Love Poems About Hostility or Hostility Love Poems
by Robert Uy |
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Where once I could only taste
Sweet as sweetness should be, 
Now there is only but
A sense of hostility
Towards me.
Perhaps you should but could not; 
I say, “please, ” but you would not

Say goodbye.

Now you say it is not over
And that I should wait; 
So I do so, 
But is it in vain? 
Like in slow motion, 
Falling in mid-air, 
Faster and faster; 
Till the ground meets me
And my body shatters and breaks.

It’s been so long since I last saw you, 
My heart is now cramping in ache; 
But the ground has not yet met me, 
So as you say so, 
Here I lie and wait.

I miss you, 
And shall keep missing you, 
Till the time comes
When I will miss 
Missing you.

by Sotto Poet |
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Fate or Hate

Written: December 03, 2023 ____________________________________ It is either life or death But there is also controversy Within the boundless Accrual occurs as well There is either love or hate Just...hostility Who might control it? Is verity One can be either first or last. There is only a disparity And who would be in charge? assists the vast majority There is both space and time Only drowsiness in between Things are wild and free Have vastness.

by Monique Mcdowell |
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Son of Madiba (Tribute To Nelson Mandela)

Who are you to dream of chains
And yet proclaim of victory
How do you lie in chains
And yet stand in liberty
When do you pay a debt
That must be paid
What makes you forgive a debt
That must be forgave
In a time of hostility
With the trembles of an oncoming war
You held it in and did not cry
As long before
Your face remained
Lifted toward the sky
Your fire within made you an enemy
Yet a much needed ally
Your words gave peace to those deeply wounded
By the treacheries of man
Your joy gave hope a new mission 
Thus hope called love again
Love answered
And summoned faith to come
Faith remembered your prayer
And gave birth to freedom

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
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- I Hate the Word - Hate -

HATE is a very strong word                      I like the soft words
                    HATE is awful                            why not show consideration
               HATE leads to unrest                              I like the peace
               HATE leads to hostility                           friendship is a joy
                  HATE means war                           why kill, when we can love
            The world is full of HATRED           let`s share the world with happiness


A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
28.July 2012

by Dwayne Bailey |
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The Inlaws

When two people say I do, 
they become apart of another family; 
Often times the transitions hard, 
and there is hostility. 

One often finds it hard to accept, 
the in laws for what they are; 
Some can be mean and some seem nice, 
some are just plain bizzare. 

For me that has never been the case, 
I loved mine right from the start; 
My second Mom and Dad are great, 
full of love with generous hearts. 

They always made me truly feel, 
that I was indeed their Son; 
Around them I was always safe, 
and together we always had fun. 

I wouldn't trade my Mom and Dad, 
for money, silver or gold; 
For I have been blessed with two of the best, 
may the truth be told!

by Felix Abbey-Mensah |
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My Angel

Deep down the abyss of my heart
An Angel resides in one small part

Singing a Melodious and Magnificent tune
And filling my entire heart with an unimaginable dune

A dune of harmony and untold tranquility
That I wish my heart would never create an atmosphere of hostility

To prevent this wonderful orchestra from fulfilling its divine purpose
My heart has finally found its lost joy - I suppose

I pray this Angel resides in a much bigger part of my heart
So its love and knowledge to others - I shall forever impart

by Brian Chung |
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Sagely Solutions For Everyday Problems

My translation of calligraphy by Ven. Master Chin Kung:

Face difficulty with liberality,  
Face hostility with patience, 
Steer through scrambles 
With leisurely grace and pace, 
For peace is found in temperance 
And the love of excess speech
Is the root of every calamity!

All rights released into Public Domain

by Gargi Saha |
Categories: introspection

The Imperishable Pearl

The driver, shopkeeper, sweeper remains the same
What changes is the colour, costume, language
Somewhere respect, somewhere neglect
Somewhere love, somewhere hatred

Somewhere master, somewhere servant
Somewhere hostility, somewhere attraction
Somewhere tranquility, somewhere restlessness
Everything decreases with increasing marginal utility

And it meets the silent horizon
All changes soon
No certainty of the future
Man exists in the past and the present

Civilisations too melt into dust
Soul captures the reality
And preserves it as monuments of untarnished artifacts
The imperishable pearl.

by Sima Mittal |
Categories: hope, inspirational,

I Can See Both But What Do I Choose

I can see both but what do I choose!

