Love Poems About Hotly or Hotly Love Poems
by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, flower, heart, love, peace, sea, smile,

From the Deepest Caves One Name Echoed

Smiling hotly you're the flame captured underneath 
burning with a sunrise golden gleam frosted

Sparkling within dewdrops crystals crash 
over oceans waves rise and fall to grace

At your feet adoring they kiss salt saluting promise 
kneeling upon the sand footprints hold ground held 

Those inside one thousand memories wrapped forever 
perfect jewel you are the pearl of a deep sea always crowned

Lustre of one rainbow washed clean cut perfect flower 
white lily from the heart of love you brought peace

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: emotions, feelings, light, moon, sun,

I Feel Love

Hotly breathing upon the heartbeats murmur  
where a thousand doves warmly flutters inwardly 
taking one's breath away beyond breathless chants 

Golden miracle of the sun born deeply soft crowning jewels 
dewdrops within the night's reflection sparkle glisten 
where a moon leaves the loving imprint behind timeless

Wings marveling land adoring the haloed vision framed beholding  
oceans whisper softly across the tides moving sands 
each little step up brings us slightly closer to heaven

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: creation, dark, desire, evil, loss, sensual, sexy,

She, That Eats Hearts and Worlds

She Eats Hearts and Worlds

In this world life stands still
heartache chokes in for the kill
Sidewalk leaps up to quickly slay
Fools racing all about every day

That pain sets just so damn well
she that strode from the gates of hell
Tarnishing all that gave in love
her sex fits tightly, like a glove

Those nights did so hotly soothe
she the sexy vixen so damn smooth
Always naked and steaming ready to go
no man could resist the sexual show

In her world you gladly die to play
such delights , pure passion every way
Then roofs came loudly crashing down
death came with smiles and no damn frown!

Robert J. Lindley.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, romance,

Only You Babe

Tasting delights softly captured
in a keyhole of thoughts 
warmly smiling
radiates within one porthole 
Outside the mind
opening this heart sweetly yawning 
twilight dawning .

Clouds shades red blushing desire
fading to amber 
going further out from the sun
turning shades 
from gun barrel grey to black 
setting our scene.

kissing outside in 
thinking of your beauty love 
Licking deeply tongues on fire 
warm fluttering rays
hotly kissing each beat
burning passion erupting inside desires.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, dream, emotions, feelings, love, mirror,

Lost In a Dream

You are so very beautiful darling 
behind the mirror a soul sings 
stirring hotly emotional feelings 
how the passion burns flower of flowers 
regal crowning desires petals touching 

Silken lips purse blushing one rose holding 
sunshine beams inside warm fingers of light 
Stroking hair gently halo radiating chords deeply dance 
looking into jewels of a treasure gem shines 
gifted I am to have met your beautiful soul 

Over and over in the heart skips 
beams jumping over the moon silver whispers 
silently makes love to you in every single thought 
hot sexy kissing every inch nibbling 
within the deepest love inside loving

by Diane M Quinlan |
Categories: clothes, love,

Shade-Trees, Clothes Pegs, Wet Clothes Outside,

Shade-trees ©

Hung branches show new leaf-bud coats
Spring rains draw forth their foliage 
Full leaved arches open spread above 
Summer lovers shade!

Pegged Wash ©

Clothes hang outside to dry clean
Their colours shout their glory
Sheets snap and shirts bloat outside
Pant legs dance and twist!

Wet Clothes ©

Strong fragrant breezes flow hotly 
And caress to dry wet cloth
Snapping all the pegged washing
Smelling of wash soap.

Closed Pegs

Clutching pegs on clothing lines
Hang washed cloth by their corners
Summer time blown breezes touch-dry
Birds void while perching!

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beauty, butterfly, kiss, love, rose, song, sunset,

Fairest Flower

You are to me petal soft 
deeply blossoming scarlet rose 
so beautiful within song

Growing within life's Orchard 
One bite cherries burst flavour
fruity inside the kiss held

Where the sunsets born hotly

Loving golden butterflies 
begin to warmly waltz up
inside a heartbeats skip pure

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, dedication, desire, joy, love, wife,

Wrote Her Another Poem

Wrote Her Another Poem

Wrote an alluring poem for her this morn
joys of love for her and our first born
The Sun rose to bask glory upon her face
as she walked in beauty and perfect grace

