Love Poems About Hotbed or Hotbed Love Poems
by Mohan Chutani |
Categories: scary,

A Hot Soup

Corona has made a hot soup
caught us unawares, in a coup
a hothead.

We love to touch, hug eachother
enjoy our drink, chat together
with hotdog.

This weakness Corona exploited 
mutating, making us doited
a hotrod.

Wanting to do damage contain
caregivers hurried, to maintain
a hotline.

Humans' old habbits die very hard
older and sick, it did bombard
as hotbed


by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: bridal shower,

Stellar Composure

Show me a burning arrow from your quiver of love

Avail me fire and kindness set joined earth ablaze

Grant me only this one wish for the hotbed of passion

In fletching’s path we feel think reason and cherish

Throw a kiss to each other to link intimate emotions

And pheromones made in heaven straight to our hearts

Ravishing delight oozes from crest marks and cusps

Irreversible vows in tune with tides and the moon

Unlock the target when darts embrace in mid air

Suspended in everlasting promise we rise to the sky

31st March 2021