Love Poems About Hoses or Hoses Love Poems
by robin davis |
Categories: fun, games, summer,

Summertime Fun

A tree house built with love and care
Things are scattered everywhere
A tire swing hung on a chain
For getting dizzy and insane
A pool filled up with lots of toys
Water fun and happy joys
Flowers growing in a row
Sun showers to help them grow
A puppy with some muddy paws
Icy drinks with bendy straws
Hoses make a waterfall
Filling up a big beach ball
Kites so pretty flying high
Along with birds and butterflies
A rainbow in the sky so bright
Sparkly stars light up the night
Bouncing on a trampoline
Music for a dancing scene
Burgers and hot dogs are grilling
Lots of food for tummy filling
Months of summer fun to be
Enjoyed by friends and family

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: introspection, lost love,

Boquet of Bartered Love

One dozen dead roses
A pocket full of red disposes
Fidelity, fealty their temporal wrapper encloses
Organic ode that nature's bipolar rhythm transposes
Trite requiem to all the brownnoses
A token gift that penurious love exposes 
Gone are the scintillating wax poses
The mirth, pageantry time hoses
Buried in the cemetary with Grandma Moses
Bring back the artificial supposes
To satiate all of the charming virtuosas 

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: family, father, funny, love, social



A charitable fight
Police and firemen
Passing blows through the night.

Having fun.  Drinking some.
Striking their punches hard.
Pow! Thud! Rolling eyes!  Numb.

My, oh, my!  Rugged sight.
Competitive punching.
First hit left.  Next, strike right.

Good compassionate fight.
Raising money for blight.
Passion at home that night!

Nine months later, the sight.
Four firemen’s babies
Birthing on the same night.

One question still remains.
Did police likewise play?
Ooh, La! La! Fun.  And games.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Dedicated to:  Some good hearted firemen.  But, I'll never tell where!!!  GRINNING!

by Juli Freda |
Categories: color, rainbow, true love,

Hospital Colors

Chocolate Brown
Sleeping Dog

Flashing Red
Traffic Light

Velvet Green
Mossy Log

Shadow Black Sleepless Night

Worry, wonder, keeping me awake
Every noise not understood
Jars me to wakefulness, checking
for breathing, feeling for
heart beats, looking for colors
and signs I recognize.

Soft and Purple
Spreading Bruises

Dull and Gray
Sticky Tape Marks

White and Yellow
IV Hoses

Puffy Red
Shock Marks

Fevers rush, the sweat pours out
nothing seems to soothe
your aches, your pains, I
wish there were more to do
to keep you near me just
one more day, year, lifetime,
looking for signs you'll be
alright, signs or colors I recognize.