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by Tatiana McCollum |
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The Truth

Looking in through the window I knew I knew
They lied about fire. What’s new, what’s new?
The mother’s hated husband for a long ago
But where would she go, where will she go?

The father couldn’t answer a one question
He looked like a frozen dummy. He got a message.
They both knew the truth, but lied. They lied.
The poor boy was scared. He cried, he cried.

T’ interrogator asked them to tell the truth.
He did not want them share the true news.
The couple was united as never was quiet
They tried to be protective for a poor child.

Copyright © Tatiana McCollum, 2013

November 6/2013

by kevin leake |
Categories: beautiful,

A Song In My Heart

There’s a song in my heart
I want you to know
Just sing along
And go with the flow

It’s a wonderful feeling
That starts deep inside
Burning with love
That just satisfies

With a skip and a jump
My little heart beats
Dancin to rhythm
With sparkles and leaps

It’s glowing and glowing
Wonderfully bright
Let me start serving
This lovely delight

Between you and me
I’d like you to know
That this special gift
Is starting to grow

With joy in my heart
I’m feeling so fine
This comes from knowing
Your always be mine

© Copyright 10th August 2013 K.C.Leake

by kevin leake |
Categories: baby,


Inspiration comes from within
When your head, starts to spin
When your hearts, so full of love
And your mind, glides like a dove

It flows from my pen, I found
Every time you come around
You could be my shining star
Your attraction, has won by far

But I find I love to dance
And I like it when you glance
Expressing what I have you see
With all this bubbly energy

Dance and rhythm is what I got
So come around and were get hot
I love my music that’s for sure
And I never want to close that door

So if you wanna be set free
Just come along and meet with me
I’m ready, waiting with a song
Dancin now, all night long!

12th August 2013 K.C.Leake

by kevin leake |
Categories: beautiful,

The Beach

As I walk along the shore
With the sun light in my eyes
I smell the deep blue sea
And hear the seagull’s cries

The splashing of the waves
And the coolness of the air
Brings me so much joy
With laughter at the fair

The beauty of the sand
Pressed between my toes
Sea-breeze upon my face
As my tan starts to show

Just wading in the sea
And flowing with the tide
Feeling mighty free
And very satisfied

Bathing on the beach
Watching children play
Smiling having fun
On this sunny day

Walking hand in hand
Like two special doves
Kissing in the sand
Whispering words of love

© Copyright 11th August 2013 K. C. Leake