The pain’s is the heart,
but so is the love!
The tear is in the eye,
but so is the sparkle!

The noise is heard by the ear,
but so is the music!
The curse is spoken from the mouth,
but also is the blessing!

The slap uses the hand, 
but so does the prayer!
Where there is hostility, 
it’s upon us to choose Harmony!

by Tim Smith |
Categories: drug, fun, pain,

In Your Mind

He told me " the pain is all in your mind" So I hit him in the head and said "it's in yours now too" Deep breaths and bitten lips as I try to walk away one more pill to dull the pain how long can suffering stay opiate receptors relaxed there's a soothing in the air calm has flanked hostility and lies within the fear barren paths of crisis crossed where love has up and gone filing out in feeble steps no one's won or lost

by Sirajali Rawat |
Categories: peace, world, planet, prejudice,

Worldwide Peace

unveil the curtain of peace
let it shine out to wipe out the world ills
purify the earth like our beloved prophet did
sending its scent to all the races, gender and creed

plant its seeds in every tyrant, hater and oppressors that exists
beautify it with passion, love and hope and watch it lit
let it dwell on this planet until its extinct
eliminate the world-poverty, hatred and insanity that roam our streets

welcome it in our lives with no hostility
bring the nature to our doorstep and unite it freely
abolish the jealousy and prejudice
spread it vigorously and witness it embrace the world vibrantly and in ease

by Kathy Guerra |
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Heart of Hostility No Longer

You came in my line of sight and I knew I would appreciate you right. Your heart was full of untrust, worry, sadness unseen... I became enraged for anyone ever treating you unkindly, or mean. Years pass I gave you part of mine... I SO DO NOT apologize for your vision became clearer when one tried to rob you blind. You had a heart of hostility I embraced it with pure love that you have not even known

by Atef Ayadi |
Categories: art, love, passion, philosophy, , literature,

My Future

The outer layer of my dreams
Are taking me
Toward the desert, 
To build and ancient town; 
I will called the Republic of love.
In this town, the only religion is love
Bearded people are clowns, and 
Children are gods, 
Men and women are racing and competing for fun
In this town, art and literature works are the only goods 
You should be proud of.
In this town, 
Fear is an abstract natural painting 
Drawing by the gods
Hostility and war are a poem fighting for its birth.
In the Republic of love, if you sow a tree
You are eligible for love.

The bottom of my dreams 
Are clear and firm, 
They are taking toward

by John Kazadi |
Categories: absence,

As I Am

As I am walking in this volcano
let my wings alone burn into ashes
My bones can't afford vanishing like smoke in space 

As I stepping in this road
led by my dead self heading south
let my heart speak and my lips clap to your heartlessness

As I am waving for the last time
maybe the last last time 
let my pale palms preach peace 

As I am going down this hell
well, you might follow me as well
Let your free soul
find love in your hostility

by Dr Hitendra Mehta |
Categories: life,

Discover Yourself

Engage yourself
Engross yourself

Fill moments 
Feel movements

Hate or kisses
Hugs or misses

Apathy or glory
Love or hostility

Flow or blockade
Plinth or facade

Uncover yourself
Discover yourself

© Hitendra Mehta

by Nwando Obianyor |
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Children As They Live

If a child lives with critism he learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility he learns to fight.
If he lives with ridicule he learns to be shy.
If  he lives with shame he learns to feel guilty.
                ... But...
If a child lives with tolerance he learns to be patient.
If he lives with encouragement he learns to be confident.
If he lives with praise he learns to appreciate.
If he lives with fairness he learns justice.
If he lives with security he learns to have faith.
If he lives with approval he learns to like himself.
And, if he lives with acceptance and frienship,he learns to love.

by Anita Harris |
Categories: abuse, child abuse, hate,

Life of Me

Life of me is what you'll see.
Darkness encamps my soul
Foul torture an never ending pain
surrounds the life I live.
Power an Rage comes from the
ones who was to love you,
but anger an hostility is all around.
Mommy says I was the biggest mistake,
Daddy gives harsh punishment in the night
Crying an Tears are not to be seen.
Beating an Lashes are always done
one by one.
Silent heartbeats flutter my chest
as I try an get some rest.
Praying tomorrow will never come
as I pretend to not be me.
The chains on my feet an hands
have become heavy to hold.
As this room is so very cold.
Dried up blood upon my face 
as my heart begins to race.
I know what lies ahead for me today.

by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi |
Categories: humanity, inspirational, peace,

Till the End of Time

Till the End of Time

Show empathy and kindness to humanity
Love for all, abhorrence for none,
That is how we uphold peace.

