Love Poems About Hotline or Hotline Love Poems
by Deliverabeth Moore |
Categories: family

Two Peas In a Pod...

Two peas in a pod…..

Two peas in a pod,
There they are one after another,
She whispers in his ear,
While he covers the other,

Two peas in a pod,
She mimics his every move,
Playing games “I win you lose”,
As if, they both have something to prove,

Two peas in a pod,
I am telling mom,
I can swear they have a love hate relationship,
What happen to my parenting guide or 24 hour hotline tip?

Two peas in a pod,
They will forever be together,
Plotting and planning to do whatever,
A terror for most,
For me a blessing,
     My kids

By Deliverabeth Moore

by Mohan Chutani |
Categories: scary,

A Hot Soup

Corona has made a hot soup
caught us unawares, in a coup
a hothead.

We love to touch, hug eachother
enjoy our drink, chat together
with hotdog.

This weakness Corona exploited 
mutating, making us doited
a hotrod.

Wanting to do damage contain
caregivers hurried, to maintain
a hotline.

Humans' old habbits die very hard
older and sick, it did bombard
as hotbed