Gentle wind sang of great admiration too
as flowers in unison it so joyously blew
The trees swayed in rhythm and sweet time
earth going right along with gentle clime

Honeydew , pretty songs of birds did tell
of sweetness and harmony given as well
She that elicits a glowing sincere praise
my heart, joy and temperature did raise

Hot morn matching an intense hotly felt ardor
she that stirs me to ever try so much harder!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-06-2014

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, devotion, emotions, faith, love, romance,

Apple Once Bitten Desires

Always sweet to the mind 
one bite looking through these eyes 
shades the blossoms scenting 
touching inside deepest cords 

Softest emotions grin 
begin petal smiling warm 
gently in my weakness 
is you love hot burning warm 

Beats drip honey golden 
deep brushing silent fingers 
sweetly touching inside 
pulse dance, flickering hotly 

Unquenchable fire 
through the one keyhole looking 
on petal coloring 
every shade,amber sweeping 

To gold on glass misting 
gem of life you will always 
remain a mystery 
sweet beautiful dream

wrote in 6/7 syllable count

by Carma Sanderson |
Categories: adventure, love, passion,

Generating Chemistryku'

Set stars, glaz, Passion, 
in eye thru mid nite, air,
Generating, chemistry,

A Mountains roar, climb
Among soft pillows, cloud,
Bursting orange- fire, flame,

Streams fluently,A rivers flow,
To engage, on high, vent,
I breath, hotly thru the sun,

Continue sly boils my, heated,
Desire, to engage, everything,
About you, with the touch of my lips..

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: emotions, love, romance,

Spirit of Emotion

softest falling petals
drifting into feelings
that binds deeply
growing bonds
with tender affection
strongly ties together
two worlds 
become one

blossoming desire
flowering devotion
conquering the heart
hungering emotions
spiritually thirsting
chemically connecting
stimulating energy
a bonding marriage 
setting this world
hotly on fire

as drums
they beat faster
encircling warm
fluttering strokes
dancing in pleasure
safely within happiness
singing one 
joyful spirit
upon wings descending
falling from 
a great height
into this soul
the heart's pleasure
opening chambers
flooding beauty
with love
in you

by Daniel Human |
Categories: allusion, irony,

The Shape of Ash

Wood burns hotly
Then embers 
Then ash
Where or what is life and love 
When embers cool down?
Where is substance
When at a touch the embers
Is the substance real or is it just shape? 
A shadow of what was,
A sculpture of fate?
Is the coolness all there is left? 
Or is there still something 
In elemental belief?
When the Gaslamp
Burns its new sock
The sock turns to ash
Yet still defies the clock
It still holds its shape,
Even if touched it’s just ash
But when given a light
It still burns bright
Defying understanding
Confounding insight.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beauty, fairy, fantasy, love, romance,

Adoring Beautiful

morning dew 
crowning expressions
rising dripping passion 
circle embraces
hotly desires 
held inside vision 
blue clear
tunnel shining
lovingly end
a mirror reflection 
of one rose 

paints color 
in light 
sprinkling starlight
of petals beauty 
enchanting sweetly 
magic spells 
within this heart 
jewel warm 
a soul treasure
naked fingers dance
touching heartbeats 

explode skipping emotions 
play softly 
on strings pulling
tender  feelings 
arrow strikes 
flying chants 
echoes with 
the spirits
of an angel sings
love struck

by Lisa Smith |
Categories: lost lovesweet, love, sweet,

From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life

From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life

From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life,
Forever Spiraling In Erotic and Eternal Chaos.
Hotly Contesting All of Life's Graphic Strife,
Lustfully Desiring the Very Best and Worst of Us.

From This Love Springs Immortal Pain,
Wanting For Death's Bold and Merciful Grasp.
Ravenous and Hungry For This Love and Lust In Vain,
Like The Deadly Spider to The Lorned Wasp.
From This Sweet and Bitter Pain, Springs Poetic Life,
Breathing Into My Dead Soul A Burst of Brief and Shallow Breath. 
Carrys Me Forward Through The Sharpness of This Mortal Knife,
Praying For A Lover's Most Merciful and Delicious Death.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,

Contrary Wonderland 3

Plight plays pretty prose
Deed defies dense dose
Clever charms coast close

Love leaves legacy
Meet most minds motley
Hell hurls hurts hotly


Fire frees form fleeting
Measure moves meeting
Succinct self seeking

Love lifts life lofty
Laughter loves loosely
Live language lovely


Leon Enriquez
22 March 2015

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: care, children, emotions, life, love, mother,


