Love Poems About Hosting or Hosting Love Poems
by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: angst, courage, encouraging, love,

Kimo Therapy

I see you filled with emotional pain
You feel like you are alone
So I will hold your hand

It’s okay, you do not need to explain
I will be here through the hurt
Let me absorb your tears

When you are ready tell me how you feel
My promise is to listen
You are safe here with me.

For Carol Connell’s Kimo Therapy Contest
Written August 5th 2018

Congrats on hosting your first contest Carol. Also thanks for the example.

by Reyhan Yucebay |
Categories: devotion, emotions, friendship, giggle, life, lonely, philosophy,

Reading and Knitting

From childhood adore with love
Penny save to run to bookstore
Reading and knitting all  day 
Eyes  and hands in drop of hill
In hugging  the sea breeze 
Inviting underneath no need to breath
Deep dive to sea as host

When came beneath  in dream
In wet hands hosting pearl of shells
Breeze of the sea escaped white curtains
A new day to wash with sea and sun

Run to bookstore than get  a new canvas

by Lekau Mamabolo |
Categories: desire, hope, miracle, peace,


If miracles were from the trees
I could have picked the only
That could change the world forever
Make it a better site,
For every one of the inhabitants
Bring to an end all evils, and
Catastrophes that trouble the innocents,
Put to a stop era of calamity
That began with arrival of the evil monster,
Feeding on the lost souls,
While intoxicating them with evil appetite,
To cause chaos that cannot be fixed,
As they enjoy hosting dark forces;
So if miracles belonged to the orchard
I would have picked the only one,
That could ennoble everyone around,
Restore love and peace in our midst,
In this world born out of love

by Sadat Khan |
Categories: love

Don'T Take It Seriously

'Honey bunny' --
Here do I cross my heart;
I am confused.

Do I believe?
Do I love?
Do I see through?

But I speak a lot --
Words for words' sake;
Find my capacitated strength
In my literature --
And I enjoy that. 

Not flirting around dear,
Nor hosting a game show,
Nor stripping your 'wet-suit'
To see you in a naked aquarium.

I enjoy words,
Love, life in it.

I engineer  them and mold them
To see me gay in shaping blocks. 

Don't take my words seriously, then
Enjoy that to your heart's content.

by Jeffrey Spencer |
Categories: family,

Family Love

Family Love Whether I am taking a trip or hosting a stay Because we’re family, I can’t wait And even though, it all seems fine Little subtleties do remind The passive aggressive comments you made Makes me wonder, why you even came Cause, if you really feel that way Then find yourself a new place to stay And if it’s me that visits you I know exactly what I should do I’ll speak my mind; I’ll say my peace But you’re not sure why I had to leave And sure enough, this too will pass And at my expense, we will have a laugh And when, again, we will get together I will pass it off, to not remember Passively © 2017 Jeffrey Spencer

by Anais Vionet |
Categories: for teens, humor, humorous, jobs, sexy, teen, teen love,

Love's Positions

I'm love’s iPad ready for an embrace.
Steve Jobs got credit for the touch interface
But mine's up and running with all the updates
I'm love's police regulating the pace
"you took that curve a little fast - this isn't a race."
I'm love's surveyor drawing the lines
"the pilgrims want to explore a new area this time."
I'm love's conductor - whew - hear the engine whine
"A tourist wants the tunnel - he's ready and primed."
I'm love's waitress
"sir, that's not on the menu."
Love's entrepreneur hosting the venue
I'm love’s umpire right there in your face…
"sorry pal, but you’re out at second base!"

by Chelsea Mcginnis |
Categories: love

Devotion Designer

Hosting a bash, the belly butterflies flutter,
From the thought of you, I melt like butter.
Strong willed, outspoken unless my affection,
My retreat if ever eyes should meet in your direction. 

To reveal what I feel, I stand petrified from the fall.
Like a forest, too timid to hear the Timber call.
Heart trapped in the middle of social and destiny game,
Yet, I'm the only one between the two of them to blame.

Past romance all perishable love precedents,
But why should you get blamed from prior antecedents?
Temperature upsurge from feasible pleas able passion merge.

by Mark Beal |
Categories: faith, children, inspirational, life, peace, philosophy, visionarypeople, love, people,

Wind and Dust

Wind And Dust

Even his commandments are greater than we are
and I have heard, "You cannot please God in the flesh"
I think, then we should try and please him in the spirit
and I look around
to see how we try and please him in the spirit
under his vast, bright, blue sky
where people live and people die
and I wonder what is the difference
wind and dust
and how can we love him
when we have trouble loving each other
and how can he love us
when we have trouble loving each other
and we will find what we seek
mostly judgment
or at least it seems to me
and what are we
sisters and brothers of the living breath
hosting thoughts and others
in the flesh

by Erin Beckett |
Categories: analogy, beautiful, humanity, love, meaningful,

Kingdom Come

Sometimes too much sunlight 
renders sparks upon my vision,
'til my peripheral grows tired
and I retreat in mind and silence
to back alley streets 
hosting scent of old blood,
where life crept in 
so fast it sung violence. 

I'm fascinated by traces
of sound between ticks
in our clockwork.
The things unseen,
spreading cracks without notice,
ever shaping our dreams.

I'm looking for monsters
in the places that belong to them,
the patterns to glean
from unwanted thread.
Would you come find me 
in the spaces you dread?

Then I am yours,
and you're my King.

by Chokri Omri |
Categories: dream, friendship love, spiritual,

A Feeling

A night 
hosting my strange dream
I’m dying 
for my landing
near you O dear!

Here is a voice
Can you hear it?
stealing me
to try to meet your eyes
and carefully read your face

How come you could 
be taken for a stranger
O dear! 
How come I could hoard 
this feeling 
of your being so close to me
so closer to my heart
than its own beating..! 

C. O 
Voices from Beirut

by Vijai Pant |
Categories: beauty, how i feel, love, relationship, remember, romantic love, sexy,

The Image

Door slightly ajar
Pushed far
It's the second storey
Hosting a romantic story
Furniture spartan and simple,
Not stately like her, but dull
The whirring fan, overweening 
Haughtily saying, 'I can'
The heat, still unrelenting
Source, the sizzling thing
Negligibly clad
She crazy & he going mad
Raising the mercury further
Between him & her
Her statue-like pose
There his heart goes
Slightly raised knee
The yoga posture of a tree?
He hugs the trunks
With her love, punch drunk
And the image stays
All nights, all days.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,


Truth loiters long 
Can words speak strong?

Faith wanders far
Can words be stars?

Hope transits here
Can words spice cheer?

Love gathers poise
Can words find voice?

Wit wanders well
Can words not tell?

Mind mellows crisp
Can words stride brisk?

Heart hosting health
Can words find wealth?

Soul welcomes bliss
Can words fund ease?

Light lingers late
Can words sculpt fate?

Leon Enriquez
25 June 2018
Hamlet Place, ACT

by Olatubosun David |
Categories: love, peace,


Look up the sky, 
From this end to the yonder horizon; 
What do you see? 
A vast heaven; 
A limitless heaven; 
Hosting sundry birds of colours; 
Singing solace 
To the relief of the sorrowing world.

Turn round now, and look the skies; 
In the boundless skies, 
Rainbow flaunts its many colours; 
Giving beauties to the fading earth.

Birds of colours 
Respect their own melanges;
Rainbow as well 
Cherishes its many colours.  

But to appreciate the creation of God, 
Man loathes diversities of tongue and colours
In the world as big as the limitless skies;
Giving rooms only 
For hatred and malice. 

But we can all live in peace, 
If we dare to give it a try.