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by Paul Callus |
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Iridescent Allure

a host of wild flowers vying for attention...
in vain I search for elusive love
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A two line contest
hosted by Silent One
Placed 2nd

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love,


cold hands - I search for the warmth of your heart

 For the Mono-O contest hosted by Brian Strand
 Placed 1st
 Chosen POTW 15th November 2020
 Posted 12th November 2020

by Paul Callus |
Categories: lost love,


They split and chose divergent ways.
I wondered where their love had gone.
There was no sign of passing phase;
They split and chose divergent ways
As embers died after the blaze
Turning to ashes. Thereupon,
They split and chose divergent ways.
I wondered where their love had gone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A Triolet Poetry Contest
Hosted by Kim Merryman
      Placed 1st
© 23rd May 2021

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: mother daughter, thanks,

Thankful For Four O'Clocks

The rain that seemed to wash my hopes away
Left an amazing gift for me to find
Beyond the puddles that remained behind
New signs of life revived one summer day

I had not planted anything at all
'Twas Mom who wanted me to find this prize
Her efforts surely took me by surprise
Three decades passed; her smile I can’t recall

But in the yard where she drew her last breath
A bed of Four O’Clocks awoke one day
It was as if my Mom were there to say
“My love for you survived beyond my death”

*Written November 7, 2018
“Thankful Poetry Contest” hosted by Tania Kitchin

by Tim Smith |
Categories: home, love,

Still Loving Her

The dust has all settled I'll go get the broom sweep off the back porch and the old sitting room That wind storm was mighty almost blew me away the foundation was crumbling as the house swung and swayed The timbers were creaking the roof sprung a leak the shutters are broken it really looked bleak The old building survived It's weathered but tough It will stand tall and fight when the going gets rough There's much beauty left in this old home of mine I'll still be loving her till the end of my time
02/22/2015 Your Best Poem With Metaphors hosted by Silent One

by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: betrayal, depression, devotion, hope, lost, metaphor, sad love,

The Crosses In Your Eyes

Wretched Stakes

I find in your eyes a mysterious universe
fraught with the searing scent of betrayal
and warped reflections of my reality
swirling in shadows of welling, yet un-shed tears.

Rummaging the tortured abyss for a glint of familiarity,
grasping to anchor myself in the alien terrain,
I'm awestruck by the requisite strength; your strength...
to survive among the crosses in your eyes.

Over the horizon a faint glimmer defies the gloom.
A hopeful star, fading but stalwart,
screams for love as it grapples the swallowing deep.
At last, I fathom the wretched stakes.

Submission for Contest: The Crosses in Your Eyes
Hosted: Justin Bordner

by Paul Callus |
Categories: age, birthday,

Woman of Strength

(Dedicated to Joyce Johnson on her 100th birthday)

Her words still echo in my mind
‘I can’t remember any pain’. 
Woman of strength, one of a kind
Her words still echo in my mind.
A fruitful life with love defined
She would relive it all again!
Her words still echo in my mind
‘I can’t remember any pain’. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 			
'Happy 100th Birthday' Contest
 Hosted by Carolyn Devonshire
             Placed 2nd
        © 18th April 2018

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, ocean,

Ocean Waves Haiku

restless ocean waves
in tender, passionate moods-
undulating love

- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - 
Contest: Ocean Waves Haiku
[5/7/5 syllable form only]
Hosted by Tania Kitchin
Placed 3rd
© 26th January 2019

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love,

Moving On

as time passes
her visits wane -
fresh love sprouts...weeds
grow by his grave

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A "Charlie-Quadku" Contest
Hosted by Charles Messina
Placed 3rd
© 31st August 2019

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love,

Robin Hood

An archer from Sherwood made shooting an art
Persuaded the wealthy from surplus to part.
He fell for a maid at first sight
But fearing to tell her outright
Enlisted friend Eros to capture her heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -		 		
Limerick 3 Contest
Hosted by Joseph May
© 31st January 2019

by Paul Callus |
Categories: self,

Clutching At Straws

Deprived of love and hope 
She finds it hard to cope 
Yearning to fill her empty bowl 
To the devil she would sell her soul.

Four Line Contest in Rhyme
Hosted by Silent One
Placed 2nd

by Paul Callus |
Categories: sad love,

Bleak Landscape

wrapped up in deep 
melancholy I yearn
for the dark shadows to dissolve…
my doubts

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -	-		  

Cinquain Poetry Contest
Hosted by William Kekaula
Placed 1st
© 4th February 2020

by Lewis Michael |
Categories: dark, death, emotions, hate, loss, murder, sad love,


Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,

by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: blue, love, love hurts, ocean, sea, summer, water,


The sapphire surf is a lover  
and few can deny her a kiss 
that under her bosom hover. 
The sapphire surf is a lover  
and once lured beneath her cover, 
she swallows you in her abyss.  
The sapphire surf is a lover  
and few can deny her a kiss. 