Ecstasy of the Mother

Every step of the male tiger Samba looked suspicious
Close to her cubs he was circling threateningly
Seeing him that way, Maya, the female was alert
There and then she deserted her four cubs
And lured him away by courting hotly for mating
Samba lost himself into what he had been after
Young cubs thus  saved by the caring mom fake mating
June 29, 2016
Note: True story reported in Times of India, June 29, 2016

by Rob Levasseur |
Categories: love,

Have You

Have you ever
loved so hotly that
a flaming sword
couldn’t bleed you?
Couldn’t burn away
one infinitesimal

Have you ever
wanted so much that
swallowing all the
stars from heaven
would leave you
aching with

Have you ever
needed so much that
you’d soar
cold frozen naked
to the dark shadows
of bleak
Neptune and die
over and over again?

Have you ever
desired so much that
your body
trembles and quakes
shivers and shakes
planets from

I have
I do

every single moment
this love
swallows me whole
until I become
its very essence

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: desire, love, romance,

Only You Babe

Tasting delights softly captured
in a keyhole of thoughts ,
warmly smiling
radiates within one porthole ,
outside the mind
opening this heart sweetly yawning 
dawning twilight .

Clouds shades red blushing desire
fading to amber ,
further out from the sun
turning shades 
from gun barrel grey to black 
setting our scene.

kissing outside in 
thinking of your beauty love ,
licking deeply tongues on fire 
warm fluttering rays ,
hotly kissing each beat,
burning passion erupting inside desires.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: deep, romantic, sad love,

Love Dew

morning pearl 
has broken 
upon the ground
firing kisses 
splashing upon life 
all over salted
hotly pressed deeply

striking like bullets
from the deepest chambers
landing hot
softly upon lips
good morning
sun shining dew
with angelic tears
divine love 

falling upon
this earth
your grace
sweet beautiful love

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: romance,

Timeless Waterfall

Sweet sounding music 
begins dancing 
sweetly within 
the mind 
trickling softly 
tender droplets 
fall into 
deep waters 

Touching each drop 
fills with delight 
on breaking reflections 
begins caressing drumbeats 
ripples dance 
panned played emotions 
magically musically 
played waterfall 
thunders desire 

Whistling feelings 
playing from 
the depths 
of one heart 
flutes enchanting 
a soul 

Sings out 
intoxicating love 
flows hotly 
delightfully drunk 
a ravishing dream 
bewitching enchants 
the deepest organ 
one timeless beauty 
falls around you

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: adventure, lost love, love, strength,

Lover's Holiday....Sweet Upheaval

Drawn from chaos Eros spell
Cupids arrow lovers swell
ought naught the stomach
.......full of knots,
can't eat,can't sleep emotion weeps

Crime of passion hotly contested
inner strength has meltdown bested
to have,too hold obsessive possession
the lovers twisted self annihilation.....

Bow string taut and quiver full
vibrations follow arrows pulled
deep the wound and deeper still
the mind to lose it's strength of will
driven is infatuated lust.....
distinguish difference our Pysche must
bring home to love our soul to trust,
guided on those winded gusts......

by Rob Levasseur |
Categories: love,

Come Closer

Come closer my love
tease me
seize me.

Feel me my love
want me
haunt me.

Love me my love
touch me
clutch me.

Hear me my love
take me
break me.

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by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Take Me To Church

You are sweet of face, you have a certain grace
that both nuns and priest hotly desire.

The scent of sex is in you
it rides you.
The musk of a tigress permeates through
as you read a Sunday sermon.

God is back in His changing room,
He looks through a mirror
at your long legs and short skirt
turning this way and that
admiring what He sees.

The congregation sings a hymn
swaying from repression to raw lust.
Your voice rings out breaking glass minds.

I know God loves you
for He has love for both the tiger and the lamb
in equal measure,
and we are all prey to the innocence
of His nature.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allusion, analogy, metaphor, poetry, words,

Other Words

If love had another name
        would be equally tender, smooth
        and biased affection ...
        If the rose was called thorn,
        it would still be charming,
        smelling ... still charming and elegant.
        If the devil was called God,
       this God would lose the grandeur
       and would hate to be called God ...
       If life were death,
       it would still be desirable
       and hotly dear ...
      But if death were life,
      would be vilified, rejected and
      no one would desire her
      as a friend ...!