Love Poems About Hostage or Hostage Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
Categories: depression, life, light,

Darkness Held At Bay

First rays splash lines of love 
across naked bits of detour

dawn's door distracts 
chills of the night dissipate 
and I am free

Free of fight
held hostage ever tight

First rays flash and I see : 

yellow bits of honey dripped
scarlet tanager at play
horizons filling out the day

Darkness held at bay__

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, ocean,

Where I Want To Go

I'd love to buy a boat and sail the seas
Just loaf and let the string of life unwind
Drop anchor anytime or place I please
To visit every island I can find

I'd sail from cape to cape, from gulf to strait
Each bay and channel up and down each coast
My dog would be companion and first mate
Most likely, he'd be sleeping at his post

But every night we'd find a still lagoon
Perhaps we row ashore and build a fire
On first appearance, I'd harpoon the moon
And hold him hostage until we retired

A life at sea, beneath large wind filled sails
With peaceful friends, the dolphins, gulls and whales

   February 21 2017
   by Daniel Turner

by Gail Foster |
Categories: dark, joy, leaving, life, light, mystery, religion,

The Light Is Not a Solemn Thing, It Shines

For Sarah, who left the Plymouth Brethren, with love

The light is not a solemn thing, it shines
With merry glee and mirthful gentleness
Will not be held a hostage, in confines
Of darkened halls where little ones confess
The sins of fathers that they never chose
Nor be a slave to chapter, scripture, verse
Be boundaried, or fettered in its flows
It is the joy of blessing, not a curse
It isn’t how you said it was.  You lied
I ran, and left your lies behind the door
And here I am, and oh, the light is wide
Mysterious, and infinite, and more
A wildly wilful, free, and feisty thing
I wear a ribbon in my hair, and sing

© Gail Foster 26th February 2017

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, angst, anxiety, depression, fear, feelings, imagery,

Secretly Scary

When life is secretly scary, you search around for a safe place. And try blocking reality with tricks of imagination. And anxiety starts to climb when life is secretly scary. For paranoia stalks your thoughts, overshadowing happiness. Ghosts of buried memories haunt as yesterdays morph into tears. When life is secretly scary, love retreats into wishful dreams. But dreams only come out at night; fantasies fade with morning light. You are held hostage by your fears when life is secretly scary.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: autumn, love,

Where Whispers Beg

I already miss the summer grapes
so sweet and succulent to taste

chill infringes the Autumn night
bringing forth added layers
to the satin already slid on top

slip in close
where whispers beg

lay upon my warmth
holding dreams hostage
wrapped meticulously
in every crease and edge

hypnotized a desire's bred
nothing more needed said
still  one with the night
comfort  held ever tight

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: philosophy

Chrysalis (Repost)

Despair shrugs off its dirty shell
emerging as Enlightenment;
cramped and crumpled she crawls 
off in dazed bewilderment

as remnants of vile Guilt and Rage 
plot her demise, (shameless vestige!) 
and residues of spiteful Hate 
conspire to take her hostage.

Sitting in her brand new skin alone 
Enlightenment is like to die,
'til Love, Confidence and Joy conjoin
to bolster her into a butterfly!

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true love,

Precious Blood's Cost

Drops of precious blood Out from great Deity’s love* Shed on Calvary’s tree… Absolutely the only ransom-payment For every sin-guilty hostage To gain triumphant liberty From death, transgressions’ wages.
*Ephesians2:4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us... June 18, 2019

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: art, love, writing,

My Love Language

From page to stage,
poetry is my love language.
No cross, no cage
can hold my heart hostage.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: depression,

Needing the Light

I sit in the dark needing the light.
Pretending I am content living in sorrow.
The blinds could be opened
Changing the course of the day
Bringing light and Love into a bleak place.
One gentle tug and the forest sun will brighten everything
Bringing rainbow light into my life. My soul begs for me to begin.
Three hours later here I sit in a gray place staring at a ridiculous I-Pad
Which has brought me no joy in hours; a hostage to my own laziness.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, sin,

Confession of Love

Ambient light flickers 
and I enter the dark
a slight murmur from the other side beckons 
thoughts aimlessly wander about
without any filter
without hesitancy 
I confess 
ruined amidst rages of jealousy 
murdered moments of bliss
crimes of passion smolder
falling prey to my own weakness
love held hostage

When calmness takes
when spirits wake
when white doves flee
with minds set free
dark nights clear
as vision reappears

Absolved from an inferno of lost control
Moonbeams glow on a humbled soul
love thought to be withered
and faded away
can once more be nurtured, 
be strengthened, to stay

by João Camilo |
Categories: allegory, love, nature,

Little Bird

Do not stay there for long, little bird, 
can’t you hear? She is coming anytime
and will say: “leave, this place is mine.
you are free to go, I see no iron gird.”

But if you are resolute to stay, be silent,
enough of your melody, not until she
reaches my arms and her gentle touch 
warms me and beautify the moment.
Oh, on her bosom you choose to nest, 
where I can find you, safe in heaven,
the spotless sky, where stars leaven 
with their gleam her silver-light dress. 
Either way, carry swiftly a message:
You are not a love’s single hostage.

by Meagan Price |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, me,

Love Is Fleeting, Love Never Was

"love is fleeting"
love is untrue
love is jealous
love is a liar
love killed trust
love is filth
love is arrogant
love laughs at honesty
love ruined my chance
love threw away my happiness
so love could keep me hostage
love is disgusting
love enrages me
love is unbearable
love is a joke
love is ignorant
love is not true
love loves no one
love loves itself
love hates you
love is fake
love broke me
love had me blindfolded
love will not win, not the long haul
love is an oxymoron.
"love is fleeting"
"Love" never was.

To 'my' "love"

by Bekim Tocani |
Categories: inspirational, me,



Even when nothing remained
And the hope was third with a yellow rain
I didn’t kiss the marrow of autumn

Forgive me the word of pain and tear of mine
I don’t recognize the language of sins today

I left you my soul hostage
But you never whispered the Bible  
You crucified the saint feeling

Forgive her oh Lord, even while she doesn’t know what she’s doing
Forgive me because I believe in love

You can not betray what you do not have
You never felt The Lyrics of Pain
The story is completely different

Burn my sins tonight you death of mine
While I believe yet in your infidelity

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, encouraging, feelings, happiness, inspirational, psychological,

Imbued With Hope

Perfection's reserved for God we mortals must deal with less. For beauty's more than you see and lives in souls others bless. Flattery fuels conceit with its perfusion of lies. For passion's prerequisites aren't meant to recruit the wise. Feelings of loneliness are held hostage within the heart. For reality is harsh crushing dreams before they start. But life is imbued with hope, for every soul is a gem. Who can see its true beauty with only eyes to guide them? When you believe in yourself, pangs of crippling self-doubt cease. And feeling confident, your odds of finding love increase. (Quatrain) 1/28/2015

by Robin Davis |
Categories: feelings, funny love, joy, love, romantic,

I'M Jailed Inside Your Love

I'm a hostage and it's great
I'll gladly be your inmate
And put under lock and key
With no choice of getting free
You can take all the control
Of not giving me parole
A life sentence I will take
I promise to never break
Out of this cell I am in
Wanting my life to begin
Chained together now and always
As we walk down the long hallways
Of our hearts so full of care
I'm not going anywhere
I'll be jailed happily
Never wanting an attorney
To defend me from your love
I can never get enough
So book me without a chance
Of freedom from this romance
Charge me for eternity 
With love in the first degree

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: devotion, love, romance,

The Secret Key

The secret key with which , 

The lock of your heart  to open, at last, I

Have found, 


The chains that kept you hostage of the past,
With my kisses, I shall smash for to let

Your love unbound! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    23 August 2015

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: heart, love, sexy,


Eyes hypnotic, body exotic-
Envelop me in your embrace!
Oh, I fear your touches toxic-
They set my Heart to race!
As is my fashion, a hostage of passion,
And bathed in an amorous flood
And now I feel my feelings gnashing-
Like a shark that senses Blood!

by Kyleigh Henderson |
Categories: dark, loneliness, longing, love,

Selfless Love

You're so used to
Sharing every bit
Of your life with
Someone else

You're so used to
Breaking yourself
Just to make
A person whole again

That's just what makes you happy

Now you're alone
The parts you've broken 
Are crashing down on
The rest of you that's whole

Now the black mist 
That holds many others
Has taken you hostage
You can't find your way out

You never saw a speck of light again
If only it was yourself you could love

by Michael Poyntz |
Categories: love

Fugitive From Love

the  crime of the century 
was letting you do 
what you did to me
the scene of the crime
was wrapped in your arms
you left your fingerprints 
on the walls of my heart

the crime of the century
was that I accepted 
moments stolen with you
ransoming emotions  
with the counterfeit treasure 
of a kiss so sweet
it should have been a felony

the crime of the century
was running to your side 
I am now a fugitive of love
a hostage to your dreams
two lovers forever on the run   
looking for you to return
to the scene of the crime

by Gregory Golden |
Categories: inspirational

911 the Twin Towers Fall

The day before the 
Twin towers died,
The skyscrapers cry 
For love and mercy
People jumping
Through broken
Glass windows,
Falling down
Unto a sea of death
Who will listen
To their call
As hostage 
Passenger jets
Crashed into
These steel walls
Making the 
Twin towers 
Tumble and fall
We could not
Put them back
Together, again
Evil exist
In this world
Still, we have faith
God shall
Deliver us from
All evil
On this earth
I know
God is working
Behind the scene
On this 911 call

by Kimberly Larocca |
Categories: loveme, me,


Why do you laugh at me
Why do you hold me hostage
Why not set me free

What sense of humor you have
I hear your sadistic laugh
The jokes are all at my expense
I laugh along in my defense

Why do you pretend to be a friend of mine
Oh, how you love to tell your lovely lies

Let loose your hold on me
Just break your chains
And set me free

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: desire, love,

Driven By Desire

It's always best to keep some feelings Hidden from even your mate Not to share every innermost thoughts When relationships are at stake Each of us can be emotionally affected By charm, personality and image Doesn't mean we don't love our mates Feelings at times hold us hostage Human nature is what they've call it Might as well cash in your chips If you can't look at beauty passing by It's there to brighten life's trip So please don't call it illicit or immoral When males are driven by desire The female form is a vision of beauty That ignites every man's fire © Jack Ellison 2013

by Sheol Moribund |
Categories: dedication

Lady Diana

The press held her hostage each and every day.
No matter what Diana tried to do,
the paparazzi would block her way.
Once a princess of England,
she never felt real love.
And now that she had found it,
her life took like a dove.
Far away from the media and 
all of their intrusive ways.
Where Lady Diana will be at peace,
for all of her infinitive days.

by Shirley Hudson |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, celebration, dream, encouraging, romantic love,

Enchanting My Soul

I realize as I looked into your eyes,
You have completely enchanted my soul.
All I can do is melt into your arms,
Knowing you have taken,
My heart hostage.
This is where I want to spend all of,
My days knowing that you have,
All of my heart and,
I'm hoping this will be our beginning.
You are my world.
All I want and feel is you within my soul.
Many never get to experience this love.
The dreams I have of our love and,
What our future will bring,
Continues to grow every day,
That I spend with you.
Even after all these years I,
Look into your eyes and,
You Continue to enchant my soul.

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: love hurts,

Through Time In 60

Icicle hardens; Her prisoner wails. Soft dripped; Resentful his seasonal sun. Clung tightly winter, her grip again fails; Cheeks slip on puddles where four start to run. Years of denial their story entails – Captives held hostage by starry travails. 1/27/2017 Submitted for: 'A Rhyme in 60' Syllables checked on