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She dances to his tune When she does his bidding, he’s over the moon He acts so cool Yet he plays her for a fool This innocent girl has got the hots But she is so naive he’s calling all the shots She dangles like a puppet on a string Can’t see that she’s just his plaything He’s like so many other cheating lying guys Using her because she’s not worldly wise She needs to get wise Get wise to his lies He wears a disguise You can’t see his eyes Get wise Get wise Or does he have you hypnotised? Wise up before he leaves you for another Get wise so it won't come as a surprise. 08-07-17

by Jack Ellison |
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My Icky Gooey Soft Side

This jester has been un-jester-like lately Gushing with loving thoughts What has happened to this happy old jester Acting like a teenager with the hots! My icky gooey soft side is showing Try to keep it hidden from view But it overtakes me once in a while Not to blame, plead innocent, I do I'm feeling a bit icky gooey right now Trying hard to resist, it's true But don't blame me if it pops up again Trying hard, that's all I can do Guess I'll just let the sweet love flow Funnies will be left to brood Just for while till it's out of my system And I'm rid of this loving mood Perhaps NEVER!!! © Jack Ellison 2013

by daver austin |
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valentine you rock
you be a real cool tattoo
got the hots for you
let’s get it on damn fine soon
sip corona    shoot the moon

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
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King Eddie The VIIIth And Wallie Simpson

King Edward The VIIIth, pitiable blighter, abdicated the throne.
He had the hots for an American divorcee - this the Brits would not condone!
He was King for a spell and the paramours continued their torrid romance.
They later wed, he was busted to Duke of Windsor and they settled in France.

Wallis Simpson was middle-class but knew how to climb the social rungs.
She was twice divorced which triggered a legion of wagging tongues.
They met at Lady Furness's digs and Wallie thought Eddie not all that sexy,
But they wed incurring upon The Archbishop of Canterbury a case of apoplexy!

Entry for Carolyn Devonshire's "Clerihew Couples For Valentines Day" Contest
(10 January 2019)