Hosted by: Andrea Dietrich

by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: allusion, analogy, desire, grief, hope, introspection, sorrow,

Love Without Hope

Love without Hope      Oh, even the sunflowers could not cope,
for their precious petals long to be plucked, from your love-me-not touch.
Can you not hear their slender green stalks, sway so bashfully,
with echoes of that recess kid fantasy      Pick   Me      Pick      Me!

Written March 30th, 2016
For the Love Without Hope Contest Hosted by Sarah Kendrick

Placed 6th

by Moon Flower |
Categories: angel, confusion, irony, mystery,

The Land of Wander

How sweet it is to heed
For a gentle wave and nod
A seemingly soul of blend
A man of likely land of nod

How serendipitous it might
For her to be your significant
Like a lady magistrate
Who lays down the law and rule

Sigh…how I wish I could be her
But to remain a dreamer 
Is like keeping a treasure 
Alas, can’t fool any cavalier

In a bit of meliorating manner
Redeeming is like a rapture
Like wandering with full of pleasure
In the East of Eden - land of wander


Second place
"Love Story"
hosted by Silent One

by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: goodbye, heartbreak, lost love, military, missing you, pride, soldier,

The Truth Stood Downcast

The truth stood downcast in the lie,
thinking it was better this way;
time would, our feelings, nullify
and let the mem’ry fade away.

Silhouettes hugging on a pier
the truth stood downcast in the lie:
“I’ll be home soon, no need to fear”
And quiv’ring sobs, her sole reply.

Off to battle! By hue and cry,
we parted ways, this time for good.
The truth stood downcast in the lie:
"I cannot love you, as I should."

Locked in an unmarked, makeshift tomb
rampant regret, my lullaby…
upon her heart to ever loom,
the truth stood downcast in the lie. 

Written for Contest: The Truth Stood Downcast In The Lie
Hosted by: John Lawless

by Moon Flower |
Categories: april, heart, meaningful,

Haiku - Spirited Rope

spirited rope
of two anchored souls
love sea


1st place
Haiku -Human Nature
hosted by M. Talbot

by Moon Flower |
Categories: love, music, sea,

Haiku - Sea

the blue ship
about to put to sea 
my heart leaps up


2nd place
"Sea / Ocean"
hosted by M. Talbot

by Daniela Angeja |
Categories: family,

My Garage Sale

In my garage I have posted
Many things have been sold
Pans, trays, pillows I have hosted
Love and hatred same old, same old

New things they ask of me
Do they pay well my fee
To stay up all night I guarantee
To sell my soul, no, that is for free

Books and jewelry are on the shelves
Displaying beauty among ourselves
Eyes roam in every direction
Find something, take your action

If You seek unique search more
Is that gold you look for?
The price I say is good enough
To see you happy, and have my dough

by Henry W |
Categories: farewell,


We feast on Camembert and red wine
observing the pageantry of  incandescent stars
reflected through halo’s fervid laughter and love.

I drink merrily as thud of  whipped delirium
hammers excruciating pain  off  on, from my brain;
Veiling the limited instances of life’s ungodly time
That I cradle within--- this mute, unsaid goodbye.

Unsayable Contest hosted by Nette Onclaud
23 Nov  2017

by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: analogy, character, growth, love hurts, metaphor, pain, trust,



By forge and hammer comes execution – 
death on an anvil’s cold steel.
To be granted new life.

Written for Contest:  ONE KIMO 10,7,6, Syllable Count ONE ONLY
Hosted by: Rick Parise

by Paul Callus |
Categories: first love,

Malicious Intent

frail and innocent		
she let her defences down
enticed by glib words...
now, like a crypto virus,
he holds her heart to ransom.

One or Two Tanka Contest
Hosted by Rick Parise

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: love,


Forever a silk moon Will sit on hearts strewn In my and your snow To remind us both Many a sunshine From our diamond Did we mingle In a mighty flame November 5, 2017 For the Contest 8-Line Poem 1-5 words Hosted by Rick Parise

by Abe Lopez |
Categories: daughter, faith


My son is nine years old;
    we laugh, read, cry, paint, 
        draw, watch cartoons, fish, 
           play at the park, and do homework

I love having a son: 

After eight years of trying we still 
     have not conceived. When my dream of having a
         baby girl has come true, her name will be......

                           Atlanta Lopez-


Inspired by " fabulous fantasy"

hosted by -christie Moses