Life's not for war, bigotry & hostility
Treat people with virtue as one
Spend in charity not negative things.

The trespassers never thrive throughout eternity!
Serve humanity, all to be done
Likewise forbid evil, and enjoin justice.

© Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

by Goldie Uttamchandani |
Categories: angst, betrayal, lonely, lost love, people,

The Bad Love

The bad love. 
Dragging luggage you unpack without permission in spaces that need air. 
Bad love. 
Allowing flowers to grow and then thrusting emotional thorns at one another. Wearing an armour of defence to bed every night, shedding debris of submissive hostility on the sheets. 
Bad love. 
An accumulation of silent swallowed words that have otherwise lured themselves dirty on the curtains. 
Bad love. 
Doing a spring clean every so often and breathing life into this love, whilst keeping those bullets of resentment tightly loaded into our revolvers, just in case.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Is It Enough

Many do not realize how
difficult the world is today.
So many decisions, hostility,
incredible amounts of anger
and sadness. If we did,
could we let our children go?
Could we release them?

The best we can hope for
is that they will bring their
torn and ragged egos and sorry
spirits back to our nest so we
can give them enough encouragement
and love to face the world
another go around.

Is it enough?
It has to be.

by Christopher Flaherty |
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Cheap Watch Priceless Moments Ffd2

I bought the watch I wrote about in my dream

I have it here at present with me

I wear it on my wrist

To remind me

Of what I am not quite sure

But the price will be worth it

I fear

If I can find it or comes to me 1 Day

And at very worse 

It reminds me non the less

So 2 

Time itself has a Face

Ever changing 

For moments such as this

When Time Stands Still

And Temper's Meaning

Call's an end to hostility and all who sorrow 

Come the Nightingales birth

Chirruping on Solent Monolith 

Angel Feathers shall Disperse 

And Release Lighting Dove's 

Unto a Univese we Choose

by Luckson Mupakamiso |
Categories: beautiful,

Go For

The folly and pain of war, 
should not be your aspiration and goal, 
with love embrace all,
everyone is obliged love to know and show, 
opening every closed hostility door, 
for love go...... 

Luckson Mupakamiso

by Dedu Son |
Categories: emotions,


The opinion of and worship of a controlling power, 
The belief in and worship of a god or gods;
With designated behaviours and practices,
Disciplined by priests, preachers and other sods.

Love and hate, animosity and respect,
Antagonism, enmity, loathing and hostility;
Desire, warmth, ardour and passion,
All of which created by religion’s antipathy.

Jealousy, grudge, resentment and covetousness,
With malignity, spite controlled by enviousness.

For like us minions.

by John Sensele |
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Commitment Cavities and Oddities

The forlorn love, torn from a lonely heart
Growing weary, vowing in infatuation to play no part
In home hostility and usurped utility
Scorned and shorn of humility 

In matters too sad to contemplate
Fills cavities and oddities on her plate
Teeming with a chequered record
Knows neither peace nor accord

Tears snippets from a love landscape
Demoted and rooted in an escape
From commitment and appointment
With stability in a relationship ointment

That weaves eaves of care
With leaves daring to pare
Indifference from a couple
Metamorphosed into a tequila tipple.

by Lawrence Hoffman Sr |
Categories: sad,

Change Your Eyes

your eyes.
how do they see me?
not as a select few see me.
the eyes you see me with.
hostility in those eyes.
grudgeful eyes.
i hear the grudge.
the grudge in your words.
why cant you see me?
see me with their eyes?
see me with love.
with happiness.
with support.
i see none of that.
none of that in your eyes.
i beg you.
see me with different eyes.
eyes like those.
those select few see me.
my final plee.
i beg you.
change your eyes.