Love Poems About Hosanna or Hosanna Love Poems
by Kim Merryman |
Categories: celebration, god, jesus, religious,

Holy Week

waving palm branches
people shout hosanna -
Christ the King has come

the Passover feast
preparation of the lamb -
Jesus' last supper

a time of prayer
Father, not my will but yours -
betrayed by a kiss

angry fists are raised
crucify! crucify him! -
hatred replaces love

Christ nailed to a cross
the Holy One rejected -
perfect sacrifice

the empty grave mocks
God's only son conquered death -
Jesus is alive!

For Brian Strand's All Yours (March 31) contest

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: passion, religion, life,

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace is my soul’s sweetest story.
I found my faith in Him… at the cross of Calvary.
Amazing grace, my redeemer’s rhapsody,
I saw eternal life, listening to this melody.
Amazing grace leads my spirit’s saintly sound,
And raised my sinking soul from the gory ground
Amazing grace gave life its sweet rendition.
Through heaven’s spiritual gift, you brought redemption.
Amazing grace! The angels hail hosanna. 
Let me be in the blessed band to sing hallelujah!
Amazing grace! God bestowed glow and glory.
Love raised Christ from death to change my sorry story
Amazing grace is the spring of life and love.
It flows to man from that glorious garden above

by L. J. Carber |
Categories: allusion, appreciation, beauty, seasons,

Haiku and Senryu of Winter and Love

waiting now, anxious
lest the cold white invasion
smother all our hopes

a man and a woman
sculptured in snow, the snow shines
they melt into one

snowfall strikes silence
wind sings hosanna on high
harmony in nature

the earth turns to mud
love plants itself, furrows deep
into the thawed world

even loneliness
must shed its heavy coat, now
sparrows are heralds

ice covers the earth
cold, resolute, beautiful
only the sun shines

so many snowfalls, so
many buddings in spring, so
long to claim one's life

by Bo Lanier |
Categories: heart, love, strength,


Isabella of Aragon sitting high up upon her
jewel stoned throne. Patron monarch of saints, 
scholars and the arts. Noble woman of the
heart. Isabella of Castile Spanish Queen
quiet surreal.
Well and he came to her with a bargain and
she believed in him. She was intrigued by
the thought of an old culture still 
primitive in nature. And what an adventurous
woman she was. And the ways of the new world
she did come to love!
Oh Isabella of Aragon sitting high up upon
her jewel stoned throne. Turning her eyes to
the villas and saying Hosanna! Gracious
Queen of Spain, Lady Isabella.

by Manon Boudreau Star Child Nebula |
Categories: birthday, blessing, god, grandmother, heaven, inspirational love, jesus,

Hosanna In the Highest Heavens

Ink to God
Happy Birthday Grandma
We knew each other without knowing
Great Kingdom
Beauty You know
The promenade on foot
God at our side
Our world here
It's a paradise
Thank you

by Alfonso II Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris |
Categories: 12th grade, christian, desire, easter, faith, inspirational love, song,

Hallelujah Hosanna, Nursery Rhyme

Eh - eh! Hosanna, hallelujah
Praying  to the God of Elijah 
Oh-oh! All the people on earth, 
Praising daily Jehovah Sebaoth.

Eh - eh! Hosanna,  hallelujah
Praying to the God of Elijah 
Continue to share love and peace, 
Oh-oh! Respecting the God of grace.

Eh - eh! Hosanna, hallelujah
Praying  to the God of Elijah 
My  heart is only for you, Lord 
Oh! Great warrior and safeguard.

Eh - eh! Hosanna, hallelujah
Praying to the God of Elijah 
Playing daily  drums with notion, 
Singing daily psalms for all nation.

March 31/2023
Syllable count : 8 and 9. 
By Alfonso Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris 
 Written for A Brian Strand Premiere No 1205 Poetry Contest

by Manon Boudreau Star Child Nebula |
Categories: blessing, father, god, grandmother, heaven, inspirational love, jesus,

Hosanna Au Plus Haut Des Cieux

L'encre à Dieu
Bonne fête grand-maman
On s'est connue sans sacheant
Royaume formidable
Pas croyable
La beauté
Vous le sacher
La prommenade à pied
Bon Dieu à nos côtés
Notre monde ici
C'est un paradis

by Manon Boudreau Star Child Nebula |
Categories: blessing, deep, fate, father, god, hero, inspirational love,

God Has a Plan

To help us stand
Higher than before
God love saw more
Precious are their hearts
We are never apart
Felt from inside
Where hope and love resides
See what was kept for thee
God love has set us free
Thank you my Lord
Moving us forward
Your glory kept Divine
It allowed Jesus to shine
We have shared
What our Lord declared
Never shall ignore
What we felt was more
You embraced Mary doves
Offered by her love
Holy to Holy
God holds our Glory
To honor our Messiah
Hosanna, Hosanna
Jesus kept no enemy
Show his people mercy
Always ready to forgive
Our Lord said live
Accepted what is old is now new
Our faith is in you

by Regina Elliott |
Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade, christian, god, heaven, inspirational love, jesus,

My Blessed Jesus

My blessed Jesus, eternal Sovereign One,
prayers lifted up in whispers and songs
to the Son.
I was ruled by sin,
yet, in sinner's grief, restoration flowed in.
Hosanna to the gentle Lamb of seven horns and eyes,
You're the Lion of Judah in rosy morning sunrise.

Steadfast Redeemer-
we are believers,
You reign in Your Kingdom of the Highest realm,
no storms of life can prevail, for You're at the Helm.
Our Communion is with You,
the One we know is True.

Hearts and souls rise to praise You in voice,
You Alone are Heaven's choice.
Christ, so crowned in Glory,
joining You someday-
after our finished earthly story. ~