Love Poems About Horsepower or Horsepower Love Poems
by Anna Dove |
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Women and Cars

When you’ve found the right car, you know it.
You know it’s the right one,
Because you didn’t buy it for the brand,
You didn’t buy the Red Maserati just because it’s a Red Maserati,
You bought the Red Maserati because it fits your needs, 
Nice horsepower,
Good gas mileage,
It’s a red Maserati,
It’s for you.

When you’ve found the right girl,
You know it.
You know she’s the one,
Because you didn’t want her for her looks,
You didn’t marry the hot blonde because she’s a hot blonde,
You married her because you love her,
Can trust her,
She’s smart,
Hard working,
She’s a hot blonde,
She’s for you.

by Dave Cox |
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,



I have a friend I haven’t seen for ages
We met so long ago
Companies advertised in the yellow pages
Cars were ninety horsepower
And London’s tallest 
was the Post office tower.
I sent him a text, to congrats his team
He said he’d call, have a chat
We haven’t spoken yet, so I guess that’s that.
But I know when we catch up
He’ll burst my sides
We’ll feed of each other
Till we can’t breathe
I love him. My mate from the past.
See you soon!

David Cox 17/05/22

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: lost love, remember, river, summer, wind, , western,

One Horseshoe

When western winds in my ear sing
The memories of rivers bring
A horseman

Cut of rough land and bronze timber
Surefooted walk, lean and limber

I fumbled where he was at ease
Our hands would touch in flirty tease
Of horseplay

Through golden grass, me and my guy
Galloping free to chase the sky
On horseback

Now, in my city life, I keep
Over my bed, to grace my sleep
One horseshoe.


For "Compounding the Verse" contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Paris Thulare |
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My Poetess

By Parizo Van Thulare

Your lines so powerful 
Deeper and deeper i'm falling 
From planet earth to mars i became a believer 

You are a horsepower in ferarri 
Your stanzas run wild as those wheels of Bugatti 
Snoaring and roaring as the angine of Maserrati 
At a speed of Lambhoghini 
They toast my soul toppingly 
They roast my emotions topographically 

Mend me more with those rhyming lines 
Keep on inverting those inspiring words

by Paris Thulare |
Categories: dedication, for her, i love you, love,

My Love

You are a lortus in masserati 
A horsepower in Kawasaki
So sexy as Lamborghini Garllado 
So smashing my machillargo 
As luxurious as the Jeep Commando 
As bold as those seats Picanto  
I love you  like my Yamah