Love Poems About Hospitalized or Hospitalized Love Poems
by Thomas Martin |
Categories: autumn, devotion, fruit, kiss,


always save for her faithfully
now hospitalized
never to weak too love her
last kiss with tangerine breath

by Christopher Hanna |
Categories: 11th grade,

Vows for my wedding

I found a love,
I am happy that it is you,
The timing was perfect,
It's my chance to love, care and tend to you,
You are my rock,
You are my world,
I'll love you in the sick, hospitalized and hot,
Even when your heart is cold,
I'm crazy for you,
I have fallen for you,
The only lie I told you was that I liked you,
When I knew that you were the one and that I loved you,
Your not my number one,
Your my only one,
You being my wife would be a dream come true, 
A dream where it is just me and you.

by Phatt Matt |
Categories: death, deep, depression, emotions, father, feelings, lost love,

Man down

One day I heard someone said 
That we get what we deserve
And way down I go
I let my wheels roll wild
The time has come 
as we all must fall
Man down
I am hospitalized
Way down I go
I want to meet my father
But I am too late he is dead
And way down I go
I lost my strength 
Way down I go
I was knocked down
Coz now I can't crawl no more
Man down
I got what I deserve
And way down I go
For the furthest mile 
you dare to look me right in the eye
You ran me down till I fell
Ran me down till I can't crawl anymore
You took me out
Now some officer is calling for help
All I heard was man down and I blacked out
Way down I go…