Love Poems About Hospitality or Hospitality Love Poems
by Cona Adams |
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Southern Hospitality

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

In June, we traveled south to Memphis town,
a public poets' fete with Southern flair.
The mid-south heart unfolded nationwide,
an open cloak of warmth spread far afield
in concert with the sound and sense of rhyme.
A graciousness so coupled with its pride
to sharpen all who came in studied hope
and reasoned well effect, to prove result.
Yet seasoned poets put their pens aside;
the books they found, devoured with eyes and minds
already voiced the thoughts mankind repeats,
our ageless chants for hearts in love or pain.
        The weather's pull to southern ports advanced
        the lure of southern charm from heart to heart.

by Alice Ringberg |
Categories: death, loss, sad,

An Extraordinary Woman

To my sister Marcie

You were the epitome of a true Southern lady.
Your hospitality reigned warm and generous 
as a summer's day, guiding you the consummate hostess.

You played life's roles with grace and compassion.
Strength and dignity kept you anchored and
confidence validated your presence.

You embraced family and friends in a circle of love
giving hugs magically lifting spirits with your smile
binding us to you for a lifetime.

The gray mist of illness vanishes softening
your features in blessed peace.
In the distance a church bell tolls, 
golden music transports your soul to heaven.
Tears stain my face.

by Michael Jordan |
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The Lighting of the Tree

In our little town all is as it should be
We gather down at the Christmas tree

Us simple folk are not too greedy
We all bring gifts to give the needy

Light the tree and sing our songs
As everyone seems to get along

Especially bright this time of year
Everyone has Christmas cheer

I love the lighting of the tree
The entire towns hospitality

How everyone shares their love
Giving thanks to the Lord above

We live what Christmas is all about
Come on over and check it out

You’ll find love flowing abundantly
The night we light our “Christmas Tree”

by Louise Nelson |
Categories: devotion, happiness, inspirational, life, passion, uplifting,

An Attitude of Gratitude

possess a disposition of agreeability
have a position of hospitality
take a stance on being pleasing
with an outlook of sound reasoning
a viewpoint of compassion
an aspect of courtesy
a posture of kindness
and stand on congeniality
to have an attitude of gratitude
to always be kind
to love your fellow man 
to always have God on your mind

by Sammy Lykens |
Categories: christian,

A Fond Memory

I have a fond memory
Of a house back a lane
Oh how I wish 
I could visit again

The three who were there
Were so special to me
And each time I'd visit
My heart filled with glee

The setting was country
But oh it was grand
And I loved setting on the swing
Surveying the land

Love filled each room
God's spirit was there
And besides hospitality
You were shown such love and such care

Their were three at one time
Then two and then one
And finally all of them
Made their journey home

I miss them so
But I know that someday
In Heaven I'll see them
Together again

A Tribute To: Elvin * Ralph * and Dora Lykens

by Emmanuel Balele |
Categories: life


i don't feel like writing a love poem
i used to think it's a writer's block
but it ain't
my people are caught up in angst
and trapped in a maze
can't just look and smile
like my president does
they say it's phobia
and there ain't nothing to worry about
but then they steal
and mock at our so called hospitality
i will never write about love
cuz am just not feeling it

by Mariana Pavlich |
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Exquisitely Neat Green Handwriting

Old country house rich colored rugs hot wind
Gallopping hair whipped wildly at his cheeks
Solid double doors  top of stairway  top coat
Mantlepiece  photographs  in ornate frames 
Small  white  dog  head  between  its  paws
China  tea perfect lawn afternoon ceremony
Bowler hat  spirited distinguished  manner 
Smile of  welcome, something  in  his eyes
She trusted his good manners + hospitality
Embraced  the shadowy play of candlelight
Scent of peppermint musk vanilla surprise!

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: dedication, lost love, lovecare, care,

The Soup Needs More Salt... a Big One For Poetrysoup

As a plain and passionate pen, I ponder
How would some wealthy words just wander
Out of this world of wisdom and wonder?
And we don’t care to search for them in yonder

Let’s lend our love to those who are lost
We don’t need much, we need to be just
All we need is to bear the courtesy cost 
Of knowing and asking after the lost

It’s a pity!  Poetrysoup is a colorful city,
I guess we have the hottest hospitality,
Yet I don’t know if we have the tenacity
To cater for those who zoom out of this city

I wonder why some hot meats halt
And we don’t care to ask… what
Could have happened? We’re all at fault;
This pot of soup needs more sincere salt.

by Lizzie Treetop |
Categories: holiday,

Happy Thanksgiving America

America I love you, and I’ll always be grateful to you 
Your people generous and thoughtful in all they say and do
You welcome guests with open arms your hospitality sublime
You pick up folks when they are down you give of your last dime
Today I hope you celebrate with loving family and friends around
And know a place in this grateful heart for you will always be found

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: holiday, seasons

Sweetest Season

Sweetest season sealed with sounds and sights
Lands, lords, ladies and lads locked in love and lights
Food, fruits, fine flowers… in fellowship and flights,
Happiness, hospitality, hands hooked in huts and heights.

Gross and guilt gives way for grace, glory and glow
Spectacular solos springs sweetly from the sparrow
Reminding us of our righteous rebirth… and the rainbow,
Families, friends and fans aflame, faith and fate… flow.

Christmas caress all continents, countries and counties,
Trading tears and torments for treasured tender tress,
Christ’s cares and kindness cruise around our kisses;
Sweet savor and sincere smiles sent across the seas.

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: city, dark,

The Big Easy

There's nothing easy about living in the big easy.
Skinny dogs and two legged spiders
Spinning violence down salty streets 
hurricanes drooling upon
below sea level hospitality///
once a year all the misery covered up
by whisky breasts and plastic beads.  

Chicken feet clawing their way out from purple corners. 
Rock faces eating crawdads and unfiltered cigarettes.
Puffs of blue smoke making love to Marie Laveau's ghost.
Onto the front porches 0f sweaty plantations
Into the black hearts of those magnificent jazzy tombstones.

Death is much easier than living in the big easy.
but not nearly as much fun.

by Rachel Hart |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life, love


stupid & regardless of your
rapping quietly on the door-
you know the password
but i want more- so, i,
tapping tongues &
scraping lungs, saunter to
the center, tempting you
to enter- expecting
hospitality, you move thru,
missing a shoe-
my malady whimpers
asks 'what do i do?'
fills the air with fear-
with much care you come
near, spitting words &
spinning worlds so fast
such ease- unbeknownst
you've stolen my swallowed

by Robert Hanson |
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Her face sticks in the mind
Her smile, dimple and eyes
My heart accommodates her.
Like a home the heart opened its door
Opening to reveal its hospitality
Remembering the smile she gave to me.

Her sway was a dance
When she took to walk
So soft and graceful.
Steps she made across my heart
Leaving marks to be remembered
That once she traveled road of my feelings.

She spoke to sweep
Ground of a littered heart
Stained with the days and seasons.
Her words like song
Calm and comforting................
Winds that came from her lips.

Here I am today
Like a mirror reflecting that one moment
That I met her.
Sure I would love to meet her again
Speak a word or two
This that I wish to say.

by Rosemarie Quintal |
Categories: lovelove,

Opening Gift Wrap In Valentine's Shadow

Presence to God lto ove your open presence...
Swish air circularly reiki rainbows swish!
Pleasant hospitality begets pleasant
Wish...rainbow knowing everything you wish:
Good fortunes seek all seek fortune's good.
Gifts of angel measure are which angel's gifts?
Could all who seek good fortune trust who could?
Lift us toward angelic gifting, please lift!
Sit quietly...just let your color sit.
Give out by right by left receive of give!
Wit of each color, to love each color of wit...
Live every color. To love each color live.
Seven colored pattern's wealthy seven
Heaven holds each rainbow holds each heaven!

by David Smith |
Categories: happy, heaven, hero, holiday, home, humanity, humorous,

Never Mind Your P's and Q's

Never mind your P's and Q's
You should be concentrating on your H's 
And turning them into action plans.

You can start with Words like Humanity,
Or Humility,
Humbleness is another that cries out suitability,
And don't forget Hospitality,
Or that being Humorous is an essential ability.

I Hope my words you will heed,
If you find it hard,
Just look into your heart, 
And you will find Love there waiting to give you some help

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love, wedding

License To Love

I would in deed thee truly wed
Token drops of blood for you bled
Lavish garlands at your feet spread
Kneeling at your feet all pretense shed
Vow that by virtue and fealty be led
Each promise proofed and carefully read 
Barter my name in your stead
Banish all pretexts; to self dead
A humble leader not trite figurehead
In your footsteps softly tread 
Feast on your hospitality; in your graces bred
Share your trials; vanquish your dread 
Cultivate your esteem; nourish your bed
Furnish your homestead; provide your bread

by Michelle Mcdermin |
Categories: people, places

Histoires D'Amour

New adventures from a small land
The barrier is broken
when the love is there
Many words spoken
yet few are understood
Still making it worth the adventure

Opening your home
and sharing you're time
all to bring comfort to another
That Christian hospitality
that can be seen worldwide
but only under ONE personage

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: life,

What Comes Around

A Lei made of orchids and jasmine bestows welcome and intimate grace

The kiss of life’s signs of tender hospitality blossoms with undying love

A faithful swirl of prayer beads of precious reminders attends to peace

The ultimate symbol of destiny’s serenity unfolds infinite kindness

A tearful necklace’s chain of timeless surrender embraces compassion

The unburdening of restless shackles caresses fleeting impermanence

Garlands of beginnings blessing and hope upon one wheel of transcendent life

26th April 2019

by Rehman's Khan |
Categories: literature, people,

Fake Hospitality

Fake sugar fake taste
Fake flavor fake aroma
Fake People fake hospitality
Fake love fake encounter
Fake knowledge fake brady
Bye Keerthi bye Reddy.

by John Chizoba Vincent |
Categories: adventure,

Nkporo : My Country Home 2

You trace my root from Nkporo
Down in Isieke compound, in the family of john Ogbu Agwo.
there i was born and nurtured to be a man .
My love , this is way to Nkporo. 
I will take you there and you dream of not returning
because of their food and hospitality.
Cultures and traditions.
Nkporo Amaka, Nkporo amaka, every one says in high voices
Nkporo is so good and welcoming.
Their soils are fertile and the tree green 
So pure like the heart of a baby.
Nkporo, a golden city of love and great achievement
Caved out of profound glory and honour.

by Curtis Johnson |
Categories: giving, love,

To Be Captivated

Sometimes, it's cloud formations.
At other times, a line of Fall trees.
Less often, a rising sun, but
Frequently, it's a setting sun.

Sometimes, it's simply being awe-struck by green grass;
Or being mesmerized by the beaming yellow of a cactus blossom;
Or realizing that hospitality is defined by two words that
follow a request for directions: "Follow me".

Sometimes, it's the thought of a kindness that provokes a tear.
Or recalling the first sighting of the Chicago 'skid-row' in 1967.
Or the smiling face of a homeless man at my dinner
table in San Francisco on Christmas day in 1985.

100622PSCtest, Captivation Poetry Contest.
Julia Ward

by Alfonso II Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris |
Categories: africa, friendship, love, memory,


How happy we were while
eating  homemade foods 
in some  Congolese and 
Nigerian restaurants 
in different places 
of  Pretoria. 
some longtime friends 
enjoyed different fried fish 
(from lake Tanganyika) , 
nice salade with cassava pap.
It was an excellent hospitality
which I experienced on those days
with them in different places 
around and out of town where 
we could  find  homemade foods ,
cultural  garments and other stuffs
preferable by all bantus.  
I think those healthy foods
increased some calories
in my body as my heart was super exited
while sharing with some home friends
In a foreign country.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: 7th grade, birth, first love,

Jagdish Bajantri Puran

Jagdish bajantri puran 

When the time even not been started there was just a gandha time passes and that taking a change and converted into a form and taking the source of energy that present called as air now as same as what we used that's how we grow 
So on one day I think as there was no way to express feelings that time om started and for that voice comes once after wards maan origin now I thought to divide my self and lord Shiva divided them self in two phase of energy I give my maan which also means soul to parvati devi from now life brings many chances rest is your research....... Be safe with atmosphere of hospitality of hospitals

With love All 
Jagdish bajantri