

I'd rather bring up the topic,
Not talking about,
How she's the hottest,
Just me being honest,
Because who I wanted,
Was the woman,
I wanted to love.

I want to open up my heart,
About loving you,
Yet I'm holding up my guard,
And the words won't undo;
They will not express,
From my chest and exude,

Yet I hope you're the one
Who loves me too.

by Aarya Roy |
Categories: love

Story of a Boy

Its so easy to think of others,
but why its hard to forget you?
I have forgot the past at ease,
but how can i make my future 
without you?
You are the only breeze,
in my hottest day.
Now i know,
its no worth to say.
My paining heart,
flew away for a while.
Flew away to see,
your killer smile.
But when it returned,
it was dead once more.
Died in your love,
and still resting in my core....

by Paul Curtis |
Categories: love

My Beacon

Your beauty is like a beacon
That shines through the universe
Brighter than the hottest star
In this galaxy and those beyond
I bask in its illumination
Orbiting like a faithful moon
Content to be your satellite
Ever in your perfect light

by Verlecia Fields |
Categories: anniversary, black african american, inspirational, love, mother, passion, philosophy, wife,

"what a Women Is Made of "(Part One)

i am, from the  newest  of born clay 
made of my mother's earth 
to be molded 
and not to  be played with 

i am,  the pain of  glass
made of sand
to block the wind 
to be looked though 
and never meant 
to be broken  

i am from the small  crust of bread
made of the smallest grain 
bake in the hottest of suns 
and not meant to be shared 

i am, from the oldest of rain drops  
made of heaven first tears 
to wash and refresh 
with essence of water 
and perception of , thousands years  

made to love only you 
to kiss only you 
soft and ready 
only  for you

by Skaidiv Morjin |
Categories: dedication, deep, lonely, lost love,

Beyond Reach

Across borders

My Love was lost
hidden afar
further to breach
Like kids chase dandelions till they cannot be reached
I've cast myself away like a stone in the deep

Across borders

Across borders

I've shot crimson roman candles through my subtleties
Expressions I've repressed within the shadows of my grief
extends through out of my yearning like a hound tied to the leash

Across borders

Across borders

I wish to sojourn the tides like Ulysses
But I know "the hottest love has the coldest end" like quotes of Socrates
Across borders like renaissance statues with no sight nor speech

by Norman Littleford |
Categories: planet, space,

Venus Or Hell

Within our solar system
Is a planet we know well,
I’ve heard it called Earth's sister 
But I think it’s more like hell.

The Romans called it Venus
Unique in every way,
Because it rotates in reverse
A year becomes less than a day.

The surface is full of volcanoes
At least one over five miles high,
Yet at night apart from the moon
It’s the brightest thing in the sky.

Hottest of all our planets
With the heaviest atmosphere,
90 times more pressure
Than we experience here.

So beautiful to look at
Shining from above,
I can see why the Romans named it
Venus Goddess